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   Chapter 7 Mind Your Own Business!

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Holding her head with her hand, Mino felt extremely sad in her heart. In this case, the first basic plan was not enough to deal with the current serious situation.

Mino needed to carry out the second plan!

Mr. Yuan liked his granddaughter-in-law to be elegant and graceful. She had to behave rudely, stubbornly and aggressively, and her personality would break down. The quality of his granddaughter-in-law was far from that of the noble Yuan Family!

The frustrated Mino's face slowly turned black. She looked gloomily at Betty and Anna, who were holding a plate of salmon caviar, and then at Ryan, who was talking to Mr. Yuan.

"I heard that the Yu Family's caviar was aired directly by frozen air. It's the same taste as the one I ate by the seaside in Carey."

Betty turned back and said to Anna, "Even the best hotel in the state of N City can't offer such fresh caviar. It's worthy to taste!"

When Betty was about to reach there, a white figure flashed by. Betty found that it was Mino, and then found that the caviar in the plate was already empty!

Betty yelled at Mino in a huff. She was already fed up with the fact that Mino was so naivete and stupid at the moment but still catch everyone's attention!

"Hey, what's going on? Don't you know who's the first? Why did you take them all away? "

Mino's fork stopped in the air. She replied in a very low voice, "Because I'm impolite."

Mino was so angry that she couldn't help but spit out blood. This was not a rude thing anymore and it had a bad influence on her IQ.

'I spared no effort to bring shame on myself. Please disdain me!'

"You, you..." Betty was speechless at Mino's desperate face!

In her heart, Mino yelled, "Curse me! Do you have a little strength!

But Betty was too shameless to speak out a word.

"She will be the member of the Yuan Family soon. She doesn't have to be the first one to give her everything." But what Mino said next was a devil's voice in her ear.

With his thin lips clinging to Mino's ear, Ryan said in a way as if he was teasing a child, "I've spoiled you so much in the past, but you can't be so willful in front of everyone."

Mino was almost desperate!

Mr. Ryan, what's wrong with you? Can't you just let me be an innocent citizen from the bottom?

Struggle like a koala, adept at nothing, but with a headache and cunning. After a few rounds, Ryan grew impatient.

He bowed his head and nibbled at Mino's fair earlobe, then said in a fret, "Be good, or I can't promise what will happen!"

What they heard and heard, full of danger and threat Mino didn't hear a single word from him!

She only knew that this shameless man dared to bite her, such a strange place!

Ah! Ah! That feeling was so strange. It seemed that the most vulnerable part of her body had been molested and treated. She was stiff all over!

Ryan chuckled, "huh! I didn't expect you to be so sensitive."

Mind your own business!

"Fuck! You are so dead!" Mino gave full play to her potential and became as fierce as a fish that had been dragged to the shore. But she was not able to break away from him at last and the plate flew out!

A loud bang successfully drew everyone's attention!

What should I do? She didn't want everyone to know that she had been molested by this devil man so violently that the plate couldn't bear to break. She had no choice. She was not only shameless, she also wanted to be the prince, but also she wanted to keep the fire of integrity!

How to explain? Her words were completely different from what she had expected!

"Everybody, look!" Mino pointed at the thrown dish.

"When I was in our alley, the juniors all called me Miss. Mino. Did you see the plate in our alley? This plate was thrown away casually. I can…… I can shoot three times successively before it fell to the ground. "

The crowd quieted down in an instant, and then stepped back. It seemed that Ryan couldn't bear it any longer and released her. Even Betty and Anna jumped aside in low voice.

This drama is so handsome and overbearing. Is it a joke or something? The appearance of the ruffian was almost like that member of underworld?

Mino even wanted to do a set of radio exercises to consolidate it.

Before Mino could enjoy the joy of success, she suddenly saw a cola can be thrown out.

"Bang! Bang! Bang..." Then there was a dense sound, and the can flew out like dancing in the air. After a pat on the ground, a total of nine rang!

Mino felt her bones frozen with the constant bang. She turned around one by one, only to see Ryan playing with the silencer in his hand in an extremely elegant and leisurely manner.

Mino's teeth trembled, and tears poured down her face. She pretende

d to be calm and said, "The nine shots. It's easy."

