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   Chapter 6 I Like The Design Of The Bed

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But if his grandfather didn't like her, she would poison his grandpa at the first sight of her. And when he thought of marrying her as his granddaughter in law, he felt sad and disappointed. She was no longer of use to Ryan anymore!

He could look for anyone he wanted for being his wife. Perfect!

This was the plan that she and Cherry had thought for three days! As for the three basic points, step by step, comment on each of them will make sure that it will be very sore and aching to move the blood and veins!

When Mino was shrinking her neck and making the final plan, there was suddenly a slight stir of the crowd, and her little head was covered with a shadow.

When she looked up, Mino felt that her breath stopped for a second. The man who looked down at her was as handsome as the God.

The refined and elegant hairstyle made his angular face look more deeply visible. The straight and long black suit wrapped his tall and perfect figure. The obsidian button at the collar of his shirt, shining in the dim light, dazzled like an emperor who came to the world, dazzling others.

Now the young king was frowning and staring at Mino up and down.

The handmade white shirt and unruly dress which is common in the street?

The touch was so terrible that Ryan withdrew his hand which was about to hold Mino in his arms. Feeling disgusted, he furrowed his brows and asked, "isn't there a clothing master who has sent the clothes to you?"

Mino thought, 'that's right! This dress must be the dress that makes my parents-in-law angry. It played an important role at a critical moment!'

The first three basic steps were to make his grandpa Mr. Yuan think that she was a poor citizen who had entered the company and spoiled its reputation!

What could she do! But when Mino looked directly into Ryan's eyes, she said sincerely, "I'm sorry, Mr. Ryan. I'm just allergic to silk."

'Is there anyone who is allergic to silk?' After hearing that, Ryan was ashamed of her. Mino immediately explained, "But this is my most beautiful dress!"

They heard that butler announced the arrival of Mr. Yuan at a distance.

"I'll go get your great grandpa's approval," Mino said cheerfully, running towards Mr. Yuan.

As Mino looked from afar, she was bouncing up and down. The dust white dress and the pinkish pink skirt made her look like a dancing doll. Someone might have arranged her hair. It was not bad.

Mr. Yuan appeared in handmade Chinese tunic costume.

The members of the Yuan Family were all mysterious and cunning. Even though Mr. Yuan was in his 60s, he still looked young and sharp. He smiled broadly, as if he could read people's mind.

In the Yu family's residence, no one would not recognize their grandpa. This was an aura of the owner of the Yuan Family, which was self-evident and absolute.

But before that, Mino was running straight to Mr. Yuan. When Mr. Yuan appeared, she ran to the other side.

Mino curled up her lips and ran towards either of the two girls. She acted like a contemptible housewife. "Hey, nice to meet you again, my lady."

With a big smile on her face, Mino tried to hug them as if they were old friends. However, neither Betty nor Anna was willing to do so?

The two ladies were even afraid of being infected by Mino. "I'm very cheap" dress, let alone that she had played a dirty trick with others before!

Anna looked at Mino up and down in disdain and said, "Don't come near me! You don't want to be a drag on my shirt because it's too thick for my family. Are you going to take that one in your skirt? You just like come from the original country! "

Mino's eyes were sparkling with excitement.

What Cherry said was right. She said that women would always see others' clothes at the first sight, but she was not afraid of being attacked by others in this dress!

"Therefore, no one could compare with the civilians. Even if they could hold the prince's hands, they still couldn't compare with the noble people in the upper class. Look, my clothes are either Chanel or Armani, all of which are the best of the limited edition in the season. And I won't wear any clothes that are sent to me until they match my temperament."

Betty even raised her chin high with pride. She didn't want Mr. Yuan to like this girl either. How she wished he could take a look at Mino and then put her out!

'Insult me, insult me!'

This was the most honest thing that Mino had ever known. She was so drunk that someone even wanted to feed her with the antidote!

People around looked at them. They believed that Mr. Yuan would ask someone to carry them out before long.

'someone pulled me?

It looked like an angel at the moment? No, this angel is very handsome indeed. Why does he have a Ryan's face?'

"I'm not good at woman's clothes. I only know that only women's faces are good looking."

