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   Chapter 12 An Obvious Plot!

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Oh my lady! She wondered whether it was because of lung cancer that he had damaged her purity and even tried to drag her to die?

Thinking of this, Mino looked at Ryan's angry face and nodded firmly.

She is right! It must be the same as what she thought!

At this moment, Mino looked at Ryan with sympathy, just like looking at a dying deer. She looked so sad as if she was the terminally ill.

"Bah! I'm not terminally ill! "

Mino shook her head, and her hands also shook with the movement of shaking. However, due to her violent shaking, the thick quilt began to slip down……

But, as a part of the party, Mino didn't notice this tiny detail. She straightened up at once and looked at Ryan seriously like a senior expert. "Mr. Ryan, I know you must be very sad about this. But I advise you, if you are sick, you have to be treated. You can't ask other innocent girls to go with you... "

"You have ten minutes to change your clothes and brush your teeth. I'll wait for you downstairs!"

Ryan realized that if he stayed with this stubborn woman any longer, she would take him as a fool. So he interrupted Mino and walked out quickly.

Damn it! His head must have been stuck in the door because he wanted to wake her up!

Looking at Ryan's receding figure, Mino let out a heavy sigh, shook her head and said with resignation, "Don't hid the disease."

To her surprise, after Ryan left, a group of maids in the same clothes walked in, carrying the bags. They all walked to Mino and lined up in front of her.

"Miss. Xu, please change your clothes. Mr. Ryan is waiting for you downstairs."

She nodded to her companions. Then, a group of people directly came forward and surrounded Mino in the middle.

"What... What do you want to do! Don't come any closer! "

On the other side, Mino's voice was getting lower and lower. She couldn't resist the servants anymore and she had to surrender.

Ten minutes later.

"Ryan, I won't let you go! !"

She was wearing a skinny dress, which was very skinny and looked like it would explode if he breathed in it hard. Moreover, her head was wearing an eye-catching crown which made her look embarrassed! Mino supported herself against the wall to the stairway entrance, and cursed Ryan in her mind no less than a hundred times!

When Ryan heard the sound of her high heels knocking on the stairs behind him, he didn't need to look back at her. He guessed that Mino must have the same expression as when she ate the faeces. He couldn't help smiling.

"Mr. Ryan, why do you give me so strange…… Clothes?"

What a jinx! She almost went out for a Christmas clown with color lamps covering her body!

When she saw Ryan, she really wanted to grab his collar and asked him why he had had sex with her without her knowing it. But now it was Ryan's turf. She didn't want to die so early!

After a long while, Mino finally touched the back of the sofa. Before Ryan could say anything, she helped herself sit down. At the corner of her eyes, she saw a cup of scented tea in front of her, so she picked it up and put it to her mouth.

NND! She was really thirsty to death!

Ryan took a sip of coffee gracefully and said slowly, "You snored too loud when you sleep. Be careful in the future."


Mino had just taken a mouthful of tea and hadn't swallowed it yet, but sprayed it all over Ryan's body and face! His suit, which was originally as noble as a prince in Europe, was now covered with petals!

The most pathetic thing was that Ryan's face also suffered.

"Well, I'll take it off for Mr. Ryan..."

But before Ryan could say anything else, Mino could only reach out and removed the petals and the water stains from his face!

Where is the tissue? Fuck! Why didn't he give her a tissue box!

In this urgent situation, Mino stood up and bent over to wipe the water stains off Ryan's face and clothes without saying a word. The steward who came with a towel next to her was shocked to see this scene.

Mino then bent over and stood in front of Ryan, rubbing her face with her snow-white dress. Ryan was looking at her open chest.

Well, as expected, they looked not bad.

"Okay! Mr. Ryan! I know you are grateful, but you absolutely don't have to thank me, let alone ask me who am I!"

Mino found the fabric of that dress was so special that her skirt didn't absorb any water! You're driving me nuts!

