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   Chapter 302 Open-minded

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Walter raised his wrinkled face and looked at him. The shrewdness in his eyes made him look shrewd and capable, which was inconsistent with his age. He said, "This is the good man of our Wang family! I'm old now. There are some things that I can't do well. Since you have the courage to take responsibility and are also brave to face responsibility, you can solve it by yourself. The world should belong to you young people sooner or later. You're going to be a father too. You have to take the responsibility and overcome the difficulties by yourself!"

Walter's words were sonorous and powerful, which was the inherent loud voice of the family, making Soren's heart heavy. Although his grandfather did not help him on this matter, he felt that he had gained positive energy from his family again. He saluted and said, "Yes, I know what to do!"

Looking at his grandson's handsome and resolute side face with satisfaction, Walter stood up and patted him on the shoulder. "Take good care of Elsa."

"Yes, Grandpa." Soren put down his hand and slowly put his powerful hand on the back of his grandfather's old hand. At this moment, the grandfather and grandson suddenly had a tacit understanding. They valued each other's responsibility, understood their responsibility, and insisted on justice. They had the same feeling from the bottom of their hearts. This positive energy transmission also deepened the meaning of this family and made the younger generation go further.

Heather and Fred had nothing to say, so they temporarily put down their worries about Soren. Thinking of the good news of the pregnancy of Elsa, everyone had an indescribable joy on their faces. They all had a smile on their faces, and they felt more powerful when they spoke.

After everyone left, Soren opened the door and found that Elsa had fallen asleep. She looked better than when they came back. But because she was lack of nutrition, she looked much better than usual, and her face was very pale. He didn't know how to control himself at noon and she was tired. Fortunately, he saw her tired at that time and ended it early. Otherwise, he didn't know what she would look like. He was amused that she didn't know she was pregnant. On second thought, he didn't expect that he would have a baby, either. At that time, the doctor said that the chance was really small. The two of them had experienced so much sadness, not because they didn't want to think, but because they didn't dare to think. They were afraid that the unnecessary hope would make them more disappointed and sadder.

However, when he stopped thinking about it, a miracle finally appeared. Thinking of this, he sighed in his heart. Seeing that she frowned occasionally in her sleep, Soren took off his shoes, turned over to the bed, and hugged her from behind. Feeling his broad and powerful embrace, Elsa adjusted her posture again and fell asleep in his arms, like an obedient and lovely kitten.

What Soren thought was really simple. In the past, as long as she was good, he would be satisfied with everything. Now that there was a baby that he needed to

gs that she got tired. After washing her face and brushing her teeth in the evening, she immediately fell asleep since she had not slept well for so many days. On the second day, she didn't get up until dawn. Perhaps because she was pregnant, she had a deep sleep and had strength when she woke up. Soren was standing beside her. Seeing her get up, he helped her to the bathroom. Elsa smiled and said, "The baby is just small. I can walk myself. I don't want to be too spoiled. If it's a girl, I don't know how wilful she will be in the future."

"It's better to be wilful. My own daughter, is to be raised to be beautiful and wilful. I must dote on her very much and hold her in my palm." At the thought of having a copy of the same sweetheart as Elsa, Soren couldn't help feeling happy.

"What if a boy is also so delicate?" said Elsa.

Soren handed the toothbrush to her and said with a smile, "If it is a boy, he will be with me since he is a child, and he will never be delicate. He has to exercise before dawn."

Elsa went to brush her teeth. The smell of toothpaste was a little heavy. As soon as she put it into her mouth, she couldn't help but feel sick and retch. Soren patted her on the back and said, "Whether it's a son or a daughter, the first thing I will do when he comes out in the future is to spank him and scold him for torturing his mother like this!"

Elsa was amused by his childishness. She thought that when the child grew up in the future, she would inevitably worry about him. She said seriously, "Although it's not good to hit a child, we can't let the child do anything as will in the future. We should teach him everything. There should be a rule at home. No matter what he does, we can't let him be at will, nor can we protect him too much."

"You are right." Soren also became serious and agreed with her, "We have many examples and lessons around us. No matter what happened at home, the child should have a correct view of life, a clear understanding of right and wrong, and a basic code of conduct. Otherwise, it will hurt him."

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