After saying that, Ryan pulled Mino away, leaving the audience behind him in shock.


r. Ryan is protecting that woman! I have never seen Mr. Ryan stick up for a woman these years. "

"You want wear beautiful clothes if you are ugly. He mean, that good-looking girl called Mino. He is sure she must be very perfect even if she's dressed cheaply. Oh, my God!"

"At this party, no one dares to pick at the clothes of Mino anymore, because only the women who is not good-looking want to pick at her clothes. Mr. Ryan is so bossy and handsome!"

"Mr. Ryan likes her so much. Mr. Yuan, his grandfather will not mind the thing about Mino's dress. Mr. Ryan is her husband."

The crowd behind them were so moved that they felt as if Romeo finally found Juliet, but Mino was almost driven away by him.

Shit! Just a word of Huey, his carefully designed war suit plan was disillusioned. With a miserable look, Simon was brought to Lord yuan. He was the most honorable man in the city, who started to become the legendary old man of the yuan family.

But when Mr. Yuan saw Mino, he was very friendly and asked her a few questions as if they were talking about gossip. Such as was she not used to working in the Yuan group or does she be teased by Ryan and so on.

He had impressed many industries as if he was a past master. But it turned out he hadn't worked at all!

His words were powerful, which made people dare not take them lightly.

When Mr. Yuan asked where she lived, Mino thought it was time to make him pay attention to the gap between the rich and the poor.

"Grandpa Yuan, the Yuan's villa is like a castle, but my house is a small cottage in a urban village. I tell you that there is only a bed and a simple wardrobe in my room. I have to wall up every time I walk in!"

When Mr. Yuan sat on the sofa, he must be the focus of the crowd. Mino was just like a child who leaned against the wall and never had the experience to show off in public.

Wearing an air of complacency, Mino said, "The second person can't even stand in the room. If a guest comes and can only sit on the bed, the room is as small as a pigeon cage."

Dove cage? The onlookers all looked terrified.

Especially for women, there was no big dresser and cloakroom in the room. It was simply amazing!

Rose up Mino's head and put on a sincere expression, 'Grandpa Yuan, I've already said that it can't be specific any more. Have you ever felt the poverty and poverty-stricken citizens that came over powerfully?

The average housing area of my family is not very large. If you let me marry into Yuan Family, I will have all my relatives pick me up! It's a serious problem. You have to think it over carefully!

"I've seen her room." At the crucial moment, Ryan quickly took Mino's hand again.

He looked at her and said gently, "it's indeed small."

With a long sigh of relief, Mino thought, 'it seems that Ryan didn't see through my tricks. Instead, he helped me by accident.

However, the rest of them heard Ryan say, "but I like the bed design very much."

The design of the only bed? What's the meaning of this?

As soon as Ryan's broad chest touched the back of Mino, the hair at the back of her whole body exploded!

While saying that, Ryan kissed Mino's hair and answered, "I'm looking forward to staying with you in that room for a whole day. Speaking of which, I should visit auntie. I'll have my secretary arrange it for you tomorrow! What do you think? "

What the hell are you doing? Stop talking to yourself?

"Young master, please don't go to see my mother. She is just a nobody. You blood pressure will increase in a minute." said Mino in a trembling voice!

You said you would stay in the room with me for a whole day. Just imagining such a possibility…… Mino covered her heart painfully!

"Great. Let's go to have a look." Ah, what's the matter with Mr. Yuan changing from steady and mild to smiling?

She felt like she couldn't make it in a second. The next second, Mr. Yuan said, "In this way, the Yuan's Family will have hopes. And if your parents don't feel comfortable living here, we can pick several houses for them. Then no one will disturb the two in the room."

Which one? Mino was shocked by the rich's world view in an instant!

So it's not a problem at all for poor relatives to come to visit my daughter-in-law?!

'Well, Grandpa, why are you so happy to see my belly? I would rather die than stay in the same room with Ryan!'

"Grandpa, I think I want to eat something first..." Said Mino in a hurry and fled.

"You turn around and kiss your prince on the other side. Stay with Mr. Ryan. Don't be so romantic!"

"What's more, just one day's thought is going to melt!"

"Mr. Ryan, he want to see her mother? I heard that the leader of the Japanese mountain team is a man who can't see Mr. Ryan, but Mr. Ryan want to see a common woman?"

"Wait, wait, wait..."

Upon hearing what they said, both Betty and Anna were so furious that they wished they could destroy Mino right now!

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