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   Chapter 21 The Survival Battle

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Clenching his lips, Ryan didn't say anything, but the killing intention in his eyes made Mino shiver.

If he knew that she was Angie, she would be the one who died miserably? Mino suddenly felt scared.

At this moment, she felt that she couldn't go on like this. She made up her mind to run away.

When she remembered what would happen to those people after offending Ryan, Mino didn't dare to imagine what would happen to her?

'It's so terrible. Why did I get involved with such a devil?'!

After all, it was all Cherry's fault. If she hadn't wanted to help her catch the unfaithful boyfriend and blackmail him, she wouldn't have come to such a bad end?!

On the bed, Mino couldn't fall asleep. She tossed and turned, thinking about various escape plans.

The next day, she showed up in the dining room with dark circles around her eyes. Ryan looked at her in surprise for a few times.

"What are you looking at? If it weren't for your threatening, I wouldn't have been sleepless and forgotten to eat and sleep." Mino pretended to be pitiful and looked at Ryan plaintively.

The eye contact between the two fell in the eyes of Mr. Yuan. With his years of experience, the old man confirmed that Ryan must have worked very hard last night.

Good. He should soon have a great grandson. Mr. Yuan smiled mischievously and took a few glances at Ryan in relief, then he winked at Mino.

Mino's heart sank. 'Do you think you have any kind of reaction as a normal elder?' 'Was it interesting to "trick the pure girl into a trap"?'

It was obvious that Mino had forgotten that she and Ryan were a legal couple who had their marriage license stamped. It was normal for them to sleep together.

After breakfast, Mino went back to her room and began to prepare the plan that she pondered hard on.

Ryan had told her that the surroundings of the master's house were covered by infrared transmission system. Even a fly would be killed before it could fly out.

'If I'm so much bigger than a fly, I must have been cut into pieces by the filaments.'

Mino couldn't help but feel something was scared. However, she would not give up easily. It is a piece of cake for her. In her career, did she meet this for the first time? No need to be afraid!

Taking a deep breath, Mino began to prepare to escape from the prison.

Plan 1.

She tore the sheets into pieces, bounded them together, and sneaked down the window.

According to scientific observation, she just shuttled back and forth. So Mino finally checked out that a window of a small building in the last corner of the main house could be directly open to the outside. Although it was surrounded by the vast ocean outside, it was very good to get out. Anyway, Mino could swim. If she got tired at that time, it was better than she had been so worried and nervous all day long.

But that building was too high for her eyes to see. Mino looked down and felt dizzy.

But all she did was for her lives. Thinking of the happy life she would lead after she was released from prison, Mino was full of fighting will!

But the building was so high, how could she solve it?

Mino was pacing back and forth in the room. She constantly stroked her chin with one hand, as if she was picking up a beard in the air.

All of a sudden, her eyes fell on the bed. She was so foolish. There was the best rope, wasn't there? It was pure natural, no pollution. It was soft and tenacious. Apparently, it was Mino's own feeling.

'That's so typical of the rich. They even have exquisite bed sheet. But for her own happy life, she will do it whenever it's necessary!'

Mino excitedly took out all the sheets in the cupboard, moved her fingers and began to tear them. But, shit! Who bought these sheets? They were in good quality! Why couldn't they be torn! !

She changed 280 angles. With more than 2800 postures, they were perfectly fine! Mino felt like weeping but had no tears. She looked for scissors all over the world. Obviously, Ryan had placed scissors in places beyond her reach, because they were dangerous goods!

Looking at the exquisite bed sheet piled like a hill, Mino roared from the bottom of her heart! 'If one day I can get out, I will definitely take you all away and put you on the stall. 5 dollars for a big sale. Don't show off in front of me!'

But the bed sheet was very calm, neither shivering nor begging. It was just a quiet bed sheet without moving. Mino sighed.

As soon as the plan was failed.

Plan two.

She disguised herself to be a man in black and sneaked out!

After several days' observation, as long as you are a woman in this house, it's not easy to escape.

In particular, Mino was the head of the women. If she wanted to go out, she had to report to Mr. Ryan step by step. After his review, he would promote the work step by step. Then all the staff took the security measures from the door to the destination. They almost covered the ground with the red carpet in case that Mino's shoes got dirty.

Besides, he had to set the time before going out. Generally speaking, the time should not exceed two hours. Besides, the time should start from the moment when

Mr. Ryan approved. Only a few times were allowed.

