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   Chapter 316 Brother Scrutinizes Brother-In-Law

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In the early morning, Joyce was awakened by the scent of food.

Feeling the sweet smell of food, she moved her nose and wanted to get up.

Pregnant women were easy to be hungry and easily tempted by food.

When she was about to get up, she felt the big palm on her waist move. It turned out that when she got up, she woke up Caspar.

When Caspar was half-asleep and half-awake, he was very unhappy. He roared in a low voice, "Do you want to die?"

"It's early morning. I should get up," said Joyce in a low voice.

In fact, Caspar was not that bad tempered. After all, he was born and raised well.

He and Soren had been good friends for so many years. How could he be so ill bred?

He had only had such a temper towards three people before. One was his father who had an affair in marriage, the other was Elsa who he thought was the mistress's daughter, and the other was Joyce who was pregnant with an unknown child.

"Get out!" said Caspar in a fierce tone.

Joyce stood up in a hurry and opened the door to the kitchen.

It turned out that Shirley was making breakfast.

She couldn't sleep more because she had to visit Elsa today. Early in the morning, she bought a lot of food materials in the market and was making traditional Chinese rice-pudding herself.

Shirley used to be an ordinary cook, but after she had two children, she always liked to cook for them by herself, and she had practiced it for so many years.

But it was only for the two children, and few outsiders could taste her cooking.

Joyce saw that she had steamed the white rice pudding, the fresh glutinous rice gave off a sweet smell.

It was said that Elsa seldom ate meat, so she didn't put anything in the rice pudding except fruits.

"It smells so good, mom." Joyce walked over and said softly, agreeing from the bottom of her heart.

Shirley smiled and said, "It's for my daughter. I've also left two for you. Have a taste."

She picked up one, dipped it in bean powder and sugar, and handed it to Joyce.

It was the first time that the elder had been so intimate with her since she was a child. Joyce thanked her in a hurry and took it over. She took two bites, and even her tongue was almost swallowed up.

Shirley smiled. She knew Joyce was a poor girl, but as a mother-in-law, she would try her best to treat her well.

After eating that one, Joyce licked her lips and asked, "Are you going to send it to Candice?"

She had heard that Candice was in a lawsuit, and she didn't know that Elsa was the real daughter of the Qiao family, while Candice was just a fake.

Hearing this, Shirley felt a little sad, but then she was glad that she found her real daughter.

She didn't want to hide anything from Joyce, so she said, "Candice is no longer my daughter."

Joyce widened her eyes and asked, "What?"

"She was replaced when she was born in the hospital. Now the truth was revealed. My daughter is not Candice, but someone else," Shirley explained briefly.

As if worrying that h

ice. If I did, I would have been a bastard! I did that not only because of the name of Candice Qiao, but also because the word "sister" behind the name! Do you understand?"

Soren also understood what he meant.

What Caspar did and what he didn't do were all because of his brother's love for his sister.

In other words, if he had known that Elsa was his sister, he would have done such a thing for her.

From another point of view, Caspar himself was indeed not wrong.

What was wrong was the resentment of the previous generation, bringing trouble to the younger generation.

Soren said indifferently, "I understand what you mean. But Elsa hasn't woken up yet."

Hearing this, Shirley and Caspar knew that Soren had agreed.

Soren was not a person who was stubborn. Since Caspar knew that he was wrong, it was time for him to let it go.

He had to call Caspar big brother in the future.

Thinking of this, his face darkened again.

Caspar followed Shirley into the small home of Soren and Elsa.

This small house was not very big, but the decoration was very simple and warm, and the shadow of Elsa could be seen everywhere.

On the tea table, there were her favorite books, her favorite fruits, her shoes and bags placed in the vestibule.

Caspar, as an elder brother, looked at his brother-in-law's house and was satisfied that his brother-in-law treated his sister well.

But after a while, he said, "The room is a little small. I heard that Elsa is pregnant with three babies. At least three nannies will be needed. Does the nanny have to take the baby to the living room? What's more, the kitchen is not big. When the child starts to eat the auxiliary food, how can they move here?"

He was eager to be the host, so he didn't see Soren's gloomy face.

He had just given him a hard time and finally forgave him. Was he going to be in charge of the family?

Shirley tugged at the sleeve of Caspar.

Caspar rolled his eyes at Soren, "Tell me, am I telling the truth?"

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