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   Chapter 13 Let's Go And Get The Marriage License!

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'Am I too weak?'

When Mino just tightened her strength, she immediately felt that the big hand around her waist was also tightened, and it was very big! It hurt so much that she burst into tears. She glared at Ryan with watery eyes!

At the same time, Ryan also turned to her, but his deep and charming eyes were full of pride at the moment, in a sharp contrast with Mino!

"Ha ha, I am happy to see you two love each other so much. Today is a good day and you can get your marriage license by the way. "

Mr. Yuan looked at them with a smile. The more he looked at them, the more he felt that they would have made a great couple.

"Apply for the certificate? What certificate? "

Confused, Mino looked at Mr. Yuan and withdrew her foot which was on Ryan's foot. And when Mino was relaxed, Ryan immediately withdrew his foot.

"The marriage certificate."

Ryan answered. When Mino heard that, she walked out in a state of disorder in the wind. Seeing that, Ryan had to tighten her waist again.

"Grandpa! It's modern society now, but I really haven't reached the legal age for marriage. It's impossible for me to get the marriage certificate at this time! And it's illegal! I can't put Mr. Ryan in prison because of me! "

In fact, she just wanted to say that she didn't want to marry a man like Ryan who looked like an attractive and brutal man! Last night's engagement or something like that was just a show!

"I'm relieved that Mino care about Ryan so much."

WHAT! That was not the point?

Why were the members of the Yuan Family especially keen on "ripping off innocent girls'!

"I don't want to live in this world!"

"Sign it."

Ryan took the file from James and pushed it in front of Mino.


It was only then that Mino came back to her senses. She looked around and found that she was now sitting in the study with Ryan, while Mr. Yuan was sitting next to her with an amiable smile on his face.

'Fuck! Will your family do magic to us! Why am I here! Besides…… Who are these guys? '

Who could tell her why the scene had changed all of a sudden! What's more, several men appeared from nowhere. What kind of performance would they play!

"Don't be afraid, Mino. They're from the Civil Affairs Bureau. They came here to go through the formalities for you and Ryan. Just sign your name on them."

Mr. Yuan was so patient that he took the initiative to explain it to Mino.

Mino was in a mess again. Hadn't they been in the 21st century for more than a decade! And why did they get married like in the feudal times!

Oh! No! She didn't want to do this!

"I won't..." Marry this freak young master!

"Mino was too tired last night, so she couldn't hold the pen. I'll help her sign the papers."

As soon as Ryan finished saying that, he took out his pen and wrote the name of "Mino" next to his name. The staff beside him immediately stamped two seal on it. They behaved in a respectful way that they almost knelt down in front of Ryan and raised their heads to show the marriage license.

"Mr. Yuan, the marriage license is ready. We're leaving now. Wish them a happy marriage!"

"Hello, Hello, Hello! Don't go! I didn't say yes! I didn't! "

When Mino came back to her senses, she ran towards the door with tears in her eyes. Without saying anything, she picked up her dress and ran out. But just when she stood up, those staff had stepped out of the door as quickly as they could and considerately closed the door behind them.

"Grandfather, I have something private to talk with Mino..." Ryan's words implied something, and Mr. Yuan nodded again and again, leaving the two alone.

When there were only two people left in the study, Mino exploded with rage!

She lifted her skirt with both hands and made a knot in front of her. She swung her feet to one side, leaving her shoe on the ground. With her hands akimbo, she glared at Ryan. She couldn't help but raise her head and glare at him because of the big gap between their height!

While Mino was angry, Ryan put the two marriage certificates in the safe and walked to her. He looked down at her.

"Let me tell you! I didn't sign them with my autograph. They are definitely invalid! I have nothing to do with you! Last night, I also provided a one-day trip with you pretending to be Miss. Rose! From now on, I have nothing to do with you. Please give my camera back as last night's compensation! "

With so much to say in one breath, and in the face of Ryan, who was very powerful, but she did not have any stage fright at all. Mino could not help but plant 10086 thumbs up in her heart!

"Please read it at all. Go to the cloakroom and choose one to change after two minutes. Then go out with me."

A white agreement appeared in his hand like a magician. After giving it to Mino, Ryan walked to the side of the bed and sat down, leaning leisurely on the sofa and looking at Mino.

