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   Chapter 27 Act Cute (Part One)

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Hearing that, Ryan didn't know what Mino was thinking.

"Why do you ask about this?" Ryan asked in confusion.

"I'm curious. It's said that Heart of Lost Love is the family heirloom of the Yuan Family. I could only watch it on the TV when I had no money. But now, I have lived in Yuan Family! So I want to see it by myself!"

That was reason that Mino had prepared for a long time.

Earlier, when she had quarreled with Ryan for divorce, she had been ashamed to ask him directly. She had to insinuate him by various means. She wanted him to ask her first, and then she would make up such a reasonable reason to deceive him into believing her.

Mino thought that she was really clever! It was so perfect.

Looking at the calm statement of Mino, it was obviously not acceptable, but Ryan could not find any reason to doubt it.

It was possible, based on the normal way of thinking. Every year, there were many people who came here to see Heart of Lost Love. But somehow, after hearing that from Mino, Ryan felt something was wrong.

"Let's talk about it later." Ryan replied briefly and put aside the subject.

"Well, why should we talk about it later? My curiosity grew. Let me have a look! " Seeing that Ryan had thought it over, but who knew that it would end up like this, Mino was certainly reluctant to give up. Otherwise, her work in the past few days would be in vain.

Ryan took a look at her but said nothing.

"Mr. Ryan? Ryan? Dear? Mino called tentatively.

But Ryan seemed to have made up his mind.

But at the same time, Mino was a little angry. 'He is such a mean guy. If other woman want to watch it, he can give it to her. If I want to watch it, he can just reject me! Come on! I'm your wife! !'

The reason why she said so was that although there was no any information about Heart of Lost Love, Mino knew that Ryan had planned to give it to Miss. Rose!

Of course, Mino couldn't say it out loud. She even felt a little jealous after saying it in her heart.

She shook her head, threw away all the bewitching thoughts in her mind, and began to work hard to make Mr. Ryan agree that she could look at this world-famous gem.

However, Mr. Ryan didn't yield to either persuasion or coercion.

Mino was discouraged. She had tried her best to persuade Ryan, but all her words were in vain! 'Is he a gentleman? He is not a gentleman when he treats a cute girl like this! !'

While drinking water to replenish her strength, Mino thought sadly.

Looking at Mino's receding figure, somehow, Ryan felt a little sad. "Well, you can watch it. But if you behave well, I will consider the thing." He said.

She was his wife. She seemed unhappy since she was forced to marry him.

It doesn't matter.

Ryan was a little

surprised to find that he treated Mrs. Mino as his wife naturally. Why did he have such an idea? He couldn't help but be stunned.

After drinking water, Mino who was intending to have a rest and continued persuading him was surprised by his words. She was successful!

She successfully persuaded Mr. Ryan!

Hearing his words, Mino turned around with a big smile on her face. She was so happy and even her eyes were full of light! "Really? You can't lie to me. "

Seeing her like this, Ryan give up the idea that he wanted to take back his words. Instead, he followed her words and nodded.

Mino stared at Ryan in disbelief. Her eyes were full of surprise, as if he was her whole world!

Such a look…… All of a sudden, Ryan felt as if it could burn him. He didn't know why.

Ryan came back to his study.

"Hey? Why did you leave? " She even didn't know what the standard of well behavior was!

It was not easy to start a conversation! A bad man! A bad man! He just left like this. Did he tell her or not? She should have chased him down and asked him what the standard was!

Mino thought, 'I always look smart. Why do I look so silly at critical moments? I am happy since I have been fooled? I am so stupid!

However, if there was still hope, it was still a big step forward.' That was the only thing Mino could do to comfort herself.

The next morning, in order to meet Mr. Ryan's request, Mino got up early in the morning, intending to make a loving breakfast and bribe him so that he would be nice to get along well with. It would be easier to persuade him!

When she arrived at the kitchen, Zelda was preparing breakfast. Seeing her coming in, Zelda thought she must have something to tell her, so she stopped what she was doing and waited for her to speak.

As soon as Mino saw Zelda stand up like a quail, she couldn't help but sigh, 'How strict the Yuan Family is!'! But Mino didn't like it when others were respectful to her. After all, she was just a poor girl, not a rich woman.

"Zelda, don't worry about me. You just do what you need to do. I just want to have a look. Come on!" Mino smiled awkwardly.

The rich were really wasting resources. They just ate a breakfast. And they ate so many kinds of food! Mino pursed her lips with disdain and totally forgot how ferocious she was when she ate breakfast in daily life.

But, what would Ryan like to eat? Two minutes later…… Mino didn't think this way was right. She should be thinking what she would do.

At last, she thought for a while and decided to cook a simple steamed egg with water.

'It is said that eating an egg and the disease stay away from me. Well, the word seemed to be wrong, but it didn't matter. It was simple and convenient to cook this meal!

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