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   Chapter 22 A Heart Attack

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But now, there was only one topic in her mind that was to escape. She had to run in all ways!

Mino was very annoyed by her! Would she really die here?

When she was about to scream irritably, the phone rang. It was Cherry.

Alas, how could she forget her best friend! Her friend was of course very nice, so she could ask her to help her at once. Seeing that, Mino picked up the phone and shouted, "Help, Cherry! I'm so miserable! "

When Mino just howled out a word, Cherry, who was calling on the phone, howled like an infuriated cat and even louder than the Mino. "Mino, I'm here to inform you that the wife of the middle-aged man is coming to catch me. I'm going to hide for two days. No matter what happened, don't find me. And don't tell anyone that you know me! Bye! "

As soon as she finished talking, she hung up the phone. Mino was instantly petrified. 'Is she really her friend? Really?' Mino was not sure.

Well, she finally understood that at the critical moment, she could count on no one. No one was reliable to her!

In a flash, Mino perked up! She must save herself! She would not afraid of infrared ray! She would not afraid of being chopped! 'I've fought in the world of martial arts for so many years. I'm not afraid of them anymore! It is a piece of cake!

With a desperate expression, Mino was determined to break into the cave! She didn't believe that as Mrs. Mino of Yuan Family, she could not go shopping on a whim.!

Who could report to Mr. Ryan?

The more Mino thought about it, the more workable the plan was. Then she straightened her back and walked straight to the gate, raising her head high. Just as she was desperate to fight with the men in black and break into the door, Mr. Yuan walked towards her!

Grandpa, did you see me through the telescope upstairs? Looking at the old version of Ryan, Mino wanted to cry.

"What's wrong? Mino, why are you standing here?" Mr. Yuan asked with kind eyes.

"Grandpa, I just want to go out for a walk. That's all." Mino had a flattering smile on her face.

"If you want to go out, you can ask the driver to prepare the car. You can go anywhere you want. And then, you can ask him to bring you back." Hearing this, Mino was overjoyed. 'That's great! What a kind heart.'

"But, Mr. Yuan, young master has said without his permission, Mrs. Mino is not allowed to go out." The man in black at the door said with hesitation.

"Humph, Mino is my granddaughter-in-law, but she is not a prisoner. She won't ask for his permission to go out. He is bullying her at work, but don't bring the business rules to my home." Mr. Yuan said with a sullen face.

'Grandpa, you are really my biological grandpa. When I regain my freedom, I will make a memorial tablet for you, sooner or later. And I will bless you in the morning and evening! Mino praised Mr. Yuan in her mind!

"Mr. Ryan said it was for Mrs. Mino's safety." The man in black was still loyal and dedicated to delivering the thoughts of Ryan.

"Well, well, he is right. It's my negligence. Then, then... " Mr. Yuan looked at Mino with embarrassment. Mino's request was covered with her whole face.

Mr. Yuan was softhearted, but he thought that his grandson's words made sense. Suddenly, he seemed to think of something and his eyes lit up.

Mino's heart raced uncontrollably. She was looking forward to the Mr. Yuan would order those punks to leave!

"Mino, how about having a walk in the garden with grandpa? Our garden is so big and beautiful. It's beautiful with flowers everywhere in this season. The fragrance is really good. Why don't we take a walk? " Mr. Yuan thought it was a good idea.

The hope rose in Mino's heart just now was broken into pieces with a loud bang!

In the end, she had no choice but to hold Mr. Yuan's arm and go for a walk in the garden.

As she was expected, the plan was failed again!

After this, Mino was hurt in both body and mind, so she lay in bed quietly for several days.

As a result, a few of reports was presented in the Ryan's desk.

But this brief calmness did not mean that she had given up and accepted her fate.

This was just a rest before the second round of battle. After she adjusted her state, the battle was on the verge of breaking out.

In the past few days, Mino had used all the brain cells to think about this matter. Although she looked like a moving flesh ball, her soul had been carefully calculating and thinking.

Finally, with her efforts, she found the solution to the problem.