Slowly, Mino browsed it. Instantly, her face went pale from embarrassment. After reading it thoroughly, she raised her head

and asked Ryan, "so, agreement?"

Instead of answering Mino directly, Ryan put several photos in front of her.

"What's this?" When Mino looked down and saw the content, she was so surprised that her mouth was almost full of two giant bullies!

They saw a man and a woman holding each other in their arms and sleeping on the bed, on top of which there was nothing to wear. Although the vital parts of their bodies were covered simply with a bed sheet, they looked even more ambiguous, making people imagine the scene!

The design and angle of these photos were both very exquisite. On the one hand, they could make their faces clear, and on the other hand, although they were exposed to the public, it gave an impression of art!

It was not the point! The point was, these people were Ryan and her! It turned out that the background was actually Ryan's room!

"Last night, you stayed with me in the room the whole night. My grandfather has also confirmed that we have had sex, and we must get the marriage certificate."

"Wait! Do you mean these photos were taken by your grandfather? "

Mino shouted in her mind, 'I really can't accept it!' They are really bastards! One had sex with me when I didn't know, and the other slapped me when I didn't know. They are trying to force me to marry Ryan!'

"Mr. Ryan, I really don't want what happened last night. Anyway, I am the one who is at a disadvantage. You can't bully me too much!"

"You have covered me with a quilt for a whole night. Who is the one to suffer losses?"

When Ryan woke up in the morning, he sneezed for several times. That made him very depressed. When he was in snow and ice, he could stand for only five hours without catching a cold. But now he sneezed for several times. It was so embarrassing!

"But the relationship between me and your partner during the past ten years has been destroyed by you! That's why I lost!"

Sophie raised her head and looked at him with tears in her eyes, as if she would die in front of him if he didn't give her an explanation.

Humph! It is not late for her to revenge. Even if she was at a disadvantage over Ryan, she would find a chance to revenge in the future as long as this guy was let go of her!

After hearing what Mino said, Ryan realized what she meant after a few seconds. With a twitch of his forehead, he glanced at her disdainfully and said, "I really can't do anything to you under such a circumstance. Even if you want to be my woman in your heart, in fact, you don't have the chance!"

'What's going on here? Did he mean that she wasn't eaten by him last night?

Mino began to recall what happened last night. She and Ryan set off fireworks together and drank a lot of wine, and then Ryan seemed to really press on her……

Incorrect! Then he fell asleep! Later, she also drifted off to sleep. Shit! There was really no such thing between them! She felt weak and sore when she woke up. It was probably because she drank too much.

Mino was so excited that she almost knelt down and kowtowed to the sky for three times!

"Well, then these photos..."

"This morning before I woke up, my grandfather went inside to take some photos. After I woke up, he took these photos and said that I should be responsible for you and marry you."

Ryan couldn't help but frown at the thought. He just wanted to stabilize his grandfather's condition first, but he didn't expect that he would take action so quickly and ask them to get the marriage license right away.

"I didn't expect that he could be so good at taking photos. Um. I should learn from him tomorrow. Next time, I should take photos like this."

In these clear and professional pictures, there was an artistic atmosphere. Judging from these pictures, Cherry's break-up fee could reach a higher level!

Seeing that Mino turned her attention to the pictures, Ryan couldn't help but cough. He then put the agreement in front of her again.

"It is very clear that we have only reached an agreement, and our marriage will be terminated at the right time. As for you, during this period, you only have to cooperate with me to act in the play. And afterwards, I will give you…… The pay you want. "

"No matter how much?"



Money was the last thing that Mino wanted! She was lack of money! When she was reading the contract, she had already made up her mind that since Ryan was willing to spend the money paying her, it was nothing more than a sham marriage!

"I have another condition!"

Thinking of what happened last night, Mino felt wronged! Even if nothing really happened, it was a loss for her to sleep on the same bed with him for a girl who had never had a boyfriend!

Raising his eyebrows, Ryan asked slowly, "Tell me."

Mino moved two steps forward and said, "If you promise me, I'll tell you!"

"You can keep silent all your life." Seeing that, Ryan was about to get up. Afraid that he would really leave this way, Mino ran a few more steps forward and blocked his way with her hands.

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