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   Chapter 315 Despicable And Humble Relationship

Pull You Closer Into Me By Gu Xiwei Characters: 9993

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"Okay, okay. Usually, Caper seldom comes back. I often live alone, so I really want to have a companion. It's good that mom lives here," said Joyce in a hurry.

After saying that, she felt as if she was complaining about Caspar. Her face flushed and she quickly stopped talking.

Shirley knew what kind of person she was, so she didn't want to argue with her and said, "Then I'll stay here and bother you for a few days."

With a big belly, Joyce said, "Yes, I'm very happy."

In fact, she was still in the secondary bedroom, while Caspar was in the master bedroom.

Now Shirley suddenly came to live here, so she couldn't let Shirley sleep in the living room.

She went to the second bedroom to pack up. Shirley noticed something, but she didn't ask her directly and helped her pack up the things to Caspar's room.

Shirley knew that her son was arrogant. The reason why he married Joyce this time was mostly because of the conflict with his father.

And judging from his attitude towards Joyce, he didn't pay much attention to her.

But after all, the girl had a child. With the education of the Qiao family, even if Joyce's mother didn't make a scene at that time, Shirley couldn't ignore this girl.

Joyce was timid. She didn't seem to be Caspar's good companion, but she had a good character. Shirley had observed her for a period of time, so she felt sorry for Joyce very much.

Seeing that Shirley moved her belongings into Caspar's room, Joyce said hastily, "Mom, Caper comes back late at night and is used to sleeping alone. I don't want him to turn over and kick the child. How about I sleep on the sofa?"

"A pregnant woman sleeps on the sofa? What are you talking about?" Shirley wanted to give her son and daughter-in-law a chance and said, "I'll tell him when he comes back!"

There was a sense of majesty in Shirley's words. Joyce wanted to say something, but Shirley stopped her.

Clenching her teeth, Joyce took the things to the master bedroom where Caspar lived.

After tidying up the things and the bed, Shirley didn't let Joyce get involved in too much work. She went to the fridge and found that everything was simple, but it was easy to make something to eat.

Although she was used to being rich Mrs. Shirley, it was easy for her to make a simple meal.

She quickly cooked something to fill her stomach, and also let Joyce eat midnight snack to supplement nutrition.

As a girl who didn't talk much, when Joyce ate the food cooked by her mother-in-law, she smiled sheepishly and had beautiful eyes, which made people like her.

After eating, she went to wash the dishes.

Shirley wanted to intervene, but she couldn't. Joyce smiled, saying softly, "It doesn't matter if I exercise more since I am pregnant. When I was at home, I did everything."

Shirley knew that she was born in a poor family, and her mother was weak and sick. Her mother lived as a sanitation worker and had a poor income.

There was no father in the family,


The scene of her first meeting with him appeared in her mind.

At that time, she didn't have many choices. Her sick mother, brother and sister needed to be raised, so she had no choice but to work in the bar.

When she first met him, he had also looked at her gently.

When he showed tenderness on his handsome face, her heart beat wildly like a deer.

Then he came here several times. One night he was drunk, and she took the initiative to help him take care of him, just because he had looked at her gently in this cold world.

She was willing to repay him with all her tenderness.

But something unexpected happened. He was so strong when he was drunk that he forced her to have sex with him in that situation.

The next day, before he woke up, she had something to deal with at home. When her mother called, she went back in a hurry.

When she met him later, he changed his expression unexpectedly. The coldness and sarcasm in his eyes made her heart cool.

She knew that she didn't deserve him, just like two completely different worlds.

However, his gaze still deeply irritated her.

She had never thought that the two of them would have any intersection, and she had never thought that he would be responsible for her after that night.

But her mother...

That simple and direct mother... Joyce didn't want to criticize her own family and her mother who had worked hard to raise her.

But what her mother had done still made her embarrassed, scared and helpless.

Her mother came to the Qiao family to make a scene before she told her.

She knew that Caspar despised her. She admitted that she and her mother had done the most despicable thing.

So she had never expected anything else.

She had never thought that she would end up like this.

She moved her body slightly, but Caspar held her tightly, as if he wouldn't let her go.

Gradually, the tears blurred Joyce's eyes, but she was also very tired and sleepy. She slowly fell asleep.

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