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   Chapter 125 The Evil Thing (Part One)

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 7089

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Hearing this, Mino couldn't help but lower her eyes and think about it carefully. It seemed to be reasonable. "You are right. I am speechless!"

It was a popular Internet saying she read from a novel on the Internet. This was called creatively study and apply.

"Okay, I haven't seen you for a few days and you know how to speak the saying on the Internet!"

"Ryan must have his own reasons. You'd better stay still!" said Cherry seriously, pushing Mino away! After all, you don't want to bring trouble to yourself and Colin, do you? "

Mino lowered her eyes. If Colin was in danger because of her willfulness, she would definitely regret to death.

"I see! I think Ryan has found the right person this time! "

Although Cherry didn't tell her not to run around, she didn't leave the point.

Mino was careless, but she was not stupid. Moreover, she knew too much about Cherry, so she knew who invited her here as a lobbyist.

Cherry stunned, "Am I not like telling the truth?"

"A little!" She didn't think it was a big deal if others said something like that, but she was flattered by what Cherry said, who was a free and unrestrained woman.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Just when the two of them were about to say something, there was a knock on the door. Mino's first reaction was to be nervous. At this time, Ryan was still in the company. Who would come to their room?

Cherry put out her hand in the mouth gesture a silent movement, and then asked: "Who is it? What's up? "

The knock on the door suddenly disappeared, and there was no sound for a long time. Mino's nerves suddenly collapsed. She stared at the door nervously, wondering if those people had found here. If that was the case, what should she do?

Her clenched hands were slightly wet with sweat. She took a deep breath and said, "I'll go to the door and use the cat's eye to see who is outside!"

Frowning, Cherry motioned her to check, but Mino was unusually firm.

"If there is really any danger, please run away with Colin!"

She had prepared for the worst. After a long silence, Cherry nodded slightly.

"Mino, it's me."


lly couldn't tell whether Kevin liked Cherry or not.

It seemed that she had to ask Ryan for Cherry. If Kevin and Cherry really had a crush on each other, she would be the matchmaker and try to make a match between the two.

"Really! Mino, are you serious? "

It was not until Kevin left that Mino asked Cherry if she had a feeling for Kevin. At first, Cherry didn't tell Mino what she was thinking about until she heard that she was going to make a match between the two.

"To be honest, no woman will not like him at the first sight! Later, when I talked to him, I found that he was not a person who only has perfect appearance. Mino, do you think he will like me? "

Cherry had always been careless, but now she even had the side of a little woman. Her slightly red face was like a blooming peach blossom.

"Yes, my Cherry is gentle and lovely. Kevin must like her. Otherwise, he wouldn't have chatted with you for so long!"

Mino comforted her.

"You can't even tell a lie. How can I be gentle and lovely?"

Cherry didn't buy it with a look of "I don't believe what you said."

Mino sighed. This woman had lived to long and became too sophisticated. "That's true. When you were with Kevin just now, you were very gentle and lovely!"

No matter how powerful and careless a woman was, she would become docile in front of the person she liked. It could be seen that Cherry really like Kevin!

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