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The prosecution lawyer was still the one appointed by Soren himself. During the trial, he argued fiercely.

The main contradiction of the argument was that whether Elsa saw the process of the replacement of driver with her own eyes, or whether Elsa deliberately framed Candice. All the evidