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   Chapter 17 Must Save Myself!

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Before Mino made any reply, Ryan blurted out coldly.

"What? Well! I only need two hours. Please let me get off the car here. I will go home by myself after I finish. I promise you that I will return to my room immediately without disturbing you! "

Clenching her fists and putting them against her chest, Mino looked at Ryan with tears in her big eyes. Her skin was fair and smooth, and her black hair was black and shiny. As a result, Ryan couldn't control his breath!

Was it because the "sex" they had last night was too intense that he hadn't taken his hands off yet?

He turned to look out of the window awkwardly, "The driver will wait for you here two hours later."

"Don't bother. I don't have money or cell phone with me. It will be difficult for the driver to find me. I can walk slowly. Maybe I will go home on foot."

Ryan didn't reply. A few minutes later, when the driver stopped at the roadside, Mino immediately opened the door and prepared to jump out of the car.

What? Why can't I open it? Are you kidding me?

Mino suddenly turned to look at Ryan. The man in front of her took out a white object from his pocket, gently drew a beautiful arc in the air and then dropped directly in front of her…… The middle of the chest!

To be exact, it was stuck in her bra!

This place was so precise and powerful that she was safe from internal injury. With tears in her eyes, Mino asked in the heart in silence, "How many times have you practiced, Mr. Ryan?"

"Hold your phone. This is an unlimited credit card. I hope it can support you."

As soon as he finished saying that, a black VIP card, which was shining in low-key, luxurious and not lose its nobleness, was carried in front of Mino. Mino took over the card immediately, and then took out the white phone from the middle of the crater.

After a short while, Ryan said in a low voice, "Open the door."

The next second, the door of the car was opened lightly by Mino.

But before Mino could say anything more, she had cursed Ryan in her mind!

"Well, if there is no problem, Mr. Ryan, I will get off the car first. Bye!"

Mino jumped out of the car without hesitation. The air outside the car made her so excited. She would feel great as long as she could breathe freely!

"Wait here after two hours."

With the car window slowly rolled up, the handsome face of Ryan completely blocked. Now, there was also a huge grin on Mino's face. The little guys in her heart was almost jumping out to dance in the square to celebrate!

Standing by the side of the road and looking at the luxury car driving away slowly, Mino waved her white arms so hard as if they were almost broken, "Goodbye, Mr. Ryan! Mr. Ryan, take care! Mr. Ryan, have a nice journey! "

God, please! Why did he disappear suddenly and never show up again!

Seeing Mino getting smaller and smaller from the car, Ryan was smiling happily when he saw that she was waved her hand to say goodbye to him crazily.

Seeing that the car disappeared from her sight, Mino immediately took out her phone and dialed Cherry's number. The phone rang for a long time before it was answered by someone lazily.

"Hey! Mino. "

When Mino heard Cherry call her name in an unlimited tone, she couldn't help but shudder. She gently touched the skin on her arms to smooth it.

"Sister! Sister! Where are you?" 'I need you to console me and care for me. I need you to hug me!'

"I was…… Haha, you are so annoying! Mino, I will call you back later. " After finishing her words, Cherry hung up the phone, leaving Mino stand there in a daze.

'Is this the woman who held my hand when she sent her out last night? She said she would come to me immediately as long as I gave her a call no matter what happened?'

You son of bitch, I heard a strange and familiar voice of a middle-aged man staying next to Cherry. It's obscene! '

After a pause, Mino dialed the number of her friend again. This time, Cherry directly turned off her phone so that it was impossible to get through.

"Damn you! You are not my friend! Don't let me see you! I will spray your blood in your face!"

It was her miserable life because of a series of accidents. As her last hope to change the situation, Cherry actually said that she would not care about her!

In front of her, Cherry dressed in a white dress, with long hair arm in arm with a bald old man, who was 1.35 meters high. She looked as pure as a girl, and her face was as red as apple!

She was right at the door of the jewelry store! Mino's heart was beating fast with excitement. She grasped her phone tightly and rushed to them!

Sister! Cherry! Do you hear my call? Can you see me running to you? Wait! What's the meaning of this?

She saw Cherry turn her head and saw her. Why did Cherry immediately turn around and drag the man into the BMW next to her!

