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   Chapter 2 You Are John!

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The man on the bed had an absolutely flawless face. His features were perfect and proportioned. Although he wasn't properly dressed and was only in his underwear, it did nothing to his appearance. In fact, it made it even better.

Feeling that her breathing seemed to stop for the instant, Mino turned her head in silence and said, "Cherry, you said that John is ugly……"

Just then, she saw a figure being dragged from the opposite door. The man had a balding head and an equally large belly. He was already pleading for forgiveness as he was being tugged by the ears by Cherry.

'Oh, Shit.' Mino glanced at the sign of the door. It was 1868. The room she was supposed to go into was 1808. It felt as if she was choking in thin air.

She slowly turned to the man whose eyes were dark with unknowable fury.

It was the most terrifying sight that she couldn't help but shiver as she stared into him. However, there was something about the man that looked so familiar. Mino froze in realization. He was no other than Ryan Yuan, known as Mr. Ryan of N City by the American Cable News Network.

He was Mr. Ryan.

Mino's eyes were already getting misty at the embarrassment she got herself in. As Ryan lay under his fingers, he couldn't help but wonder what he had gotten himself into.

'Damn! What the hell was going on?' He remembered being so irritated when Betty tried to seduce him. Yet, after being stared down by this uncouth woman, he found that he was already unable to control himself.

Was it due to her being too simple and crude? And how long would she stare at him like that?

"We are the New Entertainment Weekly..." Just then, several journalists rushed into the scene.

They held their cameras as they tried their best to click away as if they'd just hit a gold mine. Ryan's photo was just so rare that it would bring a lifetime of money if they could get a hold of his photo. It would be one of the greatest event in the field of entertainment!

"Hey! Didn't you come here to take my picture?"

Betty stomped, frustrated. She hated how she wasn't being the center of their attention. Although she might not be his girlfriend, she might as well get a bit of fame from his scandal.

However, they all crowded over, concentrating on the girl who they had no idea of.

"This one..." Raising her head, Mino was already alarmed. She should explain herself as quickly as possible.

There was absolutely no room for error!

Mino tried to calm down as she explained what had happened. "I made a mistake. It's because of your impotency, and my friend can prove it!"

Impotency? She burst into his room, to insult him?

However, the flashes of camera continued to light up as the journalists ignored Betty's face when they were all concentrated on the scene at hand.

No matter how bright the flashes were, they still weren't able to light up Ryan's face.

With a red face, Mino loosened hold of him.

However, just as she was about to pull away her hand on the elastic, his underwear snapped almost immediately.

The flashes stopped as dead quietness filled the air.

His face quickly clouded over.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry," she said repeatedly, her bottom lip trembling.

"No need! You won't have the opportunity to get away with it." Ryan quickly lifted her up.

Like a rabbit who got caught, her eyes widened, face flushing.

The entertainment journalists felt as if they had just turned lucky in their careers.

Ryan was a powerful man, but he didn't have his pictures on the internet, yet alone be tied to a scandal.

However, just now, he was already tangled by a young girl!

It was like a reality show!

"Let me go! Do you want to suffocate me or something?"

The man was so strong that she could hardly breathe in his grasp. She just continued kicking, till she finally kicked something that had surprised him completely.

His face froze. He rolled on the bed with her as he let out a choked cry.

The woman had just kicked him right in the balls! She didn't even need to do anything else.

However, before she could get away, Ryan grabbed a hold of her wrist.

It was said how a kick to the jewels would be as if

a man was experiencing childbirth.

She wasn't expecting that he'd be able to grip her this hard. If this were a competition, she might be inclined to give this man a reward!

She wanted to cry out only to find that her tears had dried out. "Please forget me," she murmured.

"All I wanted was to catch my friend's unfaithful boyfriend, but...

please let me go."

"You're the second woman I want you to disappear out of my sight."

Ryan's face was livid with rage. No one who'd insulted him would leave unscathed. This woman would pay for what she'd done!

If she were an animal, her ears would be drooping now.

Her bitterness couldn't be expressed at all. At this moment, there was a loud commotion at the door as a group of men subdued the paparazzo.

'Wow! This is the legendary bodyguard team of Mr. Ryan?'

Tears streamed down her face. This was just something that wasn't in Mino's books.

When Ryan saw James Wei coming in with his subordinates, he stood up in displeasure. The woman couldn't get out now, that was for sure.

"Please forgive me," she cried out.

Before he could respond, she poked him in the eyes.

How dare she!

Ryan cursed in his head, blocking the woman in front of him. However, just as he was about to reach for her, he caught nothing.

Just then, the power went out!

He cursed. When the light was turned on, the woman was already gone.

He cast a sharp glance at the room. His subordinates were well-trained. When something happened, they would defend the exit immediately.

However, they were equally confused by the happening as well.

"I was scared to death!" Betty rushed towards him, waving her arms.

However, as Ryan raised his hand, one of his bodyguards blocked her way before she could even get close to him.

"I don't want anything to do with her."

"But Mr. Ryan…" Betty already had such a good chance but it was all ruined because of that bitch!

She scowled. Without giving any time for her to say anything else, Ryan left.

That girl? He picked up the camera that she had left, peering at it closely. They'd meet again, that was for sure.

Mino was already curled up in her small room, repeating what had happened with Ryan in her head. The more she continued to think about it, the more fearful she felt.

She decided to post it in one of her groups. "What would happen if someone had offended Mr. Ryan?"

Immediately, so many people responded.

They were just popping with so many stories. Some had said that they'd rather offend Typhon than Ryan!

As she read through some of them, she was already feeling dead with fear. Her palms were already growing sweaty.

One read: Do you know of a shameless bully named Buger in the High Sea?

He didn't care much of the Yuan Family. The family did everything to find him but then,

once Mr. Ryan took over the case, there was suddenly something wrong with Buger's giant tank. The tank was knocked against him and till now, no one could even find his bones!

Everyone thought the dock would be in a mess, but nothing happened!

The next day, the order of the dock was even better than before. Why?

Mr. Ryan has taken over the dock! You'd get beaten up if you dare offend him!

'Are you sure you are not talking about the plot of a horror movie?' Mino's eyes widened in shock!

Another one read: In fact, he was kind of romantic five years ago.

He had a girlfriend named Rose Ning. Although they had never been exposed to the public before, their relationship was always stable and loving.

You know N City wasn't called N City in the past. When Mr. Ryan was about to get engaged to Miss. Rose, one of the betrothal gifts was for the city to be named after her surname.

However, when he found out she was cheating on him, she was shot straight to the heart.

The Ning Family was also famous in N City, but in just one night, they were all sent abroad. No one knew if Rose's alive or not.

So if you offend Mr. Ryan? You might as well pray that you live a painless death!

The comments were a mess! Mino groaned, burying her head deep into her hands. She hated it,

hated how these people would believe such rumors.

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