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   Chapter 25 A New Task

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After Mino was full, she lived a quiet life for a few days. After hearing what Ryan said, Mino was in despair about their divorce.

Now she only hoped that she would shut her mouth and hide her identity when she was asleep, so that she wouldn't be noticed by Ryan. In that case, she would be able to leave the Yuan Family alive.

Before that, she was the only hostess in the Yuan Family.

Therefore, Mino was enjoying this kind of life which hostess live in!

"It's so nice. I don't do anything every day. I just eat and drink as much as I want. The life is so good! So many people are fond of money! It's really a good thing! " At this time, Mino was lying in the garden, humming, basking in the sun and drinking tea. She was really happy.

Just when she stretched and was about to turn over to continue enjoying the sun bath, her phone rang with exclusive ring.

It was a phone call that she could not miss. She jumped from the beach chair with a big stride, searching for her cell phone.

She walked around and then took it out of her pocket. 'People are more stupid after living a comfortable life.' She thought.

Mino pressed the answer button and heard a tender voice, "Angie, How are you? I miss you so much! "

Mino replied with a strong voice: "Dear, have you watched the gala a lot? Can't you talk in a nice northeast style? "

"What do you say?" The female voice from the other end of the phone sounded more excited when she heard Mino's voice. "Don't you know, Angie? I found it interesting to talk in this way recently." Don't you think I'm saying appropriately? "

After saying that, she imitated the style of talking which she thought she had learnt the most successfully.

Mino was on the edge of being speechless at her words. She shouted in anger, "Get down to business! Don't do anything useless!"

All right, she let Mino also say in that way.

"Wow, Angie! Your accent is so great!" Sun flattered on the phone.

"Of course. Cut the crap. What do you want me to do this time?" After a moment of proud, Mino came to her senses and got down to business.

"All right, Angie, I have to say, it's really boring to cooperate with you. I can't tell a joke with you!" The one on the phone also finished her joke. And Mino can hear the sound of page turning.

The Sun was a code name. She was the leader of a mysterious organization which Angie stayed in. They had never seen each other before. But Sun knew everything related to the Mino.

Mino didn't know how Sun found her. At that time, Sun came to her and directly asked her whether she wanted to know the truth of her father's death. Mino was so sad because of the death of her father at that time and she accepted the proposal soon.

In the next few years, Mino was an ordinary student in the school during the day and she had a series of training at night. Although she was so tired every day, she seemed to be motivated when she thought of her father's reluctant expression before his death.

Because of her unyielding character, magic robber Angie was well known in the industry. Or, the thief also was an industry! Don't laugh. Was the thief not an industry?

But she never met Sun. The Sun would always call her to inform her of the task and didn't contact her after the task was completed, it was impossible for Mino to find her.

However, Mino had no plan to find her. She became a devil robber and studied hard all kinds of knowledge and fighting skills in order to make money and to find out the truth about her father's death.

Once Mino found out the truth, she would get rid of the organization once and for all.

It was easy for her to return her own lifestyle! For some unknown reasons, Mino felt that Sun was familiar with her. The way she spoke and the way they got along with each other was quite familiar to her. But it didn't matter if they were familiar with each other. What can she do if they were acquaintances? Therefore, Mino didn't want to explore it.

Sun had found the task after Mino was in a daze for a while: "The last time you successfully got into the Clow Family and stolen Heart of First Snowflakes. The organization is giving you a high praise. As for your reward, it has been transferred to your bank account and you can withdraw it when you want. Your purpose this time was similar to the last time. That was to steal a gem from a large family. This gem and Heart of First Snowflakes is a pair. "

"You mean Heart of Lost Love? !" Before Sun finished the conversation, Mino screamed. The Heart of Lost Love was a heart-shaped scarlet gem, and the Heart of First Snowflakes was a pair. But the Heart of First Snowflakes was as white as jade. Both of them were totally shaped like human hearts. The single piece wa

s already priceless, and if the two combined together, it would be even more troublesome.

