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   Chapter 24 The Ultimate Punishment

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Mino looked at Ryan with her bright eyes, as if she wanted to see the kind in his eyes.

But Ryan didn't say anything.

He bit his lips with a strange expression. Mino looked at him curiously and didn't realize at once that his expression was all because of her.

After a long while, Ryan finally calmed down and drew his hand back from Mino's hand. In a cold voice, he asked, "Tell me, what do you want to do? Or what do you want to take? "

Seeing that Ryan had no intention to call the police, Mino was relieved. But his question was so sharper that she didn't know how to answer.

She couldn't tell Ryan the truth. If he asked why she wanted to get the marriage license, her idea would be exposed.

But he was such a smart and scheming man. How could she cover up the truth?

Mino hesitated for a long time and refused to open her mouth.

Ryan was patient. He picked up a report at hand while waiting for Mino to tell him the truth.

"Can I keep silent about this?" Mino couldn't help but ask cautiously.

"What do you think?" Ryan asked in reply.

"I think I can't answer your question!' After saying that, Mino was ready to leave the study as if nothing had happened. "Well, have a good rest. Good night."

However, she didn't walk many steps before she was pulled back to room by Ryan.

But Mino was too weak to resist. She was much weaker than him, so she couldn't even resist!

Ryan threw her onto the bed. The next second, Ryan pressed on her.

"Give you one minute to think about it. If you don't answer me honestly, I will take off your one clothe every ten seconds. You can figure out how much time you have to waste on me. Huh? " Ryan said slowly with a smirk on his face.

What? Mino bent her slender fingers and counted carefully. It was summer now. She only wore four clothes. It is not good for her!

Mino had no choice but to run away at this moment!

She immediately twisted her body and wanted to escape, but most of the time, this kind of behavior could only be worse. Soon later, she clearly felt a hot part, which was closely stuck to her thighs, and it was getting bigger and bigger.

"If you don't want me to have sex with you right now, you'd better stop your stupid behavior." Ryan's eyes were red and his face was overcast with lust. This made Mino really feel dangerous.

He was not joking.

Mino immediately stopped her moves. After staying there for several minutes, Ryan gradually calmed down.

But Mino's situation was not so good at all. The strength gap between men and women made her unable to fight back at all when she under Ryan's control.

"Have you made up your mind? A minute has passed. " Ryan reached out his hand to the hem of Mino's T-shirt.

"I am going to find our marriage certificate!" Mino shouted at him! Free is precious, but chastity is priceless!

"Why do you look for it?" As expected, Ryan asked.

Mino's brain was so disordered that she couldn't think thing. If the situation kept on like this, she would have a nosebleed!

"You don't want to tell me? I don't think this T-shirt is suitable for you. I'd better tear it up. " Ryan said these nasty words seriously.

Mino didn't know what to say, and she couldn't think of a better idea. "I... I just want to have a look. I haven't seen them for a long time."

"It sounds touching, but not true. Do you think I'll rip them from the top or the bottom? " It was not easy to fool Ryan!

"No, no, I, I, I'm telling the truth!" Mino was so terrified that her mind was in a total mess. As a pure virgin, this kind of experience was so shameless!

Ryan stopped what he was doing, waiting for her answer.

"I... I regret, and I don't want an agreement to get married with you. I want a divorce! " She had no choice!

"Divorce? !" Ryan rubbed his chin, thinking something.

When Ryan let go of her, Mino rolled herself up and rolled over to the corner of the bed. She stared at him defensively, her hands clenching tight at her collar.

'But I have to say that the strength gap is innate. Do I think if I shrink back, he will have no way?'

It was only two minutes after that when Mino was caught by Ryan that she finally got the chance to experience it personally!

Ryan grabbed Mino's two hands and put them over her head, making her lie on his legs.

Mino was so shocked by this series of events that she forgot to react. When she realized it, she had leaned on Ryan in an extremely shameful posture!

'Shit! What are you doing now!' Mino was screaming in her mind.

Before she could beg him for mercy, Ryan's hand fell down to her waist relentlessly. Yes, this was what everyone used to suffer in their childhood -- spanking!

All of a sudden, Ryan was merciless.

Mino wanted to ask for mercy, but when she opened her mouth, the sound became grumbling.

Ouch! She rested her head on Ryan's lap and burst into tears!

She was wrong. She really knew that she was wrong. She dared not to talk nonsense any more! Who could help her!

Ryan had continued for a long time. After a while, he stopped.

After that, Mino immediately stood up and slipped out of the bed with her hands over her hips. Standing in the corner, she stared at Ryan with hatred.

