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   Chapter 18 Do Good For Mr. Ryan

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 10056

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"Mino, don't tell me you were too shocked in Yuan Family's house last night and lost your mind."

Coming back to her senses, Cherry took out the wet tissue and wiped the corner of her mouth gracefully, regaining her noble and charming appearance.

"No, no, No. I mean it. I swear I have a marriage certificate with Ryan! And it was his grandfather who asked the people from the Civil Affairs Bureau to come here to finish the task! Sister, tell me what I should do! "

In retrospect, she had not signed the agreement and it was over. Was there any worse proof than hers in this world?

Looking at Mino's serious face, Cherry thought for a while and asked incredulously, "Do you mean the plan didn't work last night? His grandfather was not so angry with you that he even threw you out of the Yuan Family and allowed you to prove your relationship with Ryan."

"It seems that he still likes me very much..."

"What does he like about you?"

"I don't know. Anyway, he doesn't hate me and likes me very much. There is no dislike or dislike about me. Moreover, the Yuan Family is as rich as a castle. They are totally different from each other. This morning when I came out of the villa, I went to change my clothes. All the clothes of the room is the latest style of the world top brand..."

"Fuck! You shouldn't have gone last night! Why did I ask you to perform in the Yuan Family? "

A remorseful look appeared on Cherry's face. She covered her heartache with the other hand, seeming that she was going to die soon. Seeing this, Mino was moved. She couldn't help but go up behind Cherry and tuck her back.

It never occurred to her that the grandpa and grandson of the Yuan Family would force her to apply for a marriage license, which made Cherry so guilty. Mino was deeply moved by Cherry's tolerance and care for her!

"Cherry, we all don't want this to happen. I know you are very sad about me, although now..."'

However, what Cherry said next made Mino's hands stop.

"Damn it! I should go by myself! If I had known that the old man from the Yuan Family was so easy to get along with, the break-up fee could be reckoned with over one hundred million. "

"Are you sure you're not kidding me, sister?"

His seniority and age were much higher than that of the old men!

'Did she just say how to deal with her and Ryan's argument? Why did it become that she was calculating the break-up fee!

Cherry raised her head and the expression on her face was so serious as if she was not telling a joke. This scene froze Mino and made her heart freeze.

After saying that, Mino went back to her seat silently and sat down. While drinking the beverage in front of her, she lowered her head and looked up at Cherry from time to time, without saying anything. By the time the cup was finally empty, she finally looked normal.

"Hey, since you are already Ryan's legal wife, why didn't he say anything to you?"

"What do you mean?"

Mino went blank. With her hands on the table, Cherry leaned forward and forced herself in front of Mino. "The property of the Yuan Family is great. Why didn't you have money?"

Just as Mino wanted to shake her head, she suddenly remembered the card that Ryan gave her before she got off the car. She quickly took out both of her hands and handed it to Cherry.

When Cherry took it up and was carefully examining it, Mino repeated what Mr. Ryan told her, "Mr. Ryan said this is an unlimited credit card. He hope it can support Mrs. Mino."

"Unlimited? Are you sure? "

What did "infinite amount" mean? That meant she could pay the bill without limitation! Buy whatever she wanted!

Incorrect! Is this card used by card only or can she withdraw money together? At the thought of this, Cherry couldn't help but take a picture and ran out of the room with Mino.

All the customers in the coffee house looked at the two beautiful women running out hand in hand. And in front of them, they could see a bank card with a flashing black metal luster in the hand……

"Be careful, sister! I broke my leg! "

Mino didn't know where they were going. But it seemed that she didn't want to go with Cherry!

"Here we are!"

Standing in front of a cash machine next to the shopping mall, Cherry loosened her grip on Mino's hand and drew her hand back. At the same time, in spite of Cherry's terrifying manner, there was still a trace of hesitation on Mino's face. As a result, she was pushed backwards and involuntarily sat on the ground.


"Let me see. This card doesn't even have a password! Withdraw money…… This is choice. I can really get the money! "

Holding a thick stack of hundred dollar bills in her hand, Cherry suddenly had an idea. She went to the next page and chose to transfer the money.

Suddenly, Mino came to her senses. She took a brisk step forward and swiftly clicked on the exit button. Standing in front of Cherry, she pulled the card out and held it tightly in her hand!

