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   Chapter 26 Heart Of Lost Love

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Looking at the materials about the Heart of Lost Love on the screen, which were sent out by organization, Mino wondered if the materials was any different from the one that Sun had said on the phone?

She wished she could die now! Did the newcomer prepare materials? It is disappointing!

But she soon realized that Sun was not unreliable. Now that she only gave her this amount, it meant that the people knew little about Heart of Lost Love.

'It seems that Ryan has protected this family heirloom so well! With unfathomable look on her face, Mino stroked her chin.

Suddenly, a new email came from the computer.

It was from Sun.

She said: This is searched by me. With the personal investigation about Ryan, I hope you can come back alive. Love you so much!

'Humph! How can she speak like that? Will I be dead?!

She clicked on the email.

Soon enough, the e-mail was opened.


Gender: male.

Age: 27.

Personality: unknown.

The shortcomings: unknown. ……

She pulled down two or three pages, and all were unknown. Fuck! You only knew he is a man! What else do you know?

When Mino received the e-mail, she was so nervous that her heart almost stopped beating! After she read it, her heart was going to stop beating!

So self-help was better than help from others! Mino had already died when Sun help her.

Thus, Mino had collected plenty of information about the man from the servant of Yuan Family.

Such as Zelda who worked in the kitchen.

"Zelda, can I ask you something?" Mino stood beside Zelda with a big smile on her face, eager to know the answer.

"Mrs. Mino, please go ahead. I'll tell you everything I know!" Zelda felt a little embarrassed as she was stared by Mino with fixed eyes on her.

"It doesn't matter. Don't be nervous. I just want to ask you something. It's very small but actually small!" Mino comforted Zelda and smiled.

"What do you want to know?"

"Do you know the Heart of Lost Love of our family? It is the one that Ryan planned to give to Miss. Rose? " Mino thought that she described the whole thing in a very simple and detailed way.

But Zelda was shocked.

"Well, Zelda, I'm not telling a terrible story. You don't have to be so afraid." When she saw Zelda's face, Mino thought, 'Maybe I should find a better person to ask? After all, anyone who worked in the kitchen would not get any high quality information!

Mino shook her head. When she was about to leave, Zelda seemed to have made up her mind. She looked up and said, "Mrs. Mino, you should know that young master is a very faithful man. Since he married you, he will not betray you!"

'Well, I don't want to hear it at all!' Mino looked very awkward!

But Zelda continued, "It has been a long time since Miss. Rose died. Don't worry. Young master really cares about you. For example, last time you didn't come downstairs for breakfast, it was Mr. Ryan who asked me to prepare it for you. So, our young master is really a good person. He loves you very much. Mrs. Mino, you will be very happy! "

Hearing her words, Mino was shocked. She didn't expect that Zelda would say so much good words for Ryan just by asking her about Heart of Lost Love.

She was so embarrassed that she smiled awkwardly, nodded and ran away in a hurry.

It was not until she got back to the room and locked the door that Mino kept fanning herself in the flushed face. She had to admit that Zelda's words "He loves you very much" made her paralyzed.

Would he love her?! Fuck! His love was that he threaten her by spanking? If the love was that, she would love his whole family! Mino felt very resentful, but the heat on her face didn't disappear. How disappointing!

After calming down for a while, Mino began to think about the next move. Since asking Zelda was useless, she didn't ask the gardeners or the driver. They were of the same class, so the useful information they could get was very limited. Besides, because of their own limitations, they often only paid attention to the most gossip places and ignored many useful information.

After thinking for a while, Mino fixed her eyes on the assistant in black who had stopped her from getting out. He seemed to be in a senior position. He often reported this and that to Ryan, so he should know more about them.

Making up her mind, Mino began to chase the men in black. She used any kinds of way to chase him!

The poor assistant in black, the assistant of Ryan, James was about to cry in the past few days. Mrs. Mino would stop him no matter where he went. When she saw him, she didn't say anything and just smiled, which made him feel uncomfortable.

If he did something wrong, Mrs. Mino would be frank to tell him. What did she mean by smiling like that? James was totally confused.

If Mino knew what he was thinking, she would be very awkward. God knew that she just wanted to express her kind, and it was mainly because of a little misunderstanding between them when she wanted to go out before that she didn't have a good mood when she saw him.

Now that she wanted to turn to him for help, she thought that she should at least show her friendliness to him. Hence, Mino had practiced in front of the mirror for a long time to smile like that. Her smile was full of "Let's be friends.".

Every time she saw James, she smiled in this way. The hope was with time went by, James would

know that she had no hostility, she was friendly and peaceful. Then, it would be easier to ask him question from now on!

