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   Chapter 128 I Want To Be A Qualified Mommy

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 10530

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Hearing what Colin had said, Mino was amazed with her mouth wide open. After a while, she realized that she had lost her composure. "Okay, my son. Now I'm considering whether I should let you be a detective in the future!" With such astonishing observation and reasoning ability, it would be a pity if he not to be a detective!

"I want to walk on my own. Mom, don't worry about me!"

Colin sighed. His mother always wanted to help him think about everything, but in the end, she made a mess of it.

Fortunately, he had learned to rely on himself since he was a child.

Otherwise... He should have been through a hard time.

Thinking of this, Colin looked at the bowl in Mino's hand again, thinking that if it was him who ate it just now, he must be very uncomfortable now. This was killing her own son!

But when he saw the disappointment on Mino's face, he couldn't help but reach out his little hand to hold the bowl in Mino's hand and eat a mouthful of noodles.

The sweet taste of the noodles attacked his taste bud, as if he had eaten sweet essence. He frowned tightly and loosened his grip in an instant.

Colin was different from other children. Other children who are at their age of five or six liked sugar, but he didn't like sugar at all.

This taste almost made him spit out the milk he had eaten six years ago. His stomach churned and his face turned pale in an instant.

Mino didn't know what her son liked to eat, because he seemed to accept eating everything but he didn't like them very much.

However, she knew what he didn't like to eat. He didn't like desserts. The sweeter the food was, the less he liked it.

This noodles... It was so sweet. How did he eat it?

Feeling sorry for the little guy, Mino held him in her arms and patted him on the back. Then she picked up the glass of water and let him drank some until he looked better.

She was still shocked and said, "you know it's not delicious, but you still eat. Do you want to go to the hospital?"

"Mom, do you want to slap me to death?"

As Mino spoke, she patted on Colin's back, which almost made the boy's stomach roll up again.

Only then did Mino realize that she seemed to have used too much strength. She withdrew her hand awkwardly and lowered her head to admit her crime.

"Colin, I know I didn't take good care of you. Sometimes I even need you to take care of me. I also know that although you are very smart, you are just a child. Since you were a child, you had to learn to take care of yourself because my carelessness. I am not a qualified mom."

Mino choked with sobs. Over the years, she had asked herself to give Colin all her good things she can give, but she also knew that she was far from that. She couldn't cook, and she wouldn't teach him something like other mothers.

And... Sometimes she was too careless to know what tenderness was.

"Colin, I will try my best to be a good mother, I will, really!"

She looked at Colin seriously, Colin seemed as if he was thinking about the truth of Mino's words. After a while, he opened his mouth and smiled, "well, well, serious is not suitable for you!"

Mino rubbed

suade the two, Mino had to take a step back and live in the room not far away.

Ryan and Mino went all the way to the room. Seeing that Mino went to the bathroom to take a shower with a tired face, he decided to get close to the bathroom step by step.

But this time, Mino obviously had an extra thought. She locked the bathroom door from the inside and Ryan couldn't open it no matter how hard he tried.

He sat on the bed dejectedly, thinking that the rare opportunity had been lost, and he was infinitely regretful.

[米诺] took a quick shower and walked out of the bathroom. She was wrapped in a white bath towel, and her hair was still dripping with water. The water fell on her white chest and slid down to the depth of her jade like chest.

That was what Ryan had saw. He swallowed hard and asked, "Why did you come out before you wiped it dry? What if you catch a cold? Come on, let me clean it for you. "

As he spoke, he picked up a towel that had been prepared on the bedside table and tried to wipe Mino's body.

However, Mino seemed to be able to read his mind at a glance. She jumped a distance alertly and said, "No, I don't want to. Who knows if you will do anything else?"

She put her hands on her chest nervously, as if she had met a lecher, which made Ryan laugh.

Although they hadn't got the marriage certificate yet, they had already done what they should do and see what they should see since their child had born. What else could they cover?

He didn't understand what Mino was thinking.

"Come here!"

Seeing that she was on her guard, [袁烨霆] felt bad, so he threatened her with a cold face.

He knew what kind of person Mino was. Bullying the weak and fearing the strong. If he was strong enough, she would definitely be obedient.

Sure enough, looking at Ryan's cold face as if he was giving an order, Mino looked up and down the room. There was only one door in the room, but she was nearly four or five meters away from the door. If she really wanted to escape, she was afraid that she would be caught up by him as soon as she arrived at the door.

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