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   Chapter 23 The Plan Failed

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In the next few days, she carefully observed Ryan's daily life.

After breakfast with grandpa, he went to the study to work. But as the CEO of a company, why he didn't have to work in the company? It was impossible!

Mino despised Ryan's behavior.

She continued to observe. It turned out that Ryan was also a boy who likes stay in the home. He didn't go out unless he had something important to do!

If he kept sitting like this, sooner or later he would have a beer belly! Mino thought the scene in her mind. When she thought, the bald and fat Ryan in her brain immediately disgusted her.

She clenched her fists. Sure enough, it was necessary for her to get a divorce in advance with him.

But don't think too much about such a boring thing. Any form of Ryan's appearance had nothing to do with her!

Divorce is the most important thing right now! Divorce!

Mino had been waiting for a few more days. Finally, one evening, she eavesdropped on the Ryan's assistant in black, who stopped her from getting out that day. He told Ryan that there was a very important party tonight and he had to attend it in person.

Mino was very excited now. Good job! Assistant! Take him away! Take him away! The little girl in her heart shouted happily.

On the other side of the room, Ryan frowned. His handsome face was like an oil painting which was good-looking. He nodded and stood up.

Five minutes later, the assistant, the driver, and the members of the business department, surrounded the tall and strong Ryan, who came out of the crowed like the emperor.

It was not until three minutes later that Mino stopped laughing. She rubbed her smiling face and elegantly moved back to her room. She began to make an operation plan.

As a professional and advanced thief, she must have a detailed plan!

As a professional woman, she would never forget her professional ethics!

After returning to her room, she began to make a detailed arrangement and search around for the tools that she could use.

She needed a stick, a hairpin, and a thin card. But all dangerous tools that she wanted were taken by Mr. Ryan!

However! How could Mino get stuck with it?

Looking at the pure handmade closet in front of her, Mino unpacked it and the metal part inside could be used if she remolded by the way.

Like a mouse that had found a bowl of rice, Mino moved her slender fingers and then got into it!

In less than ten seconds, she took down a wardrobe door! Holding a screw, Mino moved to the next cabinet!

All of a sudden, Ryan pushed the door in. He scared Mino and Mino almost swallowed the screw. Frightened by his sudden move, she dived in the closet.

With a screw on Mino's head, a door of the wardrobe was tilted to one side and her whole body seemed to be buried in the wardrobe!

It was obvious that Ryan was frightened by what he had seen. He turned to a sullen look and asked Mino, "What are you doing?"

"I... I... I saw a roach get in there. So I am finding it now!" With an embarrassed look, Mino pulled herself out of the crowd of clothes. When she heard Ryan's question, she couldn't react at once, so she casually made up an excuse.

"Roach?" A hint of mockery was written on Ryan's face.

It took Mino a while to realize what she said. She was so stupid. The high-class house had been cleaned by numerous servants. The floor was cleaner than your face every day. Besides, Servants had used perfume to dry the house. Where did these disgusting cockroaches come from?

Do you think it's your messy and obnoxious pigeon cage?!

"Maybe, maybe, maybe I was wrong." Mino looked guilty.

"Then how long will you stay in my clothes?" Ryan narrowed his eyes. His words were unfriendly.

"Oh, sorry, sorry. I am coming out now. " After saying that, Mino struggled to get up. But it was not sure if it was because of the material of the clothes, or because of the weak on her legs, she tried several times to stand up. But she only had added a few more footprints on the clothes. She can't stand up.

In spite of her embarrassment, the little evil girl felt quite satisfied in her heart. Mino stamped on the clothes a little more.

Being amused by the childish behavior of Mino, Ryan laughed. He stepped forward and lifted her up.

When Mino was carried to the bed, she felt a little embarrassed and didn't dare to look Ryan in the eye. After pausing for a while, she suddenly thought of something and asked, "Well, why are you here?"

Hearing Mino's question, Ryan suddenly remembered something. He said, "There's a party tonight. You come with me. Someone will send you the clothes later. Be quickly. Don't be late."

Upon hearing Ryan, Mino knew that she couldn't go there because she had a big plan at night.

"No, no, No. I won't go." Mino refused.

"What? Why? " Ryan asked.

"I... I'm a girl who see little of the world and I'm afraid I'll bring shame on you if I go out. I'm still stay in my family, and I don't want to be in the limelight, leaving the chance to the little bitches outside!" Mino looked very aggrieved.

Ryan couldn't help but snort. He seldom laughed. On the one hand, there were very few person who could make Mr. Ryan smile. On the other hand, he smiled at Mrs. Mino. But in his narrow eyes, there was doubt.

"I'm not afraid of losing face." As she expected, Ryan was totally unmoved.

