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   Chapter 19 You Are Seducing Me!

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Two hours flew by quickly. After making a simple discussion with Cherry about the time and the secret signal, Mino went back to the appointed place to wait.

To her surprise, as soon as she came there, she saw the same car waiting there. And even the driver was still the same one.

"Mrs. Mino, please get in the car."

The driver had seen Mino from the rearview mirror. Before she walked over, he got out of the car first, opened the door and invited her to sit down.

Mino took a deep breath secretly and pretended to nod in a natural way, feeling that she was as graceful as the lady in the novel.

However, before she could open the door and get in, she accidentally touched the door by mistake. Her forehead hit the door of the car!

"Fuck! It's killing me! "

Mino immediately covered her forehead with her hand. When she raised her head, she just closed her eyes. Before she could finish her word, she suddenly felt something strange fell into her mouth.

No, how does it taste?

"Pooh, Pooh, Pooh!"

In a hurry, Mino lowered her head and spit the liquid out. But her mouth was now stuffed with the disgusting smell of the bird shit!

"I knew it! I knew it! It must be Ryan who cursed me!"

Taking the water from the driver's hand, Mino couldn't help but scold Ryan in her heart for no less than a hundred times while washing her mouth. The driver had so many places to park here, and if he didn't stop here, the bird would not pull the shit to her mouth when passing by!

'Anyway, it's all Ryan's fault!

In the meantime, Ryan, who was discussing something with James, suddenly sneezed for several times in an inelegant manner. James beside him had learned to hide his shock and impulse to laugh this time.

After all, he had been working for Ryan for so many years. James knew well how strong Ryan was. Besides, he also paid much attention to his image. He acted like this twice in the past two hours in a row, which was even rarer!

"Mrs. Mino, it's time for us to go back. Mr. Ryan is waiting for us at home."

When the driver saw that Mino had used three bottles of water to rinse her mouth and was about to open the fourth bottle, he couldn't help but kindly remind her.

Before leaving, Ryan had instructed that he must take her home. No matter what Mino said or did, he had to ignore it.

"But... But I haven't washed myself clean yet. Sir, please smell me. Let me see if there is any bird shit? Can you smell it? The smell of bird shit wafted in the air? "

As Mino spoke, she opened her mouth and walked towards the driver. The driver had to step back. When his foot hit the green belt at the back, he fell down directly!


Mino wanted to help him get up, but the driver withdrew his hand because he didn't want any contact with her and let Mr. Ryan misunderstand him.

"Sir, let me pull you up!'

But Mino didn't give up. She moved closer to him.

The man continued to dodge to both sides, avoiding the "reinforcements" that rose from both sides and not even touching his clothes! The man had the nimble and flexible posture!

In the end, the driver threw his last resort. He gritted his teeth and lay down on the grassland. Then he rolled a few circles aside quickly. It was not until he distanced himself from Mino that he was able to get up in time.

Mino gazed at the driver's fluent and agile movements with admiration.

After that, the driver kept a distance of no less than two meters with Mino all the time. And when he was driving, he even ignored what Mino said or did.

In a word, what Mr. Ryan said was right!

He couldn't be too close to Mino!

They went back to the house of the Yuan Family, nervous all the way. The driver didn't even dare to open the door, so he asked a bodyguard on patrol to help him open the door for Mino.

The driver was finally relieved after he saw Mino enter the house. However, he hit the wall beside the car when he was backing into the garage.

A series of unimaginable and unlucky things happened one after another. The driver was determined that he would not take his salary this month. He immediately went to the dormitory, packed his luggage and resigned before returning to his hometown.

When Mino didn't see the driver for many times, she asked him with concern. After knowing that the driver would never come back, she felt sorry for him.

After Mino walked into the house, all the servants took the initiative to greet her in two rows. They bowed to her in unison as soon as they saw her, which scared her to death!

"Take it easy, guys. Just ignore me. I'm going upstairs."

