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   Chapter 298 At Ease

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Only Fred slightly opened the curtain and took a look. Seeing that there were several cars parked downstairs, he felt uneasy. Knowing that Soren would leave again after a few days, he guessed that Soren had encountered a big trouble. He frowned and felt worried, not as relieved as others.

"Don't worry. I'm back." Holding Elsa in his arms, Soren kept comforting her. He wiped the tears off her face and eyes gently, lowered his head and kissed her lips again. "I miss you too. I miss you very much."

If it were in usual, Elsa would have been so shy to do such an intimate thing in front of so many elders. But now, Soren was the only one in her heart. She didn't notice that there were so many people watching. She stood on tiptoe to accept his kiss. Immersed in this emotion, she was extremely happy.

It took the two of them a long time to enjoy the kiss. When they looked back, they saw the eyes of the eight elders around them. Then they were a little embarrassed. Susie laughed and said, "Just act as if we were not here. Just ignore us. It's a nice day today..."

She held Heather's hand and looked at the weather outside the window.

After a while, everyone returned to normal. They hadn't seen each other for a long time and had experienced so many things, so they inevitably had a lot to talk about. Everyone was worried about what happened to Soren this time. Soren had a simple chat with the elders and said that he was fine. Fred frowned slightly, but said nothing.

After a while, Susie said, "Oh, I think there is a meeting to attend. Come with me, Heather."

"Don't you have a meeting later tonight?" Zed smiled at his daughter.

Mia hit Zed slightly and said, "Can't my daughter's meeting be advanced? You old man!"

Both of Elsa and Soren knew that the elders were leaving with an excuse to give the two of them more time together. Soren was grateful for it, which made Elsa's ears turn red.

After the elders had left, Elsa still didn't get out of Soren's arms. She grabbed his collar, as if she was afraid that he would leave again. The two of them talked endlessly for a long time. Soren smiled and said, "I should take a shower. I smell of sweat all over my body."

"Okay, go and take a shower." But Elsa didn't let go of him.

With the scent of her body in his arms, Soren didn't want to leave her to take the shower. He lowered his head and whispered in her ear, "If you don't mind the smell of sweat all over my body, I don't mind it either..."

Elsa blushed, "I just don't want you to leave. I'm so afraid these days..."

While saying that, she felt a little sad. Now she was held in his arms, but she still felt a little unreal. She just didn't want to be separated from him for a second. Only when he appeared in a place she could touch and see could she feel at ease.


ld be too sad.

The two of them talked about something else. Knowing that Elsa was in court today, Soren felt very sorry for her and gently asked, "Are you all right? Are you tired?"

"Not bad. I'm not tired at all with you by my side." Since receiving his phone call, Elsa had recovered a little. She looked good with her pink face.

"That's why I'm here. Candice's case will be officially closed in a few days. I'll go back after the case is closed. It will take some time before I can go home. You must take good care of yourself at home, okay?" Soren said lovingly.

Elsa nodded seriously. After saying these words, he was finally relieved. There would be a solution for the future.

Then they couldn't help but lusting for each other for a while.

However, seeing that Elsa was not in good health, Soren ended earlier. Noticing that she was very tired, he tucked her in the quilt and got up to the kitchen to get some food.

Seeing the vegetable soup sent by his mother, he knew that it was made repeatedly by chicken soup and had been filtered for countless times, without any oil. A bowl of soup consumed a few chickens, but it tasted very light. It looked like water, but the taste was very pleasant. It was very delicious, and even Elsa could not taste the smell of meat.

So he used the soup to cook noodles. Then he picked it up and put it on the table.

After squinting for a while, seeing that Soren was not in the bed, Elsa walked out of the room barefoot. Soren held her up in his arms and said, "It's still cold. I haven't gone anywhere. Come and eat something."

With an embarrassed smile, Elsa sat down. However, Soren went back to his bedroom and fetched her cotton slippers. He bowed his head and helped her put on them carefully. Then he washed his hands and sat at the table. He smiled, "Have a try to see if my cooking skills haven't changed."

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