One and a half hours passed after they had gotten everything done! Who still want to get out of the house? For this kind of life in the rich and powerful family that was half imprisoned, Mino thought for a long time and slowly raised the middle finger!

Is it so easy to be a rich lady? She was so angry that she even hit the table.

So the first goal is to become a man.

Mino took out Ryan's smallest size from her wardrobe and compared it with her own. It was still big. She wasn't afraid of it at all, so she decided to make some adjustments! Who was Mino? She was the most clever and virtuous woman in the world!

And she could just sewing up the wound and mend it.

Full of confidence, Mino began to unwrap the clothes. This piece of clothes was on this piece, and there was an extra piece. Where did it come from?

The whole night was spent in Mino's "clothes sewing".

The next day, Mino wore a haggard face. She was utterly exhausted.

Although Mr. Yuan was glad that his grandson could work day and night, but he thought that Mino still couldn't bear the physical work. He decided to visit Allen and prescribe some supplements for them.

If Mino knew that her hard work in the past few days was misunderstood by Mr. Yuan, she might be able to spit out a lot of blood.

After the breakfast, they went their room alone. Since Ryan was busy taking care of the company's business, Mino could not get rid of it completely. So, of course, she was in favor of him. He could do what he wanted to do, and it would be better if he didn't bother her.

When she went back to her room, Mino was amazed by her masterpiece. She had been busy all night and finally got the work done! "Such a virtuous, smart and flexible woman. Look, this is Mino!"

Standing with her arms akimbo and growling to the sky, she of course was silent.

After Mino had enjoyed herself enough, she began to pack up her luggages, but there was nothing else to pack up. Anyway, she just took everything valuable into her pocket. Mino just like a robber who had just stopped a rich man and robbed valuables.

When her pocket finally dropped because it couldn't bear the burden, Mino withdrew her hand with regret. What a pity! I like the tea set very much. Looking at the porcelain teacup on the nightstand, she reluctantly touched it again and again.

And there was no way for Mino to take away the sheet that she had wanted to abuse thousands of times before. So when she was still here, she rubbed it hard. At least it made sense!

The sky was getting dark. Mino had waited for a long time. When it was midnight, she changed her clothes in secret and wore a hat to cover her face. She bent down and started her escape.

The men in black who were hiding in the dark had received the order from Mr. Ryan not to disturb Mrs. Mino, so they didn't move.

Mino thought her dress worked, and she was pleased, 'Obviously, it's a good idea. Everyone in the Yuan Family is so stupid. No wonder they're always plotted in secret.'!

Mino went smoothly, and the villain in her heart had been laughing loudly. But her arrogance and complacence only resulted in endless troubles!

Eh, where was she? After a while, there was a radiant sadness in Mino's heart.

Why, why must the rich people's backyard be trimmed into a maze?! Who cut the same tree? Tell him to leave tomorrow!

Mino really wanted to cry, but when she realized that she had been fleeing with a huge sum of money, she immediately covered her mouth with her hand again.

In the middle of the night, the cold wind blew and the cat was hungry. With tears streaming down her face, Mino stood up from the ground and walked back the way she had come.

She was about to win, but died on the way of breakthrough. What a terrible life!

Mino failed again!

Plan B was destroyed.

As far as she knew, all the actions of Mino were secret, but they had been heard by Mr. Ryan carefully.

When Ryan read the report from his men, he was a little confused when he saw Mino act like a grasshopper these days.

But judging from what she did yesterday, it seemed that she wanted to run away from home!

When he thought of this, Ryan was almost certain. Ryan pressed his lips and thought, 'The little girl wants to run away?! All of a sudden, Ryan found the game very interesting.

That's right. It's always very happy to tease each other. It seemed that Ryan was in a good mood to take control of the whole situation. He was waiting for the Mino's next funny trip of "escape from the prison".

At the same time, Mino sat on the bed with a worried face, meditating hard.

She put her chin in her hand and looked down. She was in a bad mood.

She had tried to escape in the past few days. There were eighteen kinds of ways, but all failed. Did she really need some unique skill? But it was too obvious. A sly man like Ryan knew who she was at a glance?

By that time, she would have to fail and be carried out by someone.

The very thought of that possibility gave Mino goose bumps. She quickly jumped over the page and changed to another topic in her brain.

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