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   Chapter 29 Get Something Out Of Him

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While Mino was deeply moved by his grandfather, Ryan started eating the breakfast.

After taking a bite, Ryan couldn't help but frown. The bread was too hard and it had a bitter taste because it was scorched.

Something except millet unknown was hidden in the porridge. It was obvious that she hadn't cooked it well.

She also hadn't cooked bacon well.

The food cooked by Mino was disgusting. Ryan still frowned. But he tasted every part of it.

Under the surprised and moving expressions of Mr. Yuan and Zelda, Mino turned her head to look at Ryan. When she saw the pain faintly flashing on his face, she felt a little guilty, and at the same time a little panic.

She had thought that the breakfast with love could be more delicious, but it turned out that her hands were so stupid. Now she just wanted to damage Ryan's taste bud to prevent him from tasting it. She could not disarm him by love breakfast. Maybe the breakfast would let him have no opinion of her.

"Well, if you can't eat it, then don't eat it. You'll get sick if you still stick to eat it." 'I can't afford to compensate for loss of your health.' Mino silently finished the sentence in her heart.

Hearing her words, Ryan seemed to have remembered something. His body trembled as he chewed the food in his mouth. Then he put down the chopsticks and said, "Zelda, make another breakfast. Pour those food."

Zelda looked at Mino's shy face and sighed in her mind, 'The young couple love each other very much!'

Mino didn't know what Zelda was thinking, or else she would have already gone berserk.

Love?! Who love each other?

Anyway, although the breakfast was not very delicious, she was still happy. Because she had conveyed her kindness to him.

Seeing that the two men from the Yuan Family were both in a good mood, Mino was much relieved.

In the evening, she had been waiting on the road that Ryan always wanted to go. Seeing that Ryan was coming, she rushed forward and asked, "Mr. Ryan, how are you feeling today?"

"Not bad." Seeing her acting like a lackey, Ryan knew she must have some idea.

"How do you think of my performance?" Mino asked.

"What do you want to say?" Ryan squinted and asked directly.

"Nothing. I just want to remind you of what you have promised me." Mino saw his reaction and knew she had overdone it, so she changed her words immediately.

"When did I promise you anything?" Apparently, Ryan was totally confused.

"Well, you can't cheat on me. You said, if I behave well, you will show Heart of Lost Love to me!" Hearing that Ryan was going to go back on his words, Mino tell him what had happened in that day. And then she said, "That's what happened. Mr. Ryan, you can't go back on what you have promised!"

"Oh, you say this." Ryan didn't take it seriously at all and forgot it as soon as he turned around. But when he saw that Mino was so hardworking to make the breakfast, he had a great interest in teasing her. "So, you just made breakfast this morning? !"

"I just want to make a good impression!" It was obvious that he was right. Mino was awkward.

"Oh, a good impression." Ryan stifled his laughter and said seriously, "I thought you wanted to poison me to death on the spot."

"How could it be? I just didn't know my hands were so stupid since I haven't cooked for years." Mino hastily explained.

"Your hands are not stupid when you catch adultery!" Ryan would never forget what had happened that day. Every time he thought of it, he felt his belly ache. It seemed that his genitals was touched by her soft hand.

"Uh, well, you see, I'm quite familiar with that. As you can see, I'm just experienced a lot." Mino didn't know how to explain.

"Well, then you go back and do your exercises. We can talk about it when you are familiar with cooking breakfast." After finishing his words, Ryan walked past Mino and tried to leave.

"How long do I have to wait?" Mino hurriedly followed him.

"It doesn't matter. I'm not in a hurry. Take your time." Ryan withheld laughing, and he kept walking.

'But I was in a hurry.' As soon as she couldn't see Ryan anymore, Mino stood rooted to the spot and groaned in pain.

But as a new woman in the 21st century, Mino could always be braver.

'Now I can't cook breakfast.'

She had to change a new trick, but what should she do? Mino was lost in thought again.

After thinking for a while, she suddenly realized that since she met Ryan, she had a hard time every day. Her brain was working at a high level. Every day, she had to mobilize all the cells in her body to prepare for the battle.

How miserable she was!

But no matter what happened, she had to use her brain.

Therefore, the next day, Mino fought back.

Mino didn't want to cook the breakfast in the morning, but at least she could help him with the plates and bowls. She felt like a glowing candle, which was trying its best to light up Ryan's heart.

As a result, the next morning, Mino was busy helping Ryan. After his glance at something, she immediately added some food and poured some water into his mouth.

