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   Chapter 30 Being Burnt

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The cup in Mino's hand couldn't keep its balance and just flew out in a splendid way.

The scalding tea, due to the gravity of the earth and other kinds of power, was aimed at Ryan.

Seeing that Ryan couldn't avoid it, Mino reacted quickly.

Mino dropped the plate, pounced on Ryan and pushed him away. With a push, Ryan bumped into a corner of the desk. He grunted in pain.

At the other side of the room, Mino was also in a bad mood. To save Ryan, her hand was scalded by hot tea and much part of her snow-white arm was scalded red.

The most innocent part was the pile of documents on the desk. They stayed there quietly, waiting for Ryan to sign them. They didn't expect to be scolded like this.

After the matter was settled, Mino still stood there with her arms crossed, not knowing how to react.

'Holy crap! I screwed everything up this time. So much information was wet by me. Maybe Ryan will scold me.'

Mino stood there blankly and waited for Ryan to get furious. She had completely forgotten that she could escape now.

After withstanding the pain from the corner of the table, Ryan saw the mess on the table and was speechless.

Luckily, Ryan didn't leave his computer here. He was glad to leave it at company.

When he saw Mino, he became very angry and strode towards her.

Seeing that Ryan was rushing towards her with a sullen face, Mino knew that things weren't going well.

"Don't slap my face! Hiss, I am pained!" Raising her hand to protect her head, Mino touched the scald on her hand by accident and exclaimed with pain.

At this time, Ryan just walked in front of her and took her hand. The first sight he saw her, he was even angrier! Is she here to be kidding me? He couldn't believe that she was still standing there with such serious injuries!

Ryan didn't say a word. He grabbed Mino's arm and dragged her towards the bathroom.

Although it was a little late, it was necessary to deal with it urgently. Ryan took Mino's injured hand and washed it with cold water.

Her body got goose bumps because of the sudden cold water and Mino said, "I am so pained. Don't rush the water! I'll go back and apply some medicine." Mino winced in pain and almost cried out!

"No, I have to rush!" Apparently, Ryan didn't believe that Mino was able to make a clever decision. So he said, "Don't do anything. The doctor will take care of it."

"Don't bother the doctor with such minor injuries!" Mino still tried to struggle.

Ryan angrily said, "Minor injuries? How could it be called minor injury? !"

Her hands were held by Ryan, Mino was unable to break free, so she just let him do whatever he wanted.

At last, her hands were numb and she didn't feel any pain.

They went back to the room. Not long after they sat down, a doctor came.

Mino exclaimed at his fast speed, but the doctor was almost exhausted to death.

As soon as he got off the operating table, he dashed to Yuan Family's house with Mr. Ryan's order. He had thought something was wrong with Mr. Yuan. To his surprise, just was Mino's scalded arm!

The doctor checked the injury for Mino with resentment.

The scalds of Mino were not treated in the first time, so it was a little troublesome. Some serious hot parts even had blisters.

When the doctor applied medicine on her wound, she was so painful that she wanted to die.

Standing next to her and seeing her gasped in pain, Ryan couldn't help but come forward and gently hold her in his arms. He raised his eyes and glared at the man who was applying medicine to her wound.

The doctor was innocent. The scald was already painful, but this had nothing to do with him. It was useless to stare at him!

It was not easy to apply the medicine. While the family doctor was tidying up things, he said, "Mrs. Mino's injury is still a little serious. I've just applied the medicine to her. And before she falls asleep, I'll take another two anti-inflammatory drugs. If she has no fever tonight, it means that she is not infected. If she gets a fever, it can be lower temperature with physical cooling. It's no big problem."

Ryan listened carefully one by one.

At this time, Mr. Yuan also came over after hearing the news. Seeing that Mino's hands were tied up as if they were fractured, the old man asked the doctor for a long time, including whether there would be a scar left, and it would be no harm to her in the future.

The doctor answered. It happened that he met Mr. Yuan. The doctor was about to do a simple physical examination for him, so the two were chatting all the way. Before leaving, Mr. Yuan took Ryan to the side and talked a few words. The reason was that Ryan didn't take good care of his wife. Instead of explaining, Ryan bowed his head, listened to Mr. Yuan, and sent him out.

When he came back, he found that Mino had been tired and fell asleep.

When Mino was asleep, she even furrowed her eyebrows slightly. Seeing this, Ryan sighed and sat beside her bed.