The most important thing was not this. What mattered most was that the Heart of Lost Love was the family heirlooms of Yuan Family. Right, that Yuan Family was exactly Ryan's family, which was also the family where Mino lived in now. It was said that Ryan had made a proposal to Rose a few years ago. But after that accident, Ryan's Heart of Lost Love had returned to his hand.

Maybe it was in a room behind Mino.

"You know that?! So I don't need to waste my time to tell you. GPS showed that the Heart of Lost Love's location was in the old house of Yuan Family in a city. But the house is heavily defended. We haven't found out its specific location yet, but the gem is indeed in the Yuan Family! "

"No, I can't take on this task!" Since Mino heard the Heart of Lost Love, her heart never stopped beating for 120 times. She didn't take on the task. She knew how scary Ryan was.

Even if others knew, no one would know the scare which let her keep in mind. Thinking of this, Mino couldn't help touching her own bottom, as if she could still feel the pain on it.

"WHY?" Sun was totally confused about the response of Mino. Though she said that it was not easy to cooperate with Angie, it was just a joke. In fact, Angie was a nice person. She was always willing to ask Angie for help and she completed the task very well every time. Sun thought that Angie was a talented worker and she was willing to work with her!

So the subconscious objection of Angie confused Sun.

"There is no reason. Anyway, I can't take on this task. You can look for someone else." 'It's funny. I'm not a green hand. Every one doesn't dare to mess with Ryan.' She thought. Moreover, she just knew the terror of Ryan a few days ago. She was afraid to displease him.

Although Mino knew that this time her goal was very close, she still insisted on refusing.

Mino's next move was to keep a distance from him until they divorced. She didn't think it was a good idea to provoke Ryan.

"But this task is specially made for you. In addition to the generous payment, there is also the thing you want the most!" Sun on the phone said mysteriously.

"Don't say anything more. No matter what happened, I will not change my mind! I told you I would not take it! " Mino was very determined. She didn't care about money at all. What she wanted was life. But it was pity for her not to make money.

"Well, since you insist, I won't push you. A few days ago, the organization has just obtained the video of your father's car accident. Since you are not interested, I have to find someone else!" The one on the phone replied very considerately, but the content of her words was quite surprising to Mino.

The surveillance video of her father's car accident? She had spent so much time and energy to find it. Now, did it appear?

It had to be said that this condition might be very tempting for Mino. Mino could ignore anything else except this.

It was too important for her. She had only lived for her father in the past few years, but now it had become her obsession. If the truth couldn't be revealed at last, she couldn't persuade herself to live a good life.

Therefore, for the last trace of her father before his death, no matter who stood in her way, the only thing she would do was killing them!

At the thought of Ryan, Mino narrowed her eyes and said, "We will perish together!"

"Don't find other people. Send your task to me. Since it is specially customized for me, how could you bother others. They don't like me who do task with all heart and soul! " Mino said.

Nobody knew that Mino was so angry that her fingers turned white.

The one on the phone chuckled. She knew that the soft spot of Mino was the car accident. Mino would be happy even if she wanted her died with the shill of that.

For such a fool like Mino, Sun didn't know she should disdained or envied her. At last she just sighed slightly and said: "The full information will be sent to you later. It is not easy to enter the Yuan Family, nor to deal with Ryan, the head of the Yuan Family, either. You must be careful!"

Aware of the concern in Sun's words, Mino smiled: "It doesn't matter. I'm very lucky. Such a trifle can be solved within minutes."

After hearing Mino's words. Sun hung up with a sigh.

As a professional robber who had experienced countless storms and dangers, Mino knew the difficulty of this task, but for the sake of video, she would not allow herself to retreat. She had to go forward no matter how hard it would be.

Daddy, I can't give up! I will find the truth.

What she said was right, but when she realize the fact, she couldn't help swearing!

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