Although she was being nice to him with purpose, Ryan was very satisfied w

ith it and asked Mino to do anything for him.

Mr. Yuan was in such a good mood that he even believed that Ryan was right to marry with Mino!

His grandson always wore a poker face before. Even though he was very fond of Rose, he would not get along well with her like this.

He was not energetic as he was when he got along with Mino.

Mr. Yuan was gratified with his grandson's change. At the same time, he was more satisfied with Mino.

While Mino, who was serving Mr. Ryan endlessly, didn't know that her behavior had been greatly praised by Mr. Yuan. She was just intently helping Mr. Ryan as a dutiful waiter.

"Give me a glass of milk." Ryan ordered with a poker face.

"Okay!" Mino's task was done very quickly. Within minutes, the milk was brought to the table.

"I want warm water. It's too hot." The man said.

"It's getting cold." Mino said indifferently.

"Do you think I am idle?" The man continued to find quarrel in a straw.

"Well, I'll bring a glass of warm water for you." Trying to restrain her inner violence, Mino took the glass into the kitchen and put the milk together with the glass in the cold water.

After making sure that the milk was not hot, Mino returned to and continued to serve Mr. Ryan.

The breakfast was ready in a friendly atmosphere.

However, there were always some discordant voices that attempted to destroy the atmosphere of the breakfast!

"I don't eat vegetables." Ryan had regarded provocation as a career that he had to fight for his whole life!

"Picky food is bad for your health." Said Mino, gritting her teeth.


"Okay, okay, I'll pick out the vegetables for you right away." But in the next second, she would like to do anything for him without any regrets. Mino was a girl who knows when to eat humble pie and when to hold his head high.

"Well, don't waste it. You should eat it." Ryan was satisfied with Mino.

The people around them all felt very happy to see them feeding each other.

So, seeing is not believing.

During the breakfast, Mino was almost exhausted physically and mentally.

Mino didn't know whether it would work or not, but she had tried her best to please Ryan.

But she felt that the strength was not enough for an opponent of Ryan's level. If she added a little strength later, she could at least sublimate her realm, and that would be better.

When Mino thought this through, she felt relieved and went back to have a rest. She was ready for the battle in the afternoon.

Without good physical strength, how to fight with the evil force and how to protect the interests of the small citizens like her! That was why she had a good sleep.

When she woke up, it was already afternoon. She opened her eyes in a daze and then looked at the clock. 'Wow, it's so late. Holy crap! I still want to send Mr. Ryan a cup of tea and let him know how virtuous our daughter-in-law is!'!

Don't ask her why she did so? It was written like this in novels. What was the kind of novel? Of course, it was ancient novel.

While the man was studying hard to support his exams, the woman was standing beside to offer additional help.

However they were not in ancient times, it was okay to serve the man with tea and water.

Mino stood up hurriedly and prepared everything.

She came to the kitchen and asked Zelda if there was anything that could help Ryan sober up.

Zelda was happy to see that Mino was going to send the tea to Mr. Ryan. Although Mr. Ryan had never drank tea, he might not mind that if Mrs. Mino sent to the tea.

Then, Zelda prepared all for Mino. She even quickly cooked a bowl of noodles for Ryan. After doing that, Zelda was relieved and asked Mino to play up to Ryan.

Looking at the back of Mino who shook slowly but refused to help, Zelda was so moved that tears almost fell down. 'Mrs. Mino really changed her mind after my words. It's so good.' Zelda thought.

Of course, Mino didn't know what Zelda was thinking about. All she was thinking about now was the tray in front of her. Zelda added a cup of mixed tea in the tray. If the tea wasn't too hot, the tea held by her hand was much more stable than the tray.

When she finally reached the door of Ryan's study, Mino reluctantly reached out one hand to knock.

"Come in." Ryan's voice came from inside the door.

Mino held the plate with one hand, and turned the doorknob with the other hand. However, she was not good at the holding the tray. She could not help but let the plates hit each other.

Ryan raised his head from the documents and looked at the door. As expected, he saw the unbalanced body of Mino. He was confused and wondered what the woman wanted to do.

When he remembered her performance in the morning, Ryan had a little bit of expectation for Mino now.

However, did she do this to perish together with him?

Mino lifted the plate high and rushed towards him with small steps.

She must be bewitched! Ryan looked at Mino in confusion.

Before long, Mino walked up to him, bowed to him and said, "Mr. Ryan, have some tea."

However, when she bent down, the tool in her hand didn't follow her steadily, so the worst happened.

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