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   Chapter 314 Jason, Divorce!

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Looking at this strange and terrible woman in front of her, Shirley felt regret and fear.

For so many years, she didn't find that her daughter was so strange. Her character and appearance were so different from hers.

For the daughter of this mistress, she almost hurt her own daughter and missed the time with her own daughter for many years.

Candice shouted in the detention center. She knew that she had come to a dead end, but she was reluctant to let go of her past glory and wealth and that everyone loved and cherished her.

But she didn't reflect on it. Instead, she began to scold Elsa and Shirley.

Shirley was a well-educated woman. After knowing this, she had never criticized Candice.

Now, looking at the crazy and strange face of Candice from a distance, only coldness and indifference could be seen in her eyes.

Deep indifference, like ice, almost froze people into ice, and almost cooled down all the madness and enthusiasm.

Candice was still cursing at first, but when she saw Shirley standing in front of her like this, she lost all her courage and strength. She was frightened by Shirley's imposing manner and stepped back fiercely.

Shirley had calmed down. She walked up to Candice and said, "Miss Qiao, let the law decide what you have done. Whether it's right or not, it's up to the law. I can neither judge it nor control it. No matter what, I hope you can still be treated with tolerance in your future life and get what you want. But don't be based on sacrificing the happiness of others,"

Shirley said in a calm tone. Normally, Candice wouldn't take her lesson seriously, not to mention such casual words.

But at this time, her words undoubtedly carried great power, making Candice unable to retort.

After finishing her words, Shirley left.

From now on, there would never be the two words "Candice Qiao" in her life.

These two words had been completely abandoned by her.

The painstaking efforts of more than twenty years were nothing more than raising a child for the person she hated most. The revenge from Jenna was really the biggest and most painful thing in the world.

After returning from the residence of Elsa, Shirley sat in her room, tidying up the things of Candice kept by her since childhood.

Now it seemed that every well preserved item was so ironic in Shirley's eyes, as if they were laughing at Shirley's efforts in the past twenty years.

Tears streamed down Shirley's cheeks. She lowered her hands and felt much relieved when she thought of the flawless face of Elsa, her tolerance and kindness, and her noble character.

At least God treated Shirley well and finally gave her own daughter back.

No matter how late the truth came, it still gave her a perfect ending.

Jason walked into the room and said, "Dad and mom just asked me about Elsa. Is she really okay?"

pect that Jenna would be so scheming that she left him with more than twenty years of future trouble and regret.

At present, his work was also in a critical moment. All kinds of family affairs had a bad impact on him, especially the matter of Candice, which inevitably affected his work the most.

But in his eyes, it didn't matter at all. What he cared more now was the happiness of the whole family, his son and daughter, and more importantly, the feelings of his wife.

Even if his wife asked for a divorce, which was a heavy blow to his career, he didn't think it mattered anymore.

But when he reached out his hand, he couldn't touch his wife's back.

Because the gap between her and him had been widened after so many years.

It was impossible to repair it in a short time.

Caspar was still in the hospital, so Shirley went to his house alone.

She knocked on the door and Joyce opened it. There was fear in her black and white eyes. When she saw Shirley, she opened the door in a hurry and said, "Mom, it's so late. Why are you here? Come on in."

She was pregnant and wanted to help Shirley carry her bag.

Shirley smiled and said, "I'll stay here for a few days. Will it affect you?"

"No, no," Joyce hurriedly said. She was born in such a family. Even Caspar disliked her. In order to piss his father off, he married her also because her mother forced him.

But Shirley had always been kind to her. She was the only one in the family who was good to her. She respected and feared Shirley.

Seeing her timid face, Shirley smiled and said, "Joyce, don't be nervous. I'm not only Caper's mother, but also your mother and your child's grandmother."

Joyce smiled sheepishly.

Shirley smiled and said, "This is your family and also your own room. I shouldn't have come to disturb the two of you. But I need to stay here for a while, so I have to ask for your permission."

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