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   Chapter 10 Be My Woman One Day

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"Mr. Ryan, I really want to know why there are fireworks in Yuan's group today," said Mino, coming to Ryan with a small stool.

"Because today is my engagement ceremony with Rose." Ryan opened the bottle and poured himself some wine.

What?! Five years ago, it was said that the bride changed her heart and was shot?

Hearing Ryan's words, Mino didn't know what to say at that moment.

"She said she wanted to see the most beautiful fireworks in the world when she got engaged, so I went to Europe with her and ordered her favorite fireworks."

Ryan pointed at the quiet sky. The moon was shining and the stars were rising from the sky. Mino suddenly felt that Ryan's look when he pointed at the sky was a little sad.

Beautiful women were wrapped in fireworks. It was a picturesque scene.

Compared with the lonely sky, the man with scars on his face was much smaller.

"Five years ago, she didn't wake up again. But every year, I will light her favorite cigarette." Ryan took another sip.

So that was why the Yuan group set off fireworks today?

It was undeniable that even if Mino had a strong aversion to Ryan, she was still deeply touched by his words.

"Today, the fireworks have been tampered, and the Yuan Group has almost been damaged. It's Hayden Ning, Rose's brother."

Ryan probably thought of something. He put down his goblet and took a swig of the wine. Like a defeated animal, he lowered his head and said, "I'm sorry for his sister, so I don't blame him."

"Hayden Ning, Rose Ning, are they sister and brother?"

No wonder a boy could have such a stunning face, let alone Miss. Rose! Even though he hated Ryan so much, he still looked very beautiful.

In comparison with Rose, Ryan was nothing like her. In Ryan's eyes, she was like a passer-by. When Mino exercised her sore arm due to long shrank, she made a wrong step.

And almost fell down as soon as she lost her balance.

Leaning against the wall, Ryan was amused by the clumsy action of Mino.

If any other woman was in front of Mr. Ryan, she would immediately say something sweet to comfort him.

But she seemed to have got what she wanted. And it helped him to get rid of all the bad things that he had gotten for so many years.

"People in the N City were discussing what happened five years ago today, and Hayden tried every day to destroy Yuan group. You don't even want to ask. What happened here that day?" Ryan looked at the figure with confusion.

"Why should I ask?" Mino said without raising her head.

"I only know that a person who helped me in the explosion would not be a person of great crime, although I was really implicated in by your innocence."

A ray of sharp light flashed through Ryan' eyes. Maybe it was because he drank half a bottle of Lafite, he stared at Mino in a daze.

"Can I go out, Mr. Ryan?" asked Mino tentatively, as if she was nervous.

"You want to go out?" Ryan withdrew his expression.

Why did she think of escaping? This woman overestimated herself.

"Yes, if the Yuan Family would be influenced every year, it would be too lonely to be so quiet today." Mino pointed at the quiet night outside.

After saying that, Mino dragged Ryan out of the door happily. In front of Ryan's tall and languid body, Mino looked like a ball of white jumped happily.

After taking a few more boxes of cigarette ash out of the bag, Mino jumped cutely and lit up the package with great fear.

"Weren't you scared by the explosion just now?"

With a bottle in one hand and the other in the pocket, Ryan looked at the nervous Mino.

"Every time you're here, the explosion didn't matter. Now what am I afraid of?"

It lit up and Mino came back like a frightened mouse. The large and gorgeous fireworks looked up into the sky. Rose had a good taste. The fireworks in the night sky were as brilliant as a fairy tale that could turn the desolate world into a kingdom.

The sky was shining like falling flowers. Mino raised her head devoutly with excitement and cheered happily. Ryan felt that the scene was childish, but it was strange that he did not feel disgusted.

Ryan had thought that he would only come to see the firework with Rose, so he picked up the bottle again. But this time, Ryan found that Mino held the wine.

Mino's face was lit up by the fireworks. "Mr. Ryan, do you know? Girls always like the fireworks, not because of the splendid colors in the night sky, but because of the happy color on the faces of people around them at the moment of the fireworks."

Ryan was stunned by her words. Before he could finish his words, the bottle was already grabbed by Mino.

When Mino tasted it carefully, she jumped up as fast as a dog which was trodden on its tail. Mino continued.

"So, Mr. Ryan, if the Miss. Rose like fireworks, she must want to see you have a happy smile on your face."

Rose? Hope I can smile happily?

Ryan was stunned again. He raised his head to look at the lights in the sky, only to find that Mino had already run away with his bottle.

For the whole night, Mino had burnt off all the cigarettes that were stored in the Yuan Family.

