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   Chapter 303 She couldn't tell how happy she was.

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Elsa nodded and said, "I'm just worried Ren, don't blame me for speaking too directly. I am worried that the elders in our family are too many and the children are too few. When the time comes, the children will be spoiled. But looking at you, I think the elders' education method is not bad. Maybe I have thought too much. Don't worry. "

Soren smiled, "What you think is the same as what I think. Anyway, as long as the elders don't spoil the children, there will be no big problem in our family. Don't you rest assured that our children will inherit from us? "

Hearing that, Elsa couldn't help laughing and said shyly, "it's my fault. I think too much. The child is just a little old, I don't have to worry about that. By the way, if you don't have anything else to do today, I want to go shopping and buy the clothes for our baby. "

"You are more anxious than the elders." Soren said with a smile and took her out for breakfast. Elsa was also in a good mood. It was not easy for her to have a child than others. She had been very depressed after knowing the news that her constitution was not easy to get pregnant. It was indescribable that she was happy to have a child all of a sudden, and she cherished it more than other parents.

However, she didn't eat much and vomited much, which made Soren more worried.

When Soren went out, there were still those people following him. In a word, wherever he went, his schedule must be monitored. But he had the freedom to go anywhere, which was the only good convenience.

Elsa was a little tired at first, but when she walked around the baby clothing shop, she couldn't stop. Seeing that the clothes were lovely and beautiful, she couldn't help but ask, "Ren, can I buy this? Baby could wear it after taking a shower. How about this one? It must be beautiful when baby go out. And this one, it can block the wind when it's windy. "

Soren shook his head with a smile and said dotingly, "Okay, okay. But everyone at home is buying. When will the baby finish wearing it?"

"I heard that baby is easy to spit out milk and wet clothes. I don't know how many times he needs to change his clothes every day. Just buy more and be prepared." As she spoke, she turned around with the clothes in her hands. Seeing that Soren had already selected several suits and put them in the shopping cart, she couldn't help laughing. He had bought as many as she did just now.

After shopping for a while, Elsa felt a little tired. She went to the drink shop to have a rest, but she still couldn't help but look at those small clothes and trousers. Soren bought a bottle of milk and smiled, "drink it while it's hot."

Elsa drank a little and felt uncomfortable in her stomach,

t she had only been pregnant for less than one month or two months. She was suffering physically and mentally

It took a long time for Elsa to make sure that she had bought all the clothes. After that, he helped her tidy up the clothes and walked out. When he came out, he saw that Elsa's face was red, and Soren's face also turned strangely red. Everyone was curious about what they were doing inside The feeling of being stared at like this made both of the two feel a little uncomfortable. This is just a husband who cares and protects his pregnant wife very much. Well, what are you thinking about!

Soren reached out and held Elsa in his arms. Then he took out his credit card and bought a lot of clothes without asking the price.

Good underwear was much more expensive than a coat. He was generous and generous, which attracted the shop assistants to whisper and look at him enviously from time to time.

Lowering her head all the time, Elsa suddenly felt that someone was looking at her. She couldn't help but look up. When she saw the familiar sight of Cindy, she was stunned. It turned out that there was Johnny, and Cindy beside him. When they saw Elsa, they loosened their hands, but the relationship between a man and a woman appeared in the underwear shop at the same time, which was obvious to be concealed. Elsa couldn't help but feel a little angry. Tina had just passed away for a few days, and the case hadn't been closed yet. At the same time, Johnny began to hold other people's hands!

After paying, Soren also saw Johnny and Cindy. He had the same thoughts as Elsa, so he couldn't help but look down upon Johnny. Seeing that Elsa didn't look well, he whispered, "Elsa, you are pregnant. Don't lower yourself to the same level as them. Without Tina, we have nothing to do with him. "

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