"But, but..." Mino had never expected that Ryan would refu

se within three seconds after her earnest confession. But she couldn't go to the party tonight.

'Are you kidding me? I finally got this chance. I'm not sure when the man goes out next time.' she thought to herself!

"I am not good today!" After hesitating for a while, Mino shouted.

"Oh, why are you not good today?" Ryan narrowed his eyes at Mino, but ordered the others, "Ask doctor to come here."

Doctor? It was troublesome that rich man always hired some private doctors. Mino's face crumpled at once.

But tonight was too important for her! But Mino really could not give up. She bit her lips, raised her head and said, "My menstruation is coming. Are you sure you want him to see that?"

Ryan's eyes narrowed as she said these words.

"Oh, I forgot it. I was looking for sanitary napkins. Since you are back, can you take me to buy them?" Mino asked, covering her tummy with her hands.

"You can let Lena buy them for you." Ryan's eyebrows twitched.

Then he left with James in big strides.

It was the first time for them to fight. And Mino won! Sitting on the bed, Mino was happy because of her success!

After dinner, when Mino heard the sound of car engine from downstairs, she restrained her excitement and tiptoed to get ready to go.

His grandfather must be having a walk in the garden at this time. Ryan always didn't like anyone to walk in the house in the evening. So except the security guards stood outside, there was generally no one going around in the house at night.

That was a great opportunity for Mino. Therefore, as planned, she arrived at the study smoothly.

She tried to turn the doorknob, but it wasn't locked?! 'God helps me. Even Ryan, that sly old fox, can be so stupid sometimes.' Mino thought. Mino thought to herself happily.

After she opened the door, she agilely dodged in and looked for the safe box under the light of the moon. Why didn't she turn on the light? No one would steal thing after making the room bright! Is that thief stupid?

As a professional thief, Mino would certainly not make such a mistake. Therefore, she just ignored a man stood in the dark with shiny eyes and watched her with interest.

Mino almost knocked over three lampshades, and kicked two chairs. As she hit her head and other parts of her body countless times, she finally touched the desk!

She was so nervous. And she did not bring a night vision goggle? That was why her level had dropped horribly!

What a mess!

Luckily, she found the safe box.

She touched it, trembling. What's this made of? Why was it a little soft, warm and long? Does Ryan ask his man to customize it for him? 'Mino wondered? But who would use such a shaped safe box!

Mino criticized Ryan's weird taste from head to toe in the heart. Then she continued to touch the box to find the lock.

But the higher she touched, the strange feeling she felt. After groping the box, Mino couldn't find a lock. She had fought in the world of martial arts for years and had never seen such a thing.

Mino didn't give up until her hand touched something hard, long and hot?

Out of curiosity, Mino reached out her hand and shook it. The next second, there was a suppressed groan in the air, and the round object in Mino's hand became hotter.

The sudden change startled Mino. She jumped out and slammed into the bookshelf behind her with a bang. The books which were not solid fell on the floor and hit on her forehead.

"Oh, my God." Mino couldn't help crying out in pain.

As she screamed, the light in the study was turned on. Hey, is it controlled with voice?

While groaning in pain, Mino looked at them with amazement.

"Have you seen enough?" Just then, Ryan's tense voice came from the corner.

Mino sat on the ground with her heart sunk. Now it was all over!

"Mrs. Mino, can you explain why you didn't want to attend the party with your newly married husband but dressed up like this and sneaked into the study after he left?"

Ryan said in a husky voice, as if the next second he would drowned someone in his honeyed words!

Standing rooted to the spot, Mino didn't know how to respond. What's worse, she seemed to know what she had just touched. Her hand would definitely be bad! ! !

Tears streamed down Mino's cheeks. Since she met Ryan, she always had bad luck!

"Well, if you don't say anything, then I have to call the police!" Ryan said.

"Call the police? Call the police? !" Stimulated by his word, Mino immediately came to her sense.

"If you can't explain why you're here, I'll have to treat you as a commercial spy. Then you will be punished as a spy." Ryan said.

"Haha. I just couldn't sleep. I want to walk around. " Mino smiled bitterly.

"That's a lie." With that, Ryan dialed the number.

"Please! I really can't fall asleep. I swear that I've lost my way here!" Mino step forward to him. Her face was full of anxiety, and her nose was sweating nervously. Her small mouth slightly opened, and her pink lip was as attractive as the jelly.

Especially her soft hand was still holding his hand. Ryan remembered where the hand was and the strength he had felt. His desire that he had tried hard to suppress rose again. The part of his body was in pain again.

Seeing the changing expressions on Ryan' face, Mino thought he was considering the punishment, and she became even more nervous! The hand grabbing his hand tightened involuntarily.

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