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   Chapter 16 I Am Definitely Not Your Biological Daughter

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Outside the door, Mino's heart was broken again.

When Mino got back home, she felt like she was the outsider in the room. After trying to join Wendy and Ryan for several times, her effort was in vain. So she decisively gave up and went to take a shower to change her clothes.

Wearing this weird dress, she walked from the car to her home. Many people pointed at her and some of them were her acquaintances. However, they should not recognize her!

She didn't know if she should be grateful or just crying!

If Mino had known in advance that she would come out of the bathroom and saw this scene, she would have never walked out of the bathroom!

The cliff was an illusion! She would rather believe that she was an alien child leaving on the ground than believe that Ryan rolled up his sleeve of his shirt and helped Wendy trim vegetables in the kitchen!

But her kitchen was open, facing the living room! Ryan not only helped to pick up the vegetables, he also accompanied her mother to watch TV. What he saw on TV was the war god play that she would not watch!

That charming young man! It was Ryan, the man who could always attract girls and make them laugh easily. It surprised Mino that he was actually watching TV with a woman in his fifties!

"Alas, what a poor boy! Those reinforcements come too late. "

Seeing that a soldier was caught and killed by the enemy to cover the troops and retreat on the TV, Wendy was heartbroken…… She is sad just like her daughter was dead.

"If you don't want to see him die, I will make him come to life next."

Ryan replied with a smile. He broke a piece of meat and threw it into the sink.

"Really? If so, could he go back home and marry a woman? I've seen so many episodes, and I really like this little guy. He looks like your uncle when he was young. "

With an enchanting smile on Ryan's face, he expressed his absolute certainty about Wendy's request again. "In that case, let him have a daughter, and then let her call Mino."

"Wait! What are you doing? "

He not only watched this comedy, but also changed the plot randomly. The most important thing was why his daughter should have the same name with hers!

Mino couldn't stand it anymore, and she rushed up with several big strides, trying to take the remote control and change the channels. Unfortunately, her mother knew what she wanted to do. When she was only one meter away from the remote control, Wendy took it before her.

"Mom! Give me the remote control! I'm fine if you don't care about me the whole night. But now you're even watching this damn TV drama with him and discussing such meaningless things! "

"Why do I give you! Can you help me get that young man out of the hospital and ask him to get married and have a baby? "

"No, Ryan can't!"

Hearing that, Mino became very excited. She raised her hand and pointed at Ryan. When she turned around and saw that Ryan was looking at her, she felt guilty all of a sudden. She pretended to be calm and turned her head to look back at Wendy.

After saying that, Ryan stood up and walked to stand next to Mino. He turned around, looked at Mino with a gentle smile and said, "Don't worry, honey. The TV series is invested by our company and we can change in whatever way we want. Anyway, we have the time to prepare to change the story of TV series. The TV series will be broadcast in a few days."

"Are you serious, Mr. Ryan?" 'You have changed the plot so rashly. Are you going to make the dead characters come back to life with resentment and revenge on you at midnight?!

Although she knew that the Yuan Family had a large number of properties, she didn't want to watch the TV series invested by his family!

But Ryan didn't take it seriously. Instead, he felt much more relieved and comfortable. He walked closer to Mino and said, "We'll see it next week when the next show is launched."

When Ryan was speaking, he moved closer to Mino. His eyes were full of affection, and it seemed that he was confessing to his wife!

The pressure from the super pressure in his eyes made Mino go stiff!

"Don't worry. When the Mino of the TV channel grows up, I'll choose a more beautiful actress to act her. In this way, we can make up for the shortage of Mino," He promised.

make up? Lack? A beautiful actress?

These words successfully made Mino burst into anger again. Although she was not an exceedingly beautiful woman, she didn't allow him to slander her like that!

Just when Mino was about to fight back, Ryan suddenly turned to Wendy and said, "Aunt, it's really hard for you to take care of Mino for so many years. Let me finish this meal. Aunt, sit down and watch TV."

"I've raised her for so many years, but she never washed any dishes for me. You are a good kid!"

Wendy felt regretful and heartbroken for giving birth to Mino. She took off her apron, grabbed the remote control and rushed to the sofa.

However, as Ryan went back to wash vegetables, he really took over the cooking. He was cooking while discussing with Wendy about the next episode!

