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   Chapter 8 You Are The Member Of Yuan Family

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 10069

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Did they start to discuss giving birth to Ryan's baby? Three years giving birth to two babies? Mino almost fainted!

No way! She couldn't be sold out just like that!

She was going to save herself. She must play her trump card and say bye to this inexplicable marriage!

Mino looked at Ryan fiercely. She took a deep breath and then smiled like a flower. She was cute and lovely.

"Mr. Ryan, you can go to work on your own if you have something to deal with? You don't have to stay here and look at me all the time. I have to say that I am a good girl now. "

"Honey, why do you understand that I am looking at you?"

Ryan's narrow eyes always gave Mino a feeling of seeing through all her thoughts. "Perhaps, I'm protecting my woman."

Ryan's words made Mino's flesh creep. What's the difference between protection and watching? She was furious!

But he must leave now!

Just like ants on a hot pan, Mino was now like an ant in her eyes. Hallucination was just like a bomb exploded in an earthquake. Would you please have a reason to get Ryan out of the house!

"Mr. Ryan, the fireworks in the yard were tampered with. And the high TNT might be mixed in the fireworks..." Before Mino could finish her words, James, who looked expressionless, walked up to Ryan and whispered in a low voice.

Mino didn't hear what exactly happened, but Ryan soon left with a frown.

God is helping me!

Mino stealthily moved in front of Mr. Yuan, when they stopped the conversation and then pretended to be drinking juice. Then she took out tissue from her pocket.

Then "carelessly" a little bright red thing fell out of the pocket.

"Ah, what's this?" Sure enough, Betty picked it up from the ground in surprise when she saw the opportunity when the thing was just taken out of the pocket by Mino.

When it opened in front of everyone, they found a hand-made embroidered T-letter pants!

It was a slender ring trousers with bright yellow base. A lifelike phoenix embroidered on it!

It was said that if she wore it, she would be cold, noble, charming and marvelous. Such things were described as the most peerless weapon in Cherry's eyes. This time, with a serious look on her face, Cherry asked her to do it!

"Oh my God. It was from Mino's clothes. How did you get this kind of stuff? " Betty intentionally raised her voice and screamed.

Cherry's inculcation echoed in Mino's ears.

When the underpants were taken out, you must show surprise and shame, you'd better show a hint of charm that you did not have time to hide, and then say the sentence unconsciously.

So Mino showed it and covered her mouth, stopped for three seconds and then covered her face with both hands……

She paused for another three seconds. Well, how should she show the undisguised tenderness? It was a completely new experience! After pondering for 5 seconds, Mino rolled up her shirt to reveal her shoulder. Then she quickly adjusted her shirt.

In the end, she said expressionlessly, "Ah! This is from Jason. "

At this time, the crowd quieted down. It was like a mystery…… Dance? Or some special sacrificial ceremony?

Well, why is there no such an atmosphere of contempt and questioning?

Why does everyone look at her in silence?

At this critical moment, Betty's words woke up the girl. She stomped her feet and shouted angrily, "you will be Ryan's fiancee very soon. How could you bring such disgusting stuff to yourself?"

All of a sudden, the whole world fell into silence, totally different from the silence just now. Mr. Yuan also looked at the Mino and stared at her with his deep disappointment and disgust.

Cherry had told her that no parents could allow their daughters in law to be unfaithful.

Mino thought to herself, 'Grandpa Yuan, I'm sorry. I don't want to disappoint you.' Mino lowered her head while Betty threw the thing in her hands to Mino in disgust.

Mr. Yuan walked towards Mino step by step without saying a word……

The crowd shook their heads. It had been a long time since Mr. Yuan had been so angry last time. Anyone who could make him angry ended up with a horrible death and a whole corpse would be a blessing in heaven.

She couldn't believe her ears. Was it because she had played too fast? She always felt the alarm was ringing in the air.

But Mr. Yuan grasped Mino's hand and said, "This phoenix, this needle and thread is really good!"

what? It was not a good time to watch the needle and thread now?

Tears welled up in Mr. Yuan's eyes and he said, "This stitch is exactly the same as your grandma's. Tell me, who is Jason? Where did he take me to meet him? "

"Jason, Jason..." In a panic, Mino took a few steps back quickly. She found the KK * by searching for treasures. She made up the story by herself. How could she know where Jason is? (* TN: the KK)?!

Didn't sister promise that she would be kicked out if she was unfaithful?

