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   Chapter 88 Colin Is Not Welcomed (Part Two)

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 5393

Updated: 2020-04-19 00:22

However, Rose was ignored. One minute later, she opened her eyes and looked resentfully at the two people eating happily at the table!

But the two men had no time to pay any attention to her eyes at the moment. They were both very busy gobbling down the food!

Colin was desperate to eat the food. It was so yummy. He ate the pig food cooked by Mino for so many years or instant noodles. Now it was a rare home cooked meal. He almost swallowed up the food.

This was especially the first dinner that was with his father. Although his cheap father did not know he was his unfortunate son, it did not hinder his care for him.

During the dinner, Ryan didn't eat much himself. He was busy with taking care of Colin. After a while, he peeled shrimps for Colin, then picked fish bones for him. The service was so considerate.

Rose was angry and jealous. Since her childhood, Ryan had never taken care of her like this. How strange it was that he took care of a child so considerately!

Rose couldn't help but stare at Colin!

But the more she looked at Colin, the more she felt something was wrong. Why did this kid resemble Ryan so much?!

A bad guess came out of her head. She then remembered how well Ryan had taken care of this child. Was he Ryan's illegitimate child?

Actually, she was pretty sure that the boy was Ryan's son in terms of the appearance.

The problem was, the boy looked almost four or five years old. That was to say, he was pregnant six years ago. But six years ago, when Mino jumped off the cliff, Ryan was heartbroken because of her. He drank a lot every day, and was in a da

as well!

However, no matter how loudly she shouted, Colin couldn't hear her! She could only quietly listen to Colin who carefully reported the current working progress.

He emphasized that the way Ryan and Rose getting along with each other didn't look like a couple at all. They weren't even friends!

They greeted each other with the utmost respect, even the coldest attitude!

According to his observation, Rose was in the state of 100 degree boiling water, and she wanted to get close to him desperately, but Ryan was as cold as ice in a thousand years, so no matter how hard she tried, he couldn't get hot!

In addition, he also gave his father a deep praise for his pure integrity. However, as it was only the first day to observe the case, he needed to know more about it!

In a word, he had mumbled a lot of things, and some of them, Mino even couldn't understand the meaning of the words!

Helplessly, Mino listened to her son who was reborn and kept on talking, every word that was related to his great father. Her eyes turned red when she heard it!

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