Damn it! All happened because of the marriage certificate! Thinking about it, if they didn't have the marriage certificate, Mino didn't have to live under

the same roof with Ryan, and she didn't need to be on guard every day. She did not need to be careful that Ryan would find out that she was an evil robber Angie and then cut her into pieces.

Although she had been living in the city for so many years and Mino believed in her ability of camouflage, no man is wise at all times. If she spoke in her dream and spilled the secret out, she would be too ashamed to see her father. 'Dad must think that I am foolish!' she thought!

Mino thought that all her worries and analysis made sense. Her marriage with Ryan was totally a mistake!

Although at the beginning, it was she who mistakenly went to the wrong room and took the wrong photos.

However, as a mature man with dreams and responsibilities in a new era, shouldn't Ryan forgive her with a smile?

He was so narrow-minded and fussed over every ounce. He was really non-gentleman!

'I can just take a bow and apologize to him. Or else, I will have to pay for it!' 'And then there is no relationship between with each other!

From then on, we will be strangers to each other. Even if we meet each other again, we don't have to say hello and goodbye to each other. How wonderful!

However, he had taken the initiative to set me up and put me in a dilemma.

Fuck! !' Besides, he said she was the most suitable person. Fuck.

The more Mino thought about it, the more she felt that it was right. She was indeed cheated by him? This thousand year old fox! He set her up!

Therefore, the most important thing for Mino was to quickly correct the mistakes and make the so-called messy marriage be quickly ended!

Since Cherry had run away, she decided to leave the photos to Ryan as a souvenir. From now on, she would stop Cherry from meeting any middle-aged man of all kinds, and she also would end her limitless life of catching unfaithful boyfriend!

Mino thought it was a good plan!

'But now there is a very serious problem for me. How can we divorce?'

The way of divorce she knew was going to the Bureau of Civil Affairs. She didn't know anything else. But it is impossible for Ryan to go to the Bureau of Civil Affairs to divorce with her. He would definitely slap her back.

She had to settle this by herself.

So Mino went back to the group she had join in before. She brought up another topic that how do you divorce with your wife or husband after she asked the question that what are the consequences of offending Ryan.

Mino actively waited in front of the phone, expecting the masses to promote their idea.

But after waiting for a long time, they didn't pay much attention to this topic.

After Mino checked her phone for a long time, her phone beeped and one said, "Stop it, old lady. Go to take a shower and go to bed."

A few people commented.

Mino was so angry that she threw her phone on the bed and shouted, "Old lady?! Fuck! I am a young girl! ! Can't you say something nice with your mouth?! Fuck! Why couldn't a young and beautiful girl ask about the divorce? How inexperienced! "

After angrily sitting on the bed for a while, Mino pursed her lips. 'Forget it. It doesn't matter. The most important thing was getting divorced.'

So she got her innocent phone back and continued to check it.

There was a normal reply from them this time, "Dear, go out and turn left to the Bureau of Civil Affairs. Don't thank me."

'I know.' Mino thought.

The next note said, "First of all, you have to get the marriage certificate, ID card, household register, two inch photo and the signed divorce agreement, and then you have to put seven dollars on it to take back the divorce certificate."

After a whole day, this was the most reliable answer Mino had ever seen. She was so excited that her tears burst out at once.

Now that she had a goal, she could do what she wanted to do next.

First, the marriage certificate.

But the marriage certificate was put away by Ryan. Mino remembered that it was put in the study. If there was nothing wrong with it, it was on his safe box which was in his desk!

Thinking of this, Mino jumped up from the bed at once. She felt that she was going to win!

But the next moment, she looked downcast again. The study was under Ryan's control. He could not let other people enter the study!

However, she could sneak in when he was not there. The safe box was like a toy for Angie. She would open the box and get the marriage certificate.

The more Mino thought about it, the happier she was. Fortunately, she had a good skill of unlocking with her hands, and sure enough, it is helpful to have many skills.

Mino was as joyful as a mouse that had steal something!

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