However, when James saw her, he looked as if he had seen a ghost. Mino was also distressed! !

In the end, it was an encounter with James for several days. After he escaped with all kinds of excuses, Mino used unique skill.

When she met James again, without saying anything, she threw out the simple rope in her hand, which was also known as belt, and accurately tied it on his suit. He couldn't escape this time.

Mino was complacent, and she thought that it is useful for her to work very hard during those years. Now, she could catch him.

James, who was finally caught by Mino, had a straight face. Especially when he saw that belt was Mr. Ryan's, he looked very nervous. He would definitely die this time. He must die this time.

When Mino turned James's back to her, she saw him look helpless and asked curiously, "What's wrong with you?"

"Mrs. Mino, I'm sorry. You can scold me or hit me. Please, let me go! I have to provide my whole family with my parents, my wife who is mentally ill, and everything! I can't lose this job! Mrs. Mino! " James burst into tears with a nasal mucus. His expression was much different from the cold expression he used to have.

'So he is a great actor who has great acting skill!' Exclaimed Mino.

For such exaggerated acting skills, Mino would not believe it. So she would ask him!

"Well, it's not difficult for me to let you go. But you have to answer my questions honestly. Otherwise, humph. I will throw myself on you! If I tell Ryan that you seduce his wife, he will kill you!" But Mino knew it was not a deterrent force to fight against him with her arms and legs. She must utilize the name of Ryan to force him.

After hearing, James nodded heavily.

"Okay, let me ask you. Do you know the Heart of Lost Love?" Mino went straight to the point.

"I know." James spoke frankly.

Mino patted her head and thought, 'Nonsense! Everyone knows that event which was so sensational!' She asked for nothing!

"Do you know where it is?" Mino changed the topic.

James tilted his head and thought for a while. He wanted to nod, but he immediately shook his head heavily.

Waiting for him fiercely, Mino was about to hug him and yelled "impolite".

James shrank his neck in an instant and said, "Mrs. Mino, I really don't know. The Heart of Lost Love is the family heirloom of the Yuan Family. How do we who are following Mr. Ryan know it?"

Mino cast a skeptical glance at James, while James looked at her sincerely with his small eyes winking.

In fact, Mino didn't expect to get any important information from James. As he said, he was just an assistant employed by the Yuan Family, so how could he know where the family heirloom was.

But she had gained nothing in the end. She was not resigned. She looked at James who dared not to move. Her eyes rolled and came up with a good way to release her anger!

"James, you just said what is the situation in your family?" Mino went up and asked with a smile.

James was so afraid that he had no idea of his lie made up by him, so he had to keep silent.

"Well, you can leave now if you don't want to talk to me. By the way, don't tell anyone about what I just asked you, including Ryan. Otherwise, you will be more miserable!" Mino looked at James sympathetically.

James immediately took off the belt hanging on his clothes and ran away.

Eventually, Mino's words reached Ryan's ears. After all, it was their leader who gave them the money.

After hearing the report from the special assistant, Ryan frowned and thought, 'What does she want to do!' Heart of Lost Love! Heart of Lost Love.

Ryan's dark eyes squinted.

He waved to ask James to leave. Then he was lost in thought alone.

General James sighed and walked out at a brisk pace. He had known that confession would let him be lenient!

In the evening, when Mino was busy caring her skin, Ryan came in unexpectedly.

"Hey, can you be more careful? This is my room! Before entering, can you knock on the door? What if I am changing my clothes? " Mino said.

Ryan walked to the bed, pulled back the covers and lay down. "If my memory is right, this is also my room! Why did I knock the door when I entered my room? "

"But you sleep in the study, don't you?" When it came to the question of property belonging, Mino didn't talk much but faltered.

But since Ryan said those words, he always went to the study with tacit understanding?

"I want to change a room today." Ryan was about to take off his coat.

"Wait. Wait. The room is yours. I am out. I am out." The last thing Mino could not bear was that Ryan always was undressing in front of her. Although she had seen his body before, it didn't mean that she wanted to see him often!

"Come back!" Ryan shouted at Mino.

"I haven't gone far. Have you decided to go out to sleep?" Mino had not taken two steps, she came back very soon.

"I heard that you have been inquiring about Heart of Lost Love these two days, haven't you?" Ryan said.

Mino knew that he had arranged his men everywhere in the Yuan Family. If she asked about Heart of Lost Love, he would know it sooner or later. But her purpose was to let him know. Otherwise, the following play would not continue!

"Yes." Mino admitted frankly.

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