"Mino! Do you know what you are doing? "

Cherry's face turned red with anger. She stretched out her hand, trying to take back the card! God knows when she checked the balance just now, it had countless zero! She wouldn't have so much money even if she had made boyfriends and let them pay their breaking-up fee non-stop every week for twenty years!

However, twenty years later, she could only make boyfriends with those old men in seventies or eighties.

"Cherry, do you know what you are doing?"

Mino put the card into her pocket and turned around, running away from the ATM.

"If I take so much money all at once, Mr. Ryan must be suspicious! He'll think I'm a woman who only knows how to spend money! "

Mino didn't know why she cared about Ryan's opinion. In a word, there was a voice in her heart. She couldn't let Ryan think that she was also for money!

"Mino, we've been friends for so many years. I'm doing this all for you. Think about yourself, and your mother. Think about how hard it was for her to bring you up all by herself over the years!"

Hearing that, Mino could not help but recall what had happened to her over the past few years.

The only thing she could think of was that Wendy went out to play mahjong and she had to squat down at the door to do her homework after school and waited for her to come back when she was hungry……

Still Mino immersed in her miserable memories, Cherry on the other side had completely come to her senses. She drew back the money and explained patiently, "Here are at least 30000 bucks, Mino. Don't tell me you don't need money. Since you have this good opportunity to take the money, why not?"

"Besides, since he gave you the card, he wants you to spend as much as you want. If you don't spend his money, do you know how sad he is? Mino, we can't be too selfish. We can't ignore the feelings of others just for our sake. "

"Give me the credit card and ask me to complete this difficult task for you. Let me make our contributions for Mr. Ryan as much as we can. Think about his great grandfather who treats you very well. Don't you want to see him feel at ease?"

It was undeniable that Cherry was really good at convincing people. She was both tender and gentle, as if she had been putting all her heart and soul into the world for you. She looked at you with affections in her eyes. Her voice was so soft that you couldn't bear to refuse her. As she spoke, she slowly walked close to Mino.

When she was about one meter away from Mino, Cherry nodded to her with determination. She stretched out her snow-white arm and said, "Mino, give me the card. Let me help you complete this hard and sacred task. Transfer ten million dollars into the card, so that Mr. Ryan and his grandpa can be pacified and redeemed!"

Seeing that Mino's hand was approaching the pocket, which was 20 cm, 10 cm far away the pocket, she was about to reach into the pocket and take out the cool, cool and stylish affiliated card. Cherry couldn't help but feel nervous.

"Come on, be brave and give me your hand. I can help you do everything."

Cherry took another step forward and reached out her hand in front of Mino, looking at her with sincerity and encouragement, as if she was trying to transfer her courage and strength to Mino.

When her fingers touched the cold supplement card, Mino suddenly shivered and suddenly became sober. The hand that wanted to pull out the card turned over immediately in a state of holding it tightly.

At the sight of this, Cherry's face changed dramatically. She put her hands on her hips and looked down at Mino as if she was taller.

"No, this card can't be used now. It has just been withdrawn so much. You, you let me calm down. Let me walk slowly. I will go back to Yuan Family later!"

Tears welled up in Mino's eyes. The present was different from the one Ryan gave to Wendy. Since she had the money, she must care how much it cost.

Although she also wanted to give out a card to swipe every time she saw anything, just like the rich people on TV! But it's not the right time yet!

'I just stay with him. Who knows if the mysterious Mr. Ryan will change his mind and ask me to pay back the money?

Something's wrong! He was such a psychopath! He would come up with some unequal terms!' 'I'm screwed. I can't get the card. It must be a trap set up by Ryan!' She thought to herself!

'Mino, you are so smart! How could you see through Mr. Ryan's trick so easily!' Thinking of this, Mino was in a good mood. When Cherry approached, her tiny waist was straighter than ever.

When Ryan had just returned to the courtyard, he was about to walk to the door. The steward just opened the door and saw that Ryan, who had always been cold and indifferent, suddenly sneezed three times in a row, which was too shocking. He didn't respond in time to greet Ryan.

Even James, who was standing behind Ryan, was fascinated by the scene. He had followed Ryan for many years and had never seen him in such an embarrassing manner!

"What the hell!"

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