At last, she pretended to have finished cleaning. She sat back embarrassedly and looked at her shoes guiltily. She was trying to find

an excuse to slip away later.

Nobody replied! Silent! Nobody in the house dared to say a word!

Mino hated the atmosphere and imagined countless ways to escape. She even thought of pretending to be crazy, twitching, and pretending to die and when she was sent to the hospital she would escape!

"Besides the infrared monitor, there are 365 bodyguards and cameras in all the roads and corners. There are three doors all over the place. If they got out when the members of the Yuan Family didn't take them here, they would…… Die. "

It was not easy to tell her whether Ryan was happy or angry, but his voice was still so cold!

"Threaten!" Incorrect! This was a threat! He threatened!

Mino's eyes were burning like fire dragons. 'Does he want to lock me up here for the rest of her life?' She thought.

NND! Do you really think that I will submit to you willingly?

However, Ryan ignored her anger. He put down the coffee and raised his head to look into Mino's eyes. He said, "I know you must be very satisfied with last night and like living here."

"You! You! You bastard! " Her virginity had been taken away by the man in front of her and she was mad at him for asking such a stupid question!

Miserable, absolutely miserable! She must be the most pathetic woman in the world!

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. Mino suddenly stood up. But her high heels accidentally stepped on the hemline of her dress. And her body was out of control with her front head rising. Just as she had planned, she accurately pounced on Ryan and fell into his arms!

She struggled to get rid of him, only to find that Ryan was behind her and pressed her waist!

"It seems that you really like me. Although I know you love me, you don't have to be so eager. Girls should be reserved."

It seemed that the water in Ryan's face was almost gone. He looked at Mino with a deep affection. His electric eyes were constantly releasing the high-pressure electric current of Aston. While Mino looked at him in horror!

Conspiracy! There must be a plot!

She put her hands on Ryan's chest and tried to push him away. His chest was as hard as a stone. TSK TSK! It seemed that he had been exercising a lot!

"I'm relieved to see you two love each other so much."

She suddenly turned around and saw Mr. Yuan walking towards them behind with a kind smile on his face!

She turned around and glared at Ryan. He must have done it on purpose! He knew that Mr. Yuan had already arrived, but he still stopped her from getting up!

Instantly, she turned into a pitiful white rabbit and stared at Mr. Yuan with innocent eyes. "Grandpa, I..."

But before she could finish her words, Ryan leaned to one side and blocked Mino's eyesight. She even couldn't see his grandfather's shoes!

"Let me go..."

Mino clenched her teeth in anger, her eyes blazing with fury. She looked into Ryan's eyes. In a deep and gentle voice, Ryan smiled at her and asked, "Do you really want to let go of my hand?"



Mino didn't expect that Ryan would let her go so easily. She fell down to the ground all of a sudden. Although the floor was covered with thick handmade carpets, after the strenuous exercise last night, she still felt extremely painful now!

"Why did Mino fall down? Does she hurt? "

Ryan came at the right time and put his hand away in an angle that was out of the sight of Mr. Yuan. When Mr. Yuan walked two seconds later, he saw nothing but a fallen Mino on the ground.

Slowly, Mino rose to her feet, gritting her teeth. Seeing the concern in Mr. Yuan's eyes, she bit her lips and decided to snub him. At this moment, Ryan pulled her down to the side of him, with his hands encircling her waist from the back.

"Grandpa, she was too tired last night, so she accidentally fell down. Am I right?"

The next second, Ryan turned his head to one side and whispered in Mino's ear, "I have backup all the pictures in your camera."

You insidious villain!

In her heart, Mino could do nothing but keep cursing Ryan. Since he was so cunning, she had to keep silent. With a false smile on her face, she responded, "heh, heh, heh, how shameful I am."

After saying that, she lowered her head, pretending to be really shy. Her right foot in high heels stamped on Ryan's left foot with all her strength under the skirt!

An insidious man! How arrogant you are!

But to Mino disappointment, it seemed that Ryan didn't feel any pain at all. The expression on his face didn't change at all!

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