"Hello, Hello, Hello! Don't leave! "

Before Mino could catch up with her, the BMW ran quickly. Even if she ran forward with all her strength, she didn't even touch the bottom of the car after chasing for dozens of meters.

"Girls these days really need money. They chase after a BMW every time they see it!"

"Exactly. I think there must be something wrong with her brain. The clothes she wears can't hold a candle to mine. No wonder she loves money so much!"

All of a sudden, all kinds of voices sounded in Mino's ears. She bent over with her hands on her knees and panted heavily. A few seconds later, she looked up with strength and glared at the women discussing beside him. When she just opened her mouth, she couldn't help coughing.

"Look! What a pity! She has no money and still got ill!"

"Let's go! Don't let me get infected, my life is precious! I haven't used up all the money of our family. I don't want to be infected! "

Mino wanted to explain, and to prove that she was definitely in good health. She remembered that she had ever fought with Mr. Ryan a few days ago. She was so excited that she couldn't help coughing again!

"Don't, don't go…… Ahem! "

When Mino was almost coughing to death, she suddenly felt a hand patting herself gently on her back. At the same time, a white and flawless white paper with a faint fragrance made people think of advertisement of a piece of paper napkin presented in front of her.

Sophia took the tissue and wiped the spit on her lips. She just put down the bottle of water and handed it over. Without doubt, he took a few more sips and finally breathed better.

"Thank you Why are you here, Lena? "

Seeing that Mino was about to lose her temper, Cherry stepped back in a hurry to maintain her graceful demeanor. "Calm down, I am here."

With her tearful eyes and a crumpled paper towel in one hand and the water in the other, Mino nodded her head and looked at Cherry as if she was the savior. "Sister, I'm really calm, I'm really calm. Tell me why you're here? I saw you drive away! "

Cherry reached out her hand and gently smoothed her long hair behind her ear, with an expression of charm that even women would want to fall on her!

Her voice was so soft that could not be ignored, "How can I leave you alone? My Mino. "

"I didn't recognize you just now because I don't want you to be seen by the old man. Next time when we went to catch adultery, he will recognized us."

"Boohoo! Sister! " 'You are really very far sighted!

You have already set me up with your unfaithful once, but you keep making trouble for me all the time!

But you didn't abandon me, which was my greatest luck today.'

Mino couldn't stand it anymore and pounced on Cherry. At the moment she spread out her arms, she felt that she had found the most powerful person to rely on. The grievances that she had suffered before were not grievous at all.

What the fuck! What's going on! Why did Cherry disappear all of a sudden! Ah! She couldn't stop walking! No!

With a loud bang, Mino fell forward rudely. She wanted to hold Cherry, but before she could do so, she got hold of the lamp post behind her, her nose bumped into a piece of iron. It was so painful that her tears burst out!

With her hand on her forehead, Cherry looked around to make sure that she didn't see any acquaintance. Then she walked up and pulled Mino away. "Mino, could you please keep a low profile? This is a public place, in the central business district."

At last, she whispered to Mino, "The wives of many of my boyfriends used to go shopping here. Don't let them notice me."

"Sister, let's talk over there." Although her eyes were still wet, Mino forced herself to hold back the pain and took a clear view of the situation. After all, she had participated in the catching adultery almost every time!

If it weren't for John's wife who had come there with some old ladies, she wouldn't have been caught by Ryan!

In the innermost corner of the cafe, Mino and Cherry sat down in order. After the waiter served drinks to them, Cherry did not forget to ask him, "Handsome boy, don't bring them this side if there are guests later! We want to have a private talk. "

After saying that, she winked at the waiter. The waiter was totally stunned. After he came to his senses, he promised that no one would be allowed to sit at the table within five meters around them!

"Well, tell me, how was it going last night? Did his grandfather ask someone to throw you out? Or by Mr. Ryan himself? "

Raising her coffee cup, Cherry took a sip elegantly and charmingly.

"I... I have a marriage certificate with Ryan!"


With a quick pause, Cherry spat the coffee out of her mouth on the face of Mino. Before, Mino was waiting for someone to comfort her, but she could not dodge and took the coffee.

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