"If you dare to talk no

nsense again, you won't be treated in this way!" Ryan withdrew his hand and looked at the Mino with his brooding eyes. He was annoyed after making sure that the woman in front of him wanted a divorce.

He had never cared about the life or death of a woman before.

After taking a look at Mino in the corner, Ryan frowned and strode away!

Mino was stunned. 'It was me who was upset!' This was a real hooligan in fresh skin!

The plan failed again!

Mino was crying in the bathroom.

The next day, her eyes were swollen as if she had been punched twice.

She didn't dare to go downstairs to have breakfast. If Ryan's grandpa was frightened to death by her, Ryan would blame her more.

Although Mino's stomach was growling, she still sat on the bed motionlessly.

'Damn it! Ryan! Why don't you come upstairs to have a look? I haven't gone downstairs to have breakfast yet. I'm so hungry!'

Just when she was about to starve and die, the door was knocked.

She thought it was Ryan, that troublesome man. She stubbornly closed the door.

After a while, the nanny's voice came from outside the door, "Mrs. Mino, young master said that you caught a cold last night and felt uncomfortable, so he asked me to bring you some porridge."

When Mino heard it was food, she jumped to open the door regardless of being angry.

She opened the door and saw the nanny holding breakfast, but the man behind her was who Mino didn't want to see most.

When Mino saw the food, a satisfied smile crept up on her wrinkled face. Immediately, she changed to a cold face because of Ryan. Her face was full of ice debris.

Ryan didn't care her. He took over the tray from the woman's hand and walked into her room.

As an onlooker, the aunt had clearly noticed that something was wrong with Ryan and Mino. Although she really wanted to stay here and watch what happened, she didn't want to displease Mr. Ryan who pay the wage. So she left.

To express her anger, Mino turned her back and ignored him.

After putting the tray on the table, Ryan turned to Mino's back and said, "Come and eat something."

"No way!" Mino refused to be fed.

"What? You still have a principle?' Seeing Mino's vicious look, Ryan clenched her fists.

"Humph! Humph! " Wearing a cold face, Mino didn't say anything, just put her arms around her chest and snorted from her nose.

"What? I don't know I'm raised a pig in the house. " It was the first time Ryan said something like that.

But Mrs. Mino was still unmoved.

"Bah! You are a pig!" In order to retrieve her reputation, Mino temporarily forgot to maintain her cold demeanor. She turned around and spat at him.

"Do you still want to put on airs as Mrs. Mino?" Ryan put his arms around his chest and said.

"Don't call me that! I'm divorcing with you! I'll divorce with you! " 'Who was Mrs. Mino?' When Mino thought of this, she was very morose and refused to eat the breakfast that she had expected. "I won't eat it. So what can you do to?"

"Are you sure you don't want to eat?" Ryan asked, frowning.

"Of course not!" She must have morale although she was hungry! She wanted to let Ryan know that she was a tough girl to deal with.

"Then you don't have to eat anything today." Ryan said in a deep voice.

"Hey? ? I... " Not only didn't Ryan refuse, but he also deepened her protest? But this is not the result she want!

"I just said I didn't want to have breakfast. I didn't mean I didn't want to have lunch. Did you hear me wrong..." But Mino was not confident as before.

"You didn't say that." Ryan put his arms around his chest and looked down at her.

Mino was overjoyed. Was Ryan going to reason with her?

But, just as Ryan had said, Mino heard "But I said. If you don't eat now, you can't eat anything next. "

You! Devil! Mino was freaked out. But when she looked at Ryan' sincere eyes, she knew he was serious!

Mino tried to hold back her tears, but she couldn't help crying. In the past few days, she had tried any ways to run away from the house and she was tired. Now, she could not have meals with them?

She had been waiting for Ryan, but when she realize her dispirited, she lowered her head at once. She didn't want to see him just like a stubborn rabbit with injuries.

"For divorce, nobody divorce before the anniversary of getting married. You'd better give up early and live a good life." When Mino was in a very bad mood, Ryan was determined to break her dream.

"Don't worry. I will not have sex with you, although I have a desire." But, Ryan added casually.

Mino, however, didn't know what to say. What did he mean by saying that?! Was she terrible? Damn it!

That was to say, men and women had two totally different views. He meant that he wouldn't force her anymore.

Seeing that Mino was still rolling up like a ball on the bed, Ryan said, "Since you don't want to eat, I'll ask auntie to take it away."

"Wait, you go out. Put food down. " Mino's muffled voice came through at once.

'Body is the capital of revolution. Without strong body, how can she continue to resist demons?' She thought. She could adapt to any situation. She would defeat the devil!

After that, Mino went out of the quilt and quickly ate up the breakfast.

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