She couldn't bear to be looked at by so many people at the same time, just like a monkey who went out to t

he street to perform a variety of complicated skills and rode a bicycle!

It seemed that the two lines of servants didn't understand her words, and they still stood there with their eyes following Mino. Mino had no choice but to run upstairs.

"Wow! They scared me! Why are they staring at me like I'm a wanted criminal? "

After saying that, a strange look flashed across her face, but Mino quickly returned to normal. She looked up at the countless doors on both sides of the European style long corridor in front of her, and finally confirmed the location of Ryan. Then she walked quickly in unison.

"I'm back, Mr. Ryan!"

She knocked on the door. As soon as she got the reply from inside, Mino opened the door and walked in with a flattering smile on her face.

No, this is not right!

She had a bad feeling…… The room had not only Ryan!

Her eyes were wide open slowly. But when there were no less than ten people sitting inside, the smile on her face immediately disappeared. She said seriously, "Sorry, I entered the wrong door."

As soon as she finished saying that, she turned around, intending to leave. She had planned to pull the door and close it when she was about to leave. But before she could take the first step out, she heard a magnetic voice from behind.

"Come here. I'll be ready soon."

'Son of a bitch! Don't say to me right in front of so many people in charming voice!' Mino thought to herself!

Mino could imagine and feel that they were all looking at her as if she were a little monster without even looking back.

"Well, you are busy, Mr. Ryan. I won't bother you."

Mino didn't dare to look back, so she just grinned awkwardly.

"My honey, you are so shy. Do you want me to come over and take you to the sofa?"

Ryan raised his voice a little, which sounded gentler than before! But Mino had clearly sensed his threat in his words!

'It's Ryan who wants to be killed a thousand knives!' Thought Mino!

Just as Mino was struggling violently in her heart and did not want to look back, there seemed to be the sound of a chair moving behind her. She suddenly jumped up and turned around as if she had been struck by lightning.

"Ha ha, Mr. Ryan are really fond of joking, I love you, that's it. It was just a flirtatious act with you just now. I'll go over and sit down."

Mino walked to him with a foxy smile, while Ryan was also looking at her. They looked at each other with the eager to tear each other apart, but in the eyes of others, they were doing this unscrupulous public display of love!

"Well, no chair available now. I think I should go back first. Please call me when you are done with your work."

When Mino approached Ryan, she was surprised to find that there was no vacancy around him. It was amazing! Suddenly, she felt relieved and said these words loudly!

Mr. Ryan, it's not that I don't want to sit here. It's true that there is no place for me now!

Just as Mino was indulging herself in her fantasy, she turned around and suddenly stepped on something. She fell straightly down to the floor, but to her great surprise, it was no other than Ryan who held her in his arms!

At this moment, not only did Mino become restless, but the people around her became restless as well!

It seemed as if the couple were joking. The group of people were still here to watch, and they didn't dare to leave even if Ryan didn't say anything. They were in a dilemma!

"What? Do you like me to hold you? "


"You don't have to hide your love for me."

With his eyes half closed, Ryan wrapped his arms around Mino and adjusted her position. Now, it was real sitting on his lap!

Out of natural reflex, Mino stretched out her arms and circled around Ryan's neck. They looked so intimate that no one dared to look at them anymore!

"Let me go!"

Making the voice as low as possible, Mino hugged Ryan tighter and tighter, trying to remind him not to be insatiable!

"Today's meeting is over. A newly married woman always gets fed up. I can't help it."

All of a sudden, Ryan raised his head and spoke to the group of people in front of him slowly. Those people, including James, all seemed to be relieved and quickly left with their belongings.

When the last one left the room and closed the door, the shy and smile that Mino had pretended to have disappeared immediately. She angrily waited for Ryan and demanded, "Put me down!"

Ryan didn't respond. He just smiled at her.

'If you don't let me go, I will walk myself!'

Slowly, Mino twisted her body to the left and right. With her legs much shorter than those of Ryan, she tried to step on the ground with great force, but in vain.

"Are you seducing me?"

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