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   Chapter 312 Wait For Me To Come Back

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"I guess the person who took me away this morning should be a man, because he is much stronger than me. Besides, when he covered my mouth, I smelled a heavy smoke on his fingertips, and he should be wearing a ring. When the fire started, it was Caspar who saved me. I could feel it clearly that there was no smoke smell or ring on Caspar's hand."

Shirley was shocked, "It's true that Caper doesn't wear a ring. But who will it be? What will happen?"

Soren said, "It's not sure yet. I'm still investigating. Mom, I'm leaving tomorrow morning. Please take care of Elsa these days."

"Yes, I will. It's my responsibility as a mother. I will take good care of Elsa. Don't worry," Shirley said in a hurry, and then looked at Elsa lovingly. All the emotions of love and pity surged out from her heart, holding Elsa's hand tightly.

"Then I'll go out for a while. Mom, please keep Elsa's company. Maurice has borrowed some people to help me. They are all waiting outside. I'll be back soon." As Soren said, he lowered his head and kissed Elsa's hair. Then he looked away and smiled, "Zaza, wait for me to come back."

Elsa nodded and said, "Yes, everything will be fine this time. I'll wait for you."

Looking at her daughter lovingly, Shirley stopped crying and asked with a smile, "So your nickname is Zaza?"

"Yes. When I was at home, my parents always called me Zaza." Elsa nodded. When she mentioned Blanche and Johnson, her heart was full of feelings.

Before Soren went far, he said to Shirley with a smile, "Zaza mean 'baby' in YC County's dialect."

Hearing this, Shirley hurriedly said, "I'll call you Zaza from now on."

Seeing that they were on good terms, Soren left. Both Shirley and Elsa were the most innocent people in this matter. They had been forced to separate from each other for so many years, so Elsa accepted Shirley soon. Soren had no opinion of Shirley.

As for the other members of the Qiao family, Soren couldn't help getting angry.

When he saw Caspar in the hospital, he didn't know about it. After Fred's examination result came out, he only told Soren. And the first person Soren called was Shirley. Caspar's mobile phone was out of power and he hadn't known the news yet. Maurice really showed no mercy. Caspar, wrapped by bandage, leaned against the bed with the infusion bottle. When he saw Soren coming, he glanced at him and said, "Don't ask me. I know nothing!"

"I just want to know one thing. Is that person sent by you?" Soren looked into his eyes and asked directly.

Caspar felt so wronged and said, "Of course not! I followed them because I saw that Elsa was tied up. If anything happens to Elsa, even it's not my fault, I will be blamed. Otherwise, do you think I would be so kind to save her?"

"Then who is that person?" Soren didn't want to talk about nonsense anymore.

"How do I know? I didn't see it clearly! I know you

ile. At that time, he liked her so much. Later he found out that she had married Soren. He began to be hostile to Elsa because he felt sorry for Candice. Later he thought that Elsa was the daughter of Jenna... All of a sudden, a myriad of thoughts welled up in Caspar's heart. He thought of how many times Elsa had been wandering outside alone for so many years. When he heard these things, he was still thinking about who made her unlucky to be a mistress's daughter. At this time, his heart ached for Elsa, as if his heart was gripped by a big hand.

Blood came out from the infusion place on his hand, and the wound also oozed blood because of the fall just now. Thinking of what had happened to Elsa for so many years, he couldn't help but beg Soren, "Please, Ren, please, at least let me hear the voice of Elsa."

Soren shook his head and said, "She is pregnant. She is too tired to answer the phone."

Caspar almost spat out blood. He knew it was his fault that he had treated Elsa like that before, so he immediately said, "It's Yassin. The person who kidnapped Elsa this morning is Yassin. I'm familiar with him after all. I'm afraid that he doesn't treat Candice well and often has contact with him. Although he disguised himself in the morning, I can tell at a glance that it's him. The reason why he took Elsa with him might be that he wanted to prevent her from making a confession against Candice. After all, this was the last trial. I was afraid that he would hurt Elsa and make an irreparable mistake, so I drove after him immediately and called him, but he didn't bring his cell phone with him. At that time, I didn't want to call the police or let others know. I was afraid of ruining his future. Later, I saw that Elsa was fine, so I didn't tell anyone about it. If Candice is Jenna's daughter, why should I protect Yassin! You are right. Now I... I really don't have the face to see or talk to Elsa now."

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