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   Chapter 308 Keep It In Heart And Can't Ask

Pull You Closer Into Me By Gu Xiwei Characters: 9850

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"Damn it!" Soren kicked the car angrily and realized that he didn't have the freedom to drive.

But now he had no other choice. He got on the car and told them a place name. That place was the place where the car without license appeared in the surveillance video he had just obtained. Linchuan City was so big that the roads were complicated and the traffic road was all over the place. The surveillance video of every intersection needed to be carefully checked to confirm the whereabouts of the car. Fortunately, Maurice's people were there. After checking the surveillance video one by one, Soren's military car drove in that direction.

On their way, they had to pass by the hospital where Ada was. Soren immediately called her and said, "Aunt, please go with me to see Elsa and bring some medicine!"

Hearing the nervousness in his mouth, Ada put down her belongings and came out immediately. When she arrived at the gate of the hospital with the medicine box, Soren's car just arrived. She got on the car without hesitation. Hearing Soren's simple explanation, her heart rose at once!

However, Soren was busy with his work at the moment, and there were a lot of questions in Ada's heart. Fearing that Soren would be interrupted in his work, she had to hold back her curiosity.

After a while, the news came. Fred said on the phone, "Ren, let me ask about the whereabouts of Caper. I just heard that he wasn't there either! He didn't show up this morning!"

"I got it, Dad." Soren put down the phone and immediately called Maurice, "Maurice, check if there are any other cars following that unlicensed car!"

He wasn't sure if Caspar would do such a stupid thing, but if it was really him, there would definitely be other helpers, because Caspar couldn't be absent from the court today. If he did it, he would be the biggest suspect if he didn't show up in public! So Soren thought there must be other cars behind that car!

As soon as he received the phone call, Maurice immediately began to investigate. He and his subordinates were still on their way to Linchuan City, where the unlicensed car was going!

Soren pinched between his eyebrows. He had tried to call Caspar but he couldn't get through. If it was really Caspar, it would be better. Soren knew Caspar too well. Although he hated Elsa, at least in general, he was a kind and kind-hearted man. He wouldn't do anything to a woman. The worst result was that he wouldn't let Elsa go to court today. But it was too stupid to hide the truth in such an obvious way.

But if it weren't Caspar... Soren panicked. If it weren't Caspar, he couldn't imagine who else would have done something to Elsa! At this moment, he wished that person was Caspar!

After a while, Maurice replied, "Boss, there are three cars following that unlicensed car, but the other two have been checked that they were there by coincidence. The last one is Caspar's car!"

"It's really Caspar! Thi

ised her head. "Is there a fire? Fortunately, she was saved in time. There is nothing serious with Elsa, but she is pregnant. She was frightened, so she must go back to the hospital for a check-up. Don't damage the health of her and the baby!"

"Go back!" Soren said in a low voice and never looked back at Caspar again.

Seeing that Soren came back as promised, those men were relieved. They drove straight to the hospital without any objection.

When they arrived at the hospital, everyone was waiting there. Elsa woke up in the car. When she saw Soren, she was in his arms. She was frightened for a moment. She grabbed his hand and asked, "Ren, is our baby alright? Is the baby okay?"

"It's okay. Aunt said you were just shocked and had a slight bruise. You need to do some examinations later. The baby is fine. Do you feel uncomfortable?" When Soren saw that she woke up, his heart was softened. He held her tightly in his arms. It was his carelessness that made Elsa fall into such a situation, but his carelessness at that time also let him know a big secret. He didn't dare to think in that way, but in the end, he cheated Candice and her truth was revealed!

Candice was a person who couldn't hold back her emotions. She had been extremely worried since she had kept such a big secret in her heart for so many days. These days, she had been extremely nervous since so many people kept asking her about the doll. Soren was also a person who was good at interrogating people, so he really got something!

When Elsa heard that the baby was fine, she felt relieved. She was extremely tired, and the fire was still spreading in front of her eyes, making her in a bad mood. But she still tried to squeeze out a smile, shook her head and said, "I'm fine. I'm fine."

As soon as they arrived at the hospital, Elsa was sent to get examination. Soren ran over and whispered a few words to Fred, who was very surprised and asked, "Is there such a thing?"

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