It had to be said that Mino looked very beautiful when she was asleep. Her long eyelashes were laying on her eyes, and her small mouth was slightly open as she breathed. Her face was a little

pale because of the injury. It was the first time for Ryan to see her quietly curling up in bed like this, and he looked at her for a few times.

After a while, he looked at her injured arm. He didn't know if he should be angry or feel sorry for her. It was just a stone, and was worthy of her efforts.

After staying in the ward for a while, seeing that Mino was sleeping well, Ryan retired from the room. He still had a lot of things to do. He had to ask his assistant to send back the documents that were just destroyed by Mino. There was only one copy left. Alas! His head was aching!

It was already after midnight when Ryan finished his work. He got up, stretched his stiff neck and let out a long breath.

Suddenly, Ryan remembered what the doctor had said. He was going to have a rest, but now he was worried about Mino. So he went back to the room to check on her.

It turned out that his worry was reasonable. Because of her high fever, Mino's face turned red and she even lost her consciousness.

Ryan tried to wake her up, but Mino was too sleepy to do so as if she had a nightmare. She kept crying, "Dad, Dad, please don't, Dad, Dad..."

The voice was mixed with fear, sadness, fear and despair.

Ryan didn't know what had happened to Mino's father. But when he saw the serious look on Mino's face, he realized that it was definitely not a pleasant experience.

"Mino, Mino, Mino." Ryan called her name for several times, but she didn't respond. She was still in her dream.

Ryan touched her head and found that it was really hot. He then fetched an ice pack from the fridge and wrapped it with a towel to cool her temperature down.

After a while, the ice worked. But the cold sweat drenched her clothes. After standing there for a while, Ryan helped Mino to change her clothes.

Mino was really thin when she was stripped naked. There were also some old wounds on her body. At the first glance, Ryan knew that it was not ordinary fallen injuries, but it was obvious from the marks left by the fight. Thinking of Mino's occasionally fighting skills, he felt a little suspicious. But these were not something he should consider at the moment.

The most important thing for now was to help Mino change clothes and cool down the temperature.

Ryan looked after the sick girl in an orderly way. It was not until nearly dawn that the fever was gone.

It was almost unrealistic to go back to sleep at this time. When Mino's fever was gone, Ryan saw that there was a satisfied expression on her face. Without saying anything, he took the quilt and lay down.

Mino slept well from afternoon to the next day. As a result, she was awakened by Ryan's lie.

In a daze, she opened her eyes and saw Ryan's enlarged face in front of her. She gasped in fright and stepped back a little. She pointed to Ryan with finger and said, "You, you, I..."

Ryan ignored her scared expression. He was really tired. He rubbed his forehead and pulled Mino into his arms. "Don't move. I'll sleep for a while."

His sudden embrace almost scared Mino to death. She was just born a disease, and the earth was occupied by aliens?

'Is Ryan possessed by a monster?' Mino wondered?

Otherwise, why did he hold her in his arms in the early morning?

Mino was so nervous that she didn't dare to breathe, nor did she dare to breathe loudly. She was afraid that the thing that she hadn't even brushed her teeth would make him unhappy!

Ryan was too tired that he fell asleep soon!

Leaning against his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat, Mino somehow fell asleep again with her eyes narrowed.

When she woke up again, it was already midday!

Ryan had already woken up. He sat on the edge of her bed and read the papers.

Seeing her awake, he reached out and touched her forehead. He sat down after he felt that her temperature had indeed dropped.

Just as he was about to ask Mino if she wanted to have breakfast, he found that she was looking at him with a frightened look on her face. Ryan was confused and looked at himself. "What's wrong with me?" He asked.

When Mino heard him speak, she suddenly shook her head, but after thinking for a while, she nodded.

"What do you want to say?" Ryan asked.

"Are... Are you really Ryan?" Mino asked cautiously, fearing that the species he was in would suddenly change into dozens of tails and strangle her.

Seeing Mino's silly look, Ryan knew what she was thinking about. He retorted angrily, "What does your brain held? Straw?"

He was always as venomous as before. Now, Mino was relieved. It was really him!

But when Ryan saw the promise in Mino's eyes, Ryan was even angry. In her eyes, wasn't he the one who had a good talk with her?!

Seeing that Ryan was obviously irritated by her sudden outburst, Mino could not help shrinking her neck and buried her face into the quilt. In less than a second, she screamed out: "Where's my clothes?"

Only now did Mino realize that she was not wearing the same dress as she used to wear yesterday. Who changed it for her? Why did she sleep so soundly that she didn't even know she had her clothes torn apart? What else could she do!

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