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   Chapter 11 Is There A Tomorrow

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I didn't mean that! Tears welled up in Mino's eyes!

Mino tried her best to push Ryan's solid chest, but the resistance was still not as effective as before!

Plus, she had drunk a lot of wine. The alcohol made her dizzy like the sea waves. She was unable to protect herself from danger.

It's…… Mino's soul trembled. She was forced to look directly into Ryan's dark red eyes.

"You know how many women in the world want to sleep with me, huh? You are so lucky! "

"I... I just felt like I was buried in a shit and was going to die..." Tears welled up in Mino's eyes.

Upon hearing that, Ryan's eyes turned a little red. It was obvious that he didn't like what Mino said.

So he lifted Mino's chin and kissed her, leaving her no chance to make a sound.

Mino's whining didn't work at all in front of destructive plunder!

Tears welled up in Mino's eyes. She said to herself, "Sister, all the sacrifices I have made this time is for you. Remember it! Don't forget to send my mother and me to America!

At an upscale club Cherry was having a heart to heart talk with an old man whom she just knew. It seemed that the young lady would meet her old friends at night and want to have a thousand drinks with him. Suddenly, she sneezed.

"Ha ha!"

She was really a beauty. Even when she sneezed, she still looked beautiful. The bald man across her even shivered his heart.

"It's so cold here! I didn't wear that fur coat this evening. I'm sure I'll catch a cold. Poor me... " With these words, Cherry looked like a weak queen.

The off shoulder wide loose collar skirt she was wearing accidentally swayed and slid slightly sideways, revealing her attractive collarbone and fair neck.

The old man's tender eyes shone brightly, as if he was taking care of a beautiful girl. He stood up and pulled Cherry's hand. In a domineering tone, he became the aggressive CEO of the novel!

"The shopping mall is still open now. Let's go to buy some fur clothing! It's so cold outside. If you got cold, I would feel so bad! "

"But the fur clothing is too expensive, especially in that popular shop in Dubai. Its fur is at least two million dollars, yet it's warm and beautiful..."

Cherry then gave the middle-aged CEO an angry stare and the old man said, "I'll buy it! Let's buy ten! "

"No, no, No. I just want one clothe. It's enough…… All your money is earned by hard work, so I can't use your money at will. You are the most capable and most courageous man I have ever seen. I am unwilling to spend your money. "

The old man's fat heart was clutching tightly by Cherry. He had never heard such caring words before. So he left the club with her and went straight to the shopping mall.

Cherry ordered the fur almost every piece in the shop.

The bell rang at 12 o'clock, which was from the Yuan Family. It was a sign that the new day would start. But what would Mino's tomorrow was like?

Helplessly, Mino closed her eyes……

"Hello." A deep and hoarse voice suddenly sounded in her ears.

Hello? What are you saying?!

"It's over today." Ryan stopped what he was doing and looked at Mino with his long and narrow eyes. "Thank you." He said.

what? What's up! Mino had no idea what Ryan was up to.

But Ryan stopped! No matter what he was thinking now or there was something wrong with his head, she had to retreat as soon as he stopped. Mino tried to stand up!

The next second, Ryan was thrown into Mino! Mino felt so embarrassed!

"Hey, Mr. Ryan, leave me alone..." Mino felt very sad as she had been buried under the ruins and rescued herself.

After five minutes, she was finally rescued…… Her one finger!

She felt dizzy. Her drunkenness brought back by the fright just now. Ryan's body temperature had also become dry and warm.

'Son of a bitch, a beast, a pervert!' Mino yelled in her mind that she must be 100 meters away from him!

However, she couldn't resist the tiredness and sleepiness in the rush, and his solid chest also became…… Peace and ease.

The next day.

The soft sunlight came in and covered the black bed sheet with a light golden halo. It was completely the pave for the appearance of the rich lady of the idol drama!

When Mino opened her eyes, she saw the large French windows and the ultra-luxurious decoration of the rich women's home which often appeared on the TV. She

couldn't help wanting to smile and stretch out her arms to sit up and have a close contact with the sunlight.

"Good morning…… Ah ah ah! ! Shit! "

But she didn't expect that when she just stood up a little, her whole body was so sore that she staggered and fell heavily to the side. Her whole face was hit to the bed sheet and fell a shit.

Before Mino could take her hands back, they were still stretching straight to both sides. The upper part of her body was lying on the bed at a very strange angle, and her face was still down, which looked more like a stupid bird flying in the sky and suddenly falling down with a gust of wind.

"I just went out with Mr. Ryan last night to put some fireworks. How could my body be so sour?"

She still remembered the time when she set off fireworks, she was so full that she tossed and turned in the bed of Ryan. In the end, she still had a good sleep in his bed. She is so lucky! What a super mansion!

Mino took a deep breath and began to count in silence, "One, two, three!"

Meanwhile, she used both of her hands to support herself on the bed. To her surprise, she succeeded this time! Mino couldn't help but award herself!

That was incredible!

Wait! Why did Ryan stand in front of her when she raised her head? It must be an illusion!

Then Mino closed her eyes with all her strength. With a gesture of half support of the dog, she opened her eyes again, and as expected, Ryan was gone!

"I knew it was an illusion! Why is Mr. Ryan here now? "

There was a great joy in her heart. Mino couldn't give up. She must jump up and pull herself close to the super luxurious floor to ceiling window and strike a pose!

"Do you need my help?"

"No, No. I can do it by myself. But why my legs are so sore..."

wait! This voice! She didn't want to admit it, but she felt familiar with the sound! It sounded like Ryan!

Standing by the bed with his arms folded across his chest, Ryan looked at Mino in front of him who suddenly became stiff. After a short while, he added, "You didn't say you were tired last night. Now it's 3 p.m. You haven't recovered yet?"

When he recalled the scene of last night's fireworks, Ryan felt much better. He even looked at Mino with a soft expression in his eyes!

Last night? 'Too tired?'

Mino suddenly realized a very serious problem! 'Last night, I slept in Ryan's beg and refused to leave……

Her neck was moving down inch by inch like a robot. When Mino saw that she was naked, she couldn't help letting out a loud scream!

"Ah! !"

Her voice was so unpleasant to hear!

Ryan frowned and stepped back two steps at the same time. He gently rubbed his ears that were struck by the noise just now with a disgusted face.

Ryan raised his head to look at Mino, who had already become the sad heroine in the story. She held the bed sheet with both hands and put her hands to her chest. Before he knew it, she had already moved to the bed. Standing by the side of the big bed, she looked at Ryan with tears in her eyes.

"I, I will call the police! You are bullying the innocent, pure, lovely and charming adult girl, you! You! You are bad! "

She had kept her virginity for more than ten years! She had been dreaming about her beautiful first time! It turned out that Ryan had already taken it away from her before she knew it!

Well, it seemed that she was the one who took advantage of him?

Did I say anything wrong! How could I have this kind of thought! How can I puff up the other's morale and lower me own!

"Ah, will I get pregnant? Oh my God! Would it be very hard to be a single mother? No, I can't think like that! As a girl in a new era with dreams and ambitions, I have to cultivate myself! "

Ryan watched the various expressions changing indifferently. From the sad goddess to a woman of new era who was reluctant to muddle along, to the young girl who have the casual expression……


Feeling that he was completely ignored, Ryan felt a little hurt. For the first time, a woman actually ignored his existence and orchestrated various shows!

But Mino was totally unaware of it! Just as she was indulging in her own fantasy, she suddenly heard the cough from Ryan. After a few seconds, she came back to her senses. In a daze, she looked at Ryan and asked, "Are you suffering from an incurable disease?"

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