Later, she had planned to light the cigarette and count how many times it w

ould take until the cigarette was over. In that case, she would be like a drunk cat and steal Ryan's wine to drink. In that case, she would have prepared to run away, pounce on Ryan and laughed dissolutely.

At midnight, Mino was too exhausted to lift her finger. Lying beside her were several bottles of the best years of wine, she fetched a sleeve for Ryan absently.

"Hey, it's very late now. Go back to take a shower and go to bed." said Mino in a soft voice.

It had been a long time since Ryan had left the operating room without the slightest hint of exhaustion. He looked calm and serene.

He thought he just wanted Rose to watch the fireworks with him. He thought that when Rose had died, he would only feel lonely……

"Hey, it's time to go back." Mino urged Ryan in a soft voice.

Just as Ryan reached the door, he saw his grandfather "take a walk." he frowned and asked, "Grandpa, why don't you sleep?"

"Grandpa will not be in the mood to sleep if you don't sleep."

Mr. Yuan changed into a pajamas. He looked less dignified than he was in the central mountain. He looked at Mino in Ryan's arms and said, "The Yuan Family's main house has been closed for many years, but it is the old house that protect its descendants. Your parents didn't have baby in the United States for more than a month, but they have pregnancy when they have been here for a month. That's right, they will live in your room then."

Ryan bowed his head and looked at Mino's face in front of him. It was like the cream on his arm. The color was so nice and attractive.

Mino heard something and suddenly stood up, "something wrong? I will try my best to satisfy grandpa tonight no matter what you want. Hahaha... "

'The wine was so bad. How much already did she drink?' Ryan thought and put Mino back to the room.

Mr. Yuan looked around. Just as Ryan blocked the door with a long face, Mr. Yuan said solemnly, "You must satisfy her!"

Ryan didn't know how to respond to his words. He asked the housekeeper to invite his grandpa back to his room. Then he saw that Mino was clumsily climbing to his big black bed.

Mino even patted the pillow with sleepy eyes. When she was about to fall down, Ryan grabbed the shirt from his arm and said, "Go to sleep on the couch."

"How can you let a girl sleep on the sofa? Are you a gentleman? "

Do you think you can bully me just because I'm drunk! Mino wrapped herself up with the quilt.

"The bed must be Rose's work." She also joked that if someone else had sex with him, she would leave him forever.

Ryan tried to pull Mino up, but in vain. She grabbed the quilt tightly, like a willful cat. With a light sigh, Ryan loosened his tie. Then he picked up Mino and her quilt!

"Ah!" Mino felt more dizzy and burst into tears.

What an evil man! She was afraid that she would slide off the bed!

With a loud bang, she fell down on the big bed!

Unfortunately, her loose trousers were stuck in the blanket. The upper part of her fair skinned body was hung in the air!

Ryan's eyes darkened. He turned away.

The bed was so soft and thick that Mino didn't know at all that her slender legs were exposed. She was almost scared to death when she fell down from it!

'This ungraceful man is really annoying!' Lying on the bed, Mino kicked Ryan in the shins!

Her slender and straight legs were slender like jade. Due to her clumsy and agile movements, a faint yellow tinge of light was partly hidden and partly visible under the hem of her shirt. The smooth action of her knee unconsciously made the man aroused a fantasy.

The smell of alcohol filled Ryan' nose. He recalled the way she ran around him in the glory of the sky. It was so much like a Rose……

As she leaned on his shoulder, her cherry red lips were as eye-catching as the fireworks.

And his grandfather had once said, "You must satisfy her!"

But Mino didn't know how to explain it to her, "It doesn't matter if it was selected by Rose. You can't die after I have a sleep. Just take me for her!"

Even if she were to become the chieftain, she would choose to have a bed. She had to make every effort to get it!

In a trance, Mino squinted at Ryan and said in a sweet voice, "Honey, please let me have it."

If there is Rose, she can call me honey in this way, which makes Ryan feel a thud in his head.

Seeing that Ryan didn't take any action, Mino was very happy. She wanted to grab the pillow. But all of a sudden, she felt a shadow flashed in front of her. She had no choice but to look at the man who was pulling the quilt and now had already arrived above her head. The man was pressing her between the pillow and her.

'Why are you pressing me?' Ryan lifted her chin and Mino was kissed on the lips.

The powerful tongue went straight into the mouth and swept through every corner of the mouth. It was tangled with the silly tongue wildly.

'What, what am I doing?' Kisses?! Mino refused him reluctantly. But she was almost out of breath. In a daze, she bit Ryan's lips!

"Fuck!" Blood started to trickle down Ryan's mouth. He furrowed his eyebrows and said impatiently.

Ryan took off his tie and said coldly, "As you said, today you become my woman!"

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