"The gun can only hold nine bullet." Ryan switched to the clip agilely. At the sight of this, Mino suddenly lost her balance.

"Mr. Ryan." James fetched the hot cans from the plastic gloves.

'Only one embrasure?'

Grinning complacently, Mino thought that he hit nine and only aimed at the target with a shot.

There was nothing to show off. After all, Mino was conceited and prepared to use the most sarcastic word in this fight!

At this moment, James, poker faced, said without any ups and downs, "the high-speed camera showed that Mr. Ryan had passed through the same point of the gun at every time."

what?! Mino was going faint!

'It's too horrible. Ryan is the incarnation of a devil. He has transformed into a devil!'

"Someone just said that she is sure to fall out with me." Ryan said, holding Mino.

Mino took a deep breath and looked at Ryan. "Long live, your majesty!"

"What happened?" They could still hear the voice of their grandfather passing through the crowd ahead. Now, Mino felt that she was really worn out because of the maltreatment.

Just now Mino was counting on the shooting event in public to make herself a little bit disliked by his grandpa. She looked forward to be rejected with her teary eyes.

However, after Mr. Yuan listened to the report from his subordinate, he couldn't help but appreciate the kindness of his good-looking grandson!

"Ryan is a skilled fighter, and Miss. Lin is excellent too. Your grandfather was afraid that the Yuan Family would find a manipulative bitch. Now that Mino has a solid foundation, I will arrange shooting classes specially for her after she marries my grandson. She will be given 1000 bullets per month."

Em?! Sounds so intimate. Are you in high spirits to arrange shooting classes?

Mino felt that her nerves couldn't be tormented more!

The villa of the Yuan Family is so horrifying. Mom, I want to go home!

Mino, who was once again dragged away by Ryan, felt that every step she took seemed to reach the bottomless abyss. With no expression on his face, Ryan asked, "Miss Lin, what you did today seemed unusual?"

Ah! Mino then quickly straightened herself up and didn't dare to be noticed by Ryan.

Did he know her plan?

"You're right. But you don't know me well. In fact, I'm always like this. When I come to a new environment, I always behave inappropriately and go on a strike. I'm a pretty hateful person..."

'Oh my God! What am I talking about? I really want to cut my tongue!'

When Ryan didn't say anything, Mino's heart beat fast. Such a silence was horrible.

It was obvious that Mino couldn't get rid of the crazy imagination that made her hold the position of her heart with pale face at once.

"If that's what you are doing now, then behave yourself." Finally, Ryan's peaceful voice came. It was from Mino, who had been in a cold sweat now.

Now that Mino heard Ryan, she felt like a criminal who was relived. Mino stared at him with her bright eyes!

"I won't let you down. Next, I will be sedate and stick to rules and follow Mr. Ryan's order. Mr. Ryan, take it easy."

Ryan's deep eyes were fixed on the woman in front of him. There was no doubt about Mino's words, but there was no sign that he would be fooled by her.

With a sniff, he said, "If anything happens, I will really consider taking your heart into my pocket."

In an instant, Mino was cold from head to foot. She couldn't help imagining the scene that the nine bullets were all shot to her heart.

The second basic plan was fail that if one wanted to win, she had to be alive!

The only thing Mino could do was to return to Mr. Yuan's side obediently. After being warned by Mr. Ryan, Mino now smiled quietly without showing her teeth.

She rolled her amber like eyes randomly. There was a rumor that if she took it out, the most basic weapon that if she uses she would be hit by her father-in-law would be taken out?

But Mr. Ryan had threatened her that if she dared to do anything, he would put her heart in his pocket!

Besides, Ryan didn't seem to be joking at all. During the thought, Mino pricked up her ears and listened Mr. Yuan carefully, seeming that he is enjoying talking with others.

"The maternity care center in America is good and the advanced technology of this kind is very suitable for girls like Miss. Lin who is infertile."

"By the way, after Miss. Lin has been pregnant for three months, you can know you have a grandson or granddaughter."

"If the first baby care is good, she can give birth to the second baby immediately. After carrying your grandson for three years, you won't feel lonely since she has married Mr. Ryan!"

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