'Ryan, why do y

ou work so hard! She was just an ignorant woman who couldn't even dance! And why do you know how to cook? Please let her go!

When the agreement is over, my mom knows that you are not actually her son-in-law, which will make her have a psychological shadow!

Well, why there was a constant smell of food coming from the pot!' She felt a little hungry.

Thinking of that she had cooked for less than ten times in total during these years, Mino stepped back silently.

Seeing that Ryan and Wendy started to talk with each other again, Mino felt that she was invisible again. She had no place to stay in this house anymore. Well, she could go……

Speechless, Mino turned around. Just as she was about to go out for a pasta at the corner of the stairs from the left to the right, she went to the roadside stall to pick up a pancake fruit with more eggs. However, she found that she was stopped by Ryan.

"I've heard from Mino that the room in your house isn't big enough. As soon as she comes in, she has to lean against the wall and the house only have a bed like a pigeon cage. There are some houses here and auntie can move any house you likes to."

Mino turned around and saw that Ryan suddenly took out a pile of property certificates and casually put them on the tea table, just like doing magic!

'Fuck! Aren't you cooking! What are you going to do with these things!

She really couldn't understand the world of rich people!

Wendy frowned and looked at Mino angrily. "You can move out if you dislike my house!"

The words she said yesterday were all to make Mr. Yuan hate and despise the ordinary people. Mino really didn't have the idea of owning a house!

"Mom, it's not like that. Listen to me..."

She didn't want to be driven out! Every time she bumped into the muzzle of Wendy's pistol, Wendy carried her to the door and she had a nightmare for one night. She didn't want to experience it again!

"Here's the thing. I've engaged to her, so my grandfather wants her to live in our house for a period to get familiar with us. And then we can get married."

With that, Ryan pushed forward the property ownership certificate and said, "Aunt, the house have a swimming pool here. It's in the center of the city. What about this..."

"Hehe, I can't decide which one to buy in a short time. If you are not in a hurry, just put it aside first. I will tell you after I have picked one."

Wendy narrowed her eyes and looked at Ryan. Mino was surprised that her words had even taken her by great surprise. Why did her mother change her mind so quickly? The woman who were courteous to Ryan, even took down the whole set of houses just now!

Good job!

She began to show politeness and indifference. It turned out that the gifts were not expensive enough! It was nothing compared to these houses!

Then, Mino started to express her great respect and deep admiration to Wendy. 'I will get everything Wendy received from now on!' She thought!

She estimated roughly that this house was at least worth hundreds of millions. She was finally one of the richest women in the world. She didn't need to marry a rich man or be a CEO. She had reached the pinnacle of her life!

Mino was so absorbed in her thought that she laughed out loudly. She even didn't realize it herself. When she thought something, her smile was foolish and her eyes were filled with tears, she always be thought of herself as an idiot who was brainless.


Wendy felt annoyed and rolled her eyes at Mino. She knew exactly what her daughter was thinking about. And Mino was so shameless to smile like this in front of Ryan!

Seeing that Mino still didn't come back to her senses, Wendy closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Then she opened her eyes and looked at Ryan. With a gentle smile, she said, "You must be hungry since we have been here for a long time. Since the food is ready, let's start eating now."

At the same time, she stretched her left hand quietly and accurately and pinched Mino's belly to relieve the pain! She finally woke Mino up!

Painful and tearful, Mino bit her lips tightly and innocently looked at Wendy who took over the property ownership certificate. Then, Ryan dragged her to sit down in front of the dinner table. She was so sad that she couldn't eat anything at all. Constantly watching Ryan and Wendy pick up food for each other and chatted happily.

On their way to the parking lot, they got out, and then went into their car. After seeing them drove away Wendy stood there and didn't leave.

Sitting in the car, Mino finally couldn't help but ask, "Mr. Ryan, where are we going?"

"Go home."

'This must be Ryan's home.' Mino thought.

When Mino heard what Ryan said, Mino immediately pulled a long face and as if she knelt down by the roadside to sell her to buried her father, "Mr. Ryan, I have signed the agreement and taken you back to my house. I can't run away now. Can you let me walk alone?"

"Where are you going?"

Mino was stunned. She didn't know what to say? How could she tell him that she was going to see Cherry!

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