Why did the matter develop in such a weird direction? Mino was speechless!

At this moment, a loud bang was

heard all of a sudden, making the whole space shake. Then she saw a piece of flame on her left that seemed to burn into the sky!

Mr. Yuan was also quickly taken away by his men. As Mino was far away from the crowd, she was a trigger of their retreat!

For a moment, Mino's head was frozen and she could not think at all. The movie and television scene, the most vivid nudge, was not even one percent of it on the scene of the explosion. The shock, fear and fear filled her mind with the mind of fate!

Holding her breath, Mino looked back. Behind her was the giant fireworks. Suddenly, she remembered that before Ryan left, he said that the fireworks were mixed into something, and then he left with a serious expression. And the direction of the explosion was in the first row of fireworks…… Fireworks?!

Cherry was right. The Yuan Family was at the top of power and was also the center of murder and plot. But why did she become the cannon fodder!

Mino felt like the fire under her feet was burning her life. She wanted to run away, but her legs were too weak to move!

Just then, Mino saw a pale and stunning face from the tree opposite. It looked like Medusa in the legends. The expressionless face was different from the panicking and alert around her. She just stared at Mino.

Who is this? Was it an illusion?

Before Mino could think it over, the sudden louder bang made her feel that she was dying!

All of a sudden, there was a warm temperature on her back. At the critical moment, Mino was taken down by an irresistible force!

A huge stone flew over Mino's head with the explosion, followed by heavy fire waves!

By instinct, Mino looked up, but was pushed down by Ryan. He said in a low voice, "Stay where you are!"

At the very moment of the explosion, the person who flung himself over and tried to protect her was actually Ryan?

Ryan's suit was probably cut by the explosion air or broken pieces. Even his short hair was a little messy.

But his handsome face was even more handsome and firm under the constant undulating fire, as if nothing dangerous could hurt him in his arms.

"You, why did you..." Mino was stumbling with her lips trembling.

"I've told you," Ryan bowed his head and smiled. "I'll protect you."

Mino was speechless, and Ryan's expression was neither serious nor serious as if they were swearing to each other. But in Mino's heart, she suddenly felt that there was something in her heart, like the sudden explosion just happened, and forced a gap.

Soon all the guests were evacuated after the explosion. The whole Yuan's house was guarded by guard.

Seeing Yuan group's fierce behavior, Mino realized how shallow her attempt to use a gun to show her fierce fighting was. It turned out that the ultimate deterrence was not everyone looked at, but you were in the group and even didn't dare to take a deep breath.

"Well, then I'll go back first." Mino said.

In fact, she had a top grade weapon that matched with phoenix ring trousers. She had thought that if the ring could not work to damage the psychological defense of the old man, she would use the ring to improve the killing power!

But considering that Ryan had just saved her life and the Yuan Family was in a turmoil, she decided not to take it out to stimulate Mr. Yuan.

'I have shown mercy not to take advantage of the situation to rob.' thought Mino.

With a serious look on his face, Ryan asked his men to investigate him thoroughly and didn't have time to deal with her. Although it didn't work out to make Mr. Yuan hate her, with such a big matter happening to the Yuan Family, Ryan should have no time to deal with the engagement for the time being. Mino had time to delay it!

Ryan furrowed his eyebrows deeply. Apparently, he was quite unhappy to be beaten up this time.

At first, she was escorted away by someone. After thinking for a while, Mino said to Ryan, "In fact, before the explosion, I saw a beautiful boy."

"A boy?" Ryan asked, looking at Mino.

"Yes, he is thin and beautiful. His skin was as white as a white paper that could be pierced through by the fire. When the package was still burning, he just stood there and looked at me." Said Mino.

She saw a boy who was so beautiful that he didn't look like an ordinary boy, but she was frightened by his appearance at that time. On the one hand, she didn't want to tell him before, because she thought that their children might be from rich families and their appearance looked just like this. But seeing that Ryan didn't take it well, Mino decided to tell her everything, no matter it was a good clue or not.

What was more, the young man's eyes which he stared at her now also made her shiver.

"You are right, Miss. Lin. Is it because of Mr. Hayden?" James spoke quickly, "No wonder he can escape from the supervisory office and change the firework."

As soon as Ryan heard about the name of Mr. Hayden, he seemed to furrow his eyebrows deeply. He looked at Mino and asked, "Are you sure?"

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