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   Chapter 15 The Crush Of Mother In Law

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 9857

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"Check if there's anything we need."

When Ryan reached out his finger and lightly poked Mino's back, Mino turned her head to look at him in confusion. And then she looked in the direction of his gaze and after that her mouth was so wide open that it could be stuffed with two duck eggs.

"Mr. Ryan, are... Are these all for my mother?"


Mino rubbed her eyes in disbelief and then opened them again. What she saw before her eyes were still the same gifts she had seen before. She sprinted towards the gifts and circled them. When she turned around to look at Ryan, she was all smiles.

Seeing her reaction, Ryan couldn't help but smile in his heart. He was happy to see her satisfied.

He was about to say something, but when he heard what Mino said, his face immediately froze.

"Mr. Ryan, there are too many things that can't be piled up in my house. Can you exchange them for cash?"

Instantly, Ryan's eyes were switching.

With a guilty conscience, Mino took a small step back, and then she said in a double low voice, "Well, the check is also okay..."

"Or you can give me an acceptance of draft." Mino said…… That was her bottom line!

Ryan didn't answer. He just looked at Mino with his narrow eyes. His eyes were deep and powerful, full of nowhere to escape.

When Mino saw this, she became more and more guilty. What she did was just for the good of Mr. Ryan! It would be inconvenient for him to move so many things! It would be nice to give her a check, and it would not take up much space.

"What? Are you short of money now? "

Ryan said in a sweet and soft voice, staring at Mino as if he were a cunning old fox. His fond gaze almost melted everyone's heart.

"No, I'm kidding. Don't take it seriously."

Seeing that Ryan was walking towards her step by step, there was no way back at all. Within half a meter behind her, there was a pile of gifts. When Mino wanted to run away, she found that his bodyguards had blocked the exit on both sides of her left and right. She could only surrender.

"Don't worry. The Yuan Family is full of money. You can spend as much money as you like in the future."

'What? Mr. Ryan, are you kidding me? I can spend as much money as I like? Aren't you afraid that I'll give you one billion and then leave you?'

"Well, don't keep my mother-in-law waiting. It's time to go home." After a pause, Ryan suddenly smiled at Mino, slowly lowered his head and whispered in her ear.

It tickled in her ears and the charm of Ryan's made Mino blush. She quickly turned away and said in a flurry, "Mr. Ryan, let's go upstairs. If we don't leave now, my mother will be feeding pigs!"

…… This! This woman must be a romantic killer!

However, the depression she didn't want to touch him even for a second makes him feel that it is lively.

Now, Mino was like a little rabbit, squatting down and sliding out from the gap beside her. She ran back home like a rabbit being ch

te face was almost buried. When Wendy Wei saw it, she was even more distressed.

Heaving a deep sigh, she sighed! It's all kids. Why does our kid look so shabby? You are such a good boy. She is so lucky!"

"Auntie, don't be sad. Although Mino is not good enough, I won't mind."

Mind your own damn sister! What did he mean!

"Okay, okay. You must be tired after standing for so long. Come in and have a drink!" A happy smile appeared on Wendy Wei's face. It was as warm as the spring sunshine. She grabbed Ryan' hand and pulled him into the house.

Mino's hand trembling and slowly stopping in the air, she finally came to her senses and was about to follow Ryan into the room, but then she found the door! Closed! Closed!

As a matter of fact, Ryan knew that, too. He didn't say anything to remind Wendy Wei, but kept an eye on the outside.

"Mom! Open the door! I'm your daughter! How can you do that? " It's like the flood of sorrow!

Thumping the door with her hands, Mino couldn't find a word to describe her bitter mood at the moment!

You're a little old woman now, and you still can't resist the temptation of a handsome man. Are you going to fake my father's corpse to you?

However, Wendy Wei was so busy chatting with Ryan that she didn't hear the heart wrenching scream from Mino outside the door. Ryan also listened carefully with a smile on his face, and answered her question politely.

A few minutes later, he opened his mouth, "Aunt, it seems that Mino hasn't come here yet."

"Mino?" It took Wendy Wei almost a minute to realize that he was referring to her daughter. She turned around and found that there were no other people around except Ryan and all the gifts in the house!

Then she stood up and walked to open the door. "Don't mind, my daughter. Her head was hurt when she was a little girl. She sometimes made some stupid mistakes. Look, she even didn't know to come in front of her door," She said apologetically.

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