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   Chapter 310 Of Course I Will Be With You

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After eating some fruits, Elsa was too sleepy to open her eyes. She yawned and said, "Ren, I want to have a rest."

"Okay, I'll take you there." Soren reached out and was about to hug her.

"Don't you remember? Auntie said that I should move a little more, so that I can speed up the blood circulation of my body and send more nutrition to the baby." With a smile on her face, Elsa stretched out her hand to let him hold her. Now Soren listened to her and supported her to walk into the room slowly.

Lying on the bed, Elsa reached out to pull the corner of his clothes and said softly, "Stay with me."

Soren was helping her tidy up her coat. He turned around and said with a smile, "Of course I will be with you."

Then he put his arms around her waist and lay down with her. With a smile on her face, Elsa said, "Ren, how can I have three babies? It's amazing. They used to say that I wouldn't have one. Now I have three babies at once. If they are all boys, I'm afraid that the whole family will be turned upside down."

"There are twenty-two military rules. If anyone dares to bother you, he will be the first one to be spanked!" Soren said with a smile.

"We used to have twin brothers who looked exactly the same. We often heard their brothers shout, 'Mom, you have bathed my brother two times, but I haven't been bathed once.' I am wondering if I will bathe a baby three times in the future, and the other two are still dirty." Lying in his arms, Elsa said in a low voice with great joy. Soren replied her one or two words from time to time, and she fell asleep slowly.

Thinking of what had happened today, Soren didn't dare to leave at all. Who would have thought that the man would be so bold to take her away in such an occasion?

He was wondering if he was sent by Caspar. If he was, Caspar would be too stupid to stay when he arrived. If not, the problem would be more serious... Soren frowned and thought. Maurice had begun to investigate. But now, Soren's movement was restricted by many things, and it was difficult to carry out many things. This morning, thanks to the contribution of Heather and Fred, the video was retrieved. However, no matter whether it had anything to do with Caspar, he couldn't escape from it since he was at the scene.

Today, he asked Maurice to look for Caspar not only to vent his anger, but also to let Maurice to ask who was in the car in front of him. He had to find out the truth before he could rest assured. Since Caspar had been following the car in front of him, he was very likely to know who that person was.

Fortunately, Janet had got some time for him. His top priority was to get everything clear as soon as possible.

After a while, his phone rang. In order not to disturb Elsa, he picked it up immediately and asked, "How's it going?"

"Judging from the look and expression on Caspar's face, it's obvious that he kno

ble. "Why?"

Soren said in a soft voice, "I didn't think about it at the beginning, but what you and Caper said that day reminded me. At that time, Caper gave two dolls to Candice, but they disappeared later. It turned out that the doll was taken away by Jenna. When everyone mentioned Jenna before, they all had a common view that when she was pregnant, she wanted to force Uncle Jason to divorce, but Uncle Jason was unwilling to do so. He even asked Uncle Kohl to take Jenna to have an abortion. At that time, Jenna began to disappear from the sight of everyone. Uncle Jason, Aunt Shirley and Uncle Kohl have confirmed this point. I asked aunt today, and aunt also confirmed it. Since then, no one had seen Jenna, so Uncle Jason and Aunt Shirley thought that she had aborted the child and didn't know that she would give birth to it. If she also showed up when Candice was born, she must have appeared secretly. The news that she took away the doll bought by Caspar indicated that Jenna had come to the hospital at that time. She not only had come, but also had seen the child of Aunt Shirley."

Hearing Soren's analysis, Elsa nodded. What he said made sense. Indeed, many things could be connected.

Soren continued, "Mom said that she had got a sachet for you and put it in your doll. We haven't seen it for a long time. The doll is quite suitable for hiding things. I thought of the first time that Candice cut off the doll that Tina took away from you by mistake. She came to make trouble deliberately, as if she just came to cut off your doll. Maybe Candice had seen what Jenna had left in the doll. Besides, Candice was very nervous about these two dolls. I thought that no matter what was inside, I should ask her. As a result, Candice was on the verge of breaking down. Besides, Johnny had specially asked Caspar about the dolls. She couldn't hold on any longer. This morning, I tricked her into telling the truth."

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