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   Chapter 20 Evil Robbers Angie

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What? Seduce?

"You said you hugged me and wouldn't let me go, right?" Mino burst out almost in a fit of shock and disbelief.

Even if Mr. Ryan was the dream lover of countless women, that didn't mean that like other women, Mino would throw herself at him!

"Yes, your trick of playing hard to get doesn't work on me."

Ryan smiled. He took back his hands before Mino could react. Mino, who had been sitting unsteadily, suddenly lost his supporting point. So, she had another close touch with the floor.

"You threw me again!"

This was the second time! It had been an accident in front of his grandfather this morning. And now it happened again. Ryan, are you mad at my ass?

"You asked me to let you go."

With his hands in his pockets, Ryan stood up. She saw his strong chest muscles under his shirt. She was sure that he could beat many handsome men if he stood there!

"What…… All right, you win! "

Mino slowly stood up with the help of the coffee table. When she lowered her head, she accidentally saw the documents that were scattered on the table, and the words "evil robber Angie" above it came into her sight.

Damn it! What was going on? Why was he suddenly interested in Angie?

"Mr. Ryan, you must be tired after a long meeting. Come and sit down. I will help you tidy up and then go downstairs to bring you a cup of hot tea!"

Mino bent down quietly to block Ryan's eyes, and then sorted out the information on the coffee table with both hands. Within this short period of time, she had already glance over the general content.

She stood up and slowly turned around, and a stack of documents were already in her hands.

Her sudden kindness puzzled Ryan. He couldn't believe that this was exactly something that Mino would do!

At the same time, he didn't think that the fall from him just now would totally change Mino's mind!

"What did you buy today?"

Looking at her, Ryan slowly sat down. Instead of taking over the things in her hands, he just sat elegantly, leaned back on the chair and looked up at Mino.

Mino's heart missed a beat when she heard this. 'Does he know what I have done with Cherry?' She thought.

"I dare not spend money at will without Mr. Ryan's permission."

Although the tens of thousands Cherry withdrew from the bank at the beginning had been directly put into her handbag and she refused to take out, she didn't use the card later. Why did Ryan care about her money since he was rich?

"Remember, from now on, you need to buy at least two million dollars when you go shopping."

"Mr. Ryan, are you serious? Are you kidding me?"

Son of a bitch! How dare he say that! Two million dollars can buy a good house!

"Can I withdraw cash with card if I can't buy enough?"

It was foolish not to care about money. Mino crouched down to the ground with the pile of documents in her hands. She raised her head to look at Ryan. Her big clear eyes were shining brightly.

As soon as Ryan looked down, he ran into Mino's eyes. He felt like something special was luring him. He couldn't help but look at it and just couldn't extricate himself.

'Why is it so hard for me to withdraw my sight……'

"Hi? Mr. Ryan? Did you hear me? "

Seeing that Ryan was out of his mind, Mino waved her hand in front of him for several times to block the eye contact between her and Ryan, and finally he came back to his senses.


Thinking of his impoliteness just now, Ryan coughed a little unnaturally and said in an arrogant tone, "You can't speak clearly. What else do you want to talk with me?"

In fact, he didn't hear a word from Mino at all. He was too embarrassed to admit it.

But Mino didn't realize this. When she saw that Ryan was not angry and didn't ask her to say anything, she immediately straightened her body again and fawned, "Mr. Ryan, you just said that every time I go shopping, I need to cost at least two million dollars. Then if I don't have anything to buy, can I take out two million dollars in cash?"

"Can you withdraw money from your card?"

Something seemed to have dawned on Ryan, and his eyes darkened.

While making the perfect plan in her mind, Mino didn't notice the detail. She nodded firmly and said, "Of course! You can rest assured, Mr. Ryan. Even if I withdraw two million from the bank, I can take it myself. I won't bother you to find someone else to help me move! "

Although she didn't know how much money it wa

s, she believed that she would be able to take it all by herself!

"Well, let me have a look at the card."

Ryan's words seemed to have some magical power. After hearing his words, Mino obediently took out the card and handed it to Ryan.

"I will give you another card tomorrow. You can only buy things but not take out two million dollars in cash."

It took Mino a while to realize what they were talking about. Then she nodded cheerfully and said, "That's great!"

But as soon as she finished speaking, she couldn't help but recall what she had just said. There seemed to be something wrong?

No! What did it mean that she could only buy things but not withdraw the money? That meant she couldn't take out any money from the bank?

"Thank you, Mr. Ryan! I think this card is very useful! "

Mino put the file back on the table and stretched out her hand to grab the bank card from Ryan's hand. But Ryan seemed to have anticipated her move. He dodged slightly and dodged the hand.

"Mr. Ryan, you are tired from the meeting. This card is too heavy. Let me take it for you!"

If she had known that Ryan was not fond of money, she should not stop Cherry. She should have transferred all the money that could be transferred with her!

"I don't think it's heavy."

Ryan didn't know why, but when he saw that Mino was chasing after him nervously, he felt very happy in his heart, as if he was teasing her on purpose. Every time when Mino was about to touch the card, he took it back quickly and turned to another direction.

As for Mino, she looked at the black card up and down along with him. No one could understand how regretful she was at the moment!

If Cherry were here at this moment, she would surely embrace her arms tightly and sneer at her with a scornful look. "I told you to listen to me, but not to be against the money!"

"I'm tired now. You..."


Ryan didn't expect that Mino would be so stupid! He can't believe she kicked tea table just in front of her! And why did she throw herself into his arms when she fell down!

When Mino fell down, she didn't expect that she would push Ryan down at all. His face was blue and red, which frightened her. "I have to go now." She said

Fuck! She was really careless last time in the hotel, and this time she didn't do it on purpose!

Worried and flustered, Mino struggled to get up and was about to leave. But before she could do that, she slipped and fell over again. This time, her chest clung closely to Ryan's face!

Ryan had been embarrassed all this time. But now, the cotton wool covered him again. An indescribable feeling filled the veins of his body, and he seemed to not reject the touch!

Mino had killed herself a thousand times in her heart! Why didn't she stand straight before she walked! Why did she fall down with such a posture! "Mino, Mino, are you worthy of the image of a beautiful and innocent girl who has worked hard for more than ten years!

"Are you still sleeping? Do you want to wait for my grandfather to come in and take a few more photos?"

Ryan's voice finally brought back some sanity, which made Mino blush. She immediately stood up to avoid him as if he was a monster. She then retreated several meters before standing still.

'Wow, it's so far away. It's impossible for me to touch it?'

After making sure that Mino was standing still, Ryan stood up from the ground and reached out to flick the dust off his body. It was dustless as the floor was cleaned every day, so there was no dust at all.

He walked back to his seat, noble and elegant as a prince, and put the black card into the inner pocket of his shirt. This move made Mino completely give up hope.

After calming down, Mino suddenly remembered the information she had just read about evil theft. She couldn't help but look up at Ryan and carefully asked, "Well, who is evil theft Angie?"

Seeing that Ryan turned his head to her, Mino lowered her head with a guilty conscience and explained in a low voice, "I saw this name when I was helping you pack up the files just now. I thought it was a beautiful name. Besides, the name sounds very powerful. So I'm a little curious about it."

"She stole the The Heart of First Snowflakes, the heirloom of the Clow's family. If I catch her, I will make her beg for death."

Hearing what Ryan said, Mino couldn't help shivering and asked tentatively, "Well, you don't have to be so cruel."

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