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   Chapter 3 Who Is So Good At Escaping

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Maybe Ryan wasn't that scary.

Maybe the people in that chat box were only overreacting to who Ryan really was. Mino turned on her laptop and typed it into the search bar. 'What if someone offended Ryan by accident?'

Shit! That was the last thing Mino thought of when she saw the screen.

"According to the browser's policies, searches that include blood and violence are automatically blocked. Shit," she murmured over and over again, running her hands down her hair. Then she just shut off her laptop with a loud bang.

She wasn't going to give up easily. Trying to sort out her thoughts, she pulled out her phone once again.

The next day, at the cafe.

"Mino, long time no see!" Cherry placed her limited edition handbag on the table for everyone to see.

Mino almost jumped at being called. These days, her nerves were a complete mess, especially after searching all those things on Ryan.

She had missed Cherry so much. Right now, she was her only hope. However, Cherry had other plans for the day. She held her friend's hands, smiling. "Want to go on another 'catch the adulterer' escapade with me?" she teased lightly.

As soon as Mino heard that, hot tears were already bursting from her eyes. When she raised her head, Cherry's eyes widened.

There were dark circles right below her eyes and her cheeks had tear splotches all over them. It felt as if she hadn't slept for days. If someone were to placed horns on top of her head, she might as well look like a monster out on a run.

"I'm in trouble." Mino hiccupped, trying to blink the tears away.

Cherry was one of the most popular girls living next door to the Xu Family during Mino's childhood years. Although they lost contact when the Mo Family moved out, they reignited their friendship when they found out they went to the same university.

Given that she was charming, Cherry jumped from various middle-aged men, making sure to get her money fix from them. Mino, being just a second year student, helped her in those times by catching them during their adulterous acts.

Now, Cherry was the best chance she got.

"What did you say?" Cherry blinked after being told what had happened. "You provoked Mr. Ryan?"

"Should I buy my own gravestone now?" Mino buried her head deep in her hands as she closed her eyes, trying to imagine what pit he'd throw her into once he was done.

"No, we're getting you a plane out of here." Without another thought, Cherry rummaged her phone from her LV bag before making a call.

"Hello? Get me the earliest ticket to America for my friend. Book a room at the Hilton Hotel for two weeks for her too."

"What? They're just too expensive, Cherry," Mino protested.

"I'll pay for it." Cherry hung up her phone with a shrug, waving her hand dismissively.

"Seriously, what's the point of all this money if I don't get to help you in times of need?"

If successful middle-aged men had seen this, they would have thought that their vindictive girlfriend would be surprisingly sweet and innocent.

Mino was deeply moved by her words, shaking her head. "But you said about catching your boyfrien–"

"Let him have it! I'll collect an even bigger fee by the time this is over anyway."

Cherry winked at her playfully before resorting back to the serious expression she was wearing. "As for your mother, I'll hide her to my villa first. If things get worse, then I'll wait till you get back to China. If you don't, I'll find another way to send her to America. Your father died early. I won't let that accident happen again."

"His death wasn't an accident," Mino interrupted coldly.

However, just as she said it, Mino couldn't help but feel guilty over her words. Cherry was already helping her through this, and this was how she'd thank her.

But ever since she'd remembered her father, cold and lifeless, Mino couldn't help but feel a sense of rage mulling her over like the tide calling for the seas.

She shook her head, ridding the thoughts from her mind.

"You're a savior, Cherry. Thank you," she said sincerely.

"Savior, huh? Oh shit! The old ladies!" Suddenly, Cherry's face changed.

Before Mino could register what was happening, Cherry shook of her grasp. "John's wife's coming with her friends. Help me stall."

"What?" Mino's eyes widened, not believing what she'd just said.

'John's wife?' Turned out, Cherry's boyfriend had a family now.

Right at that moment,

Cherry had already taken her sunglasses and ran off, handbag in her hand.

Sitting upright, Mino could already feel her fingers shaking. This was worse than being hunted down by Ryan!

"I saw the bitch. She is here!"

Now, as the wife stepped nearer, Mino realized why John was suffering from impotence. It seemed as if the woman was holding the pants in the relationship.

"The girl must be associated with that slut!"

One of the women pointed at Mino.

Cherry, meanwhile, was making a gesture to Mino to help her. "Hold them back!

I can't deal with them."

She'd already promised to take care of her mother, so Mino just had to help her!

As she looked at the group of women fast approaching, she knew that she couldn't take them on by force even if she wanted to. She might as well take them down by strategy

Just at that moment, she caught a glimpse of the back of a man who'd been sitting right in front of her. If that man could prove that she'd been with him, then the women would stop approaching her.

By then, Cherry would've successfully retreated!

Her plan was absolutely full proof!

Mino pinched her cheeks enough to turn them red.

She also pulled her hair back to expose her exquisite jawline.

She then undid two buttons of her chest to reveal a bit of cleavage.

Mino needed to sacrifice this at least.

Without another word, she approached him. The man looked up to see an exquisite girl approaching him and it felt as if his breath was taken away.

Her skin was white and fair, similar to that of a flower's. Just then he could even see a bit of her cleavage, showing much of her delicate and blessed figure.

As she wished, this man was stunned by her at the first sight.

"Honey, you're here!" As these women were fast approaching, Mino threw herself into the man's arms, taking his hands. "Did you wait for a long time?"

The man's eyes widened.

She didn't even get a good look at his face as she threw herself in. The man was so tall that her head could only collide on his chest.

What's worse was that given that she'd already unbuttoned her shirt, the man could already see it all.

There was less left for imagination. If she had known about this,

then Milo wouldn't have done that!

However, all that counted was for her to mitigate this situation immediately. This was why, she turned to lower her voice.

"Help me by pretending you're my boyfriend. These women want me to blindly date their sons, and if they caught me, I'll be married off. Please help me."

"I've been waiting for you!" he then replied.

It was a perfect mix of affection and sweetness that she couldn't believe that she actually caught someone who was good in acting. She was so surprised that she couldn't even speak.

It felt as if they were already blocked by an invisible barrier, protecting her from these women.

Suddenly, they didn't seem much of a threat.

Normally, these old women would haggle around her still. Mino furrowed her eyebrows when she heard that no one spoke.

"How do I punish you for being late for such a long time?" 'What?' The man raised her chin for her to get a better look at his face.

"Ah!" 'Shit! It's Ryan!'

His dark eyes and angular face made it seem as if he'd just popped out of a magazine. Mino could only gape at him.

'Help!' She wanted to scream. However, before she could try and escape, he pushed her head back to his chest.

She felt his hard muscles right below her chest, and when she inhaled, there was a small scent of tobacco.

"She is just so happy to see me. Sorry,"

Ryan smiled.

"Well, Mr. Ryan, is she really your girlfriend?"

"Are you together three days ago?"

Although Mr. Ryan was very intimidating, the women mustered up the courage to ask him the questions.

It was a dangerous situation indeed.

Mino stopped struggling and stared at Ryan with wide eyes.

Now, she didn't know what the worse option was now – to be haggled by these women or to be trapped with Ryan.

"She didn't leave me one minute." Ryan turned around.

He wrapped his arm around the woman's waist. "We've been together for days now."


His hand's wandering down!'

Mino stuttered, taking interest in her shoes.

After hearing what Ryan said, she could only smile sweetly at the women.

Yes. Being here with Ryan was a way better alternative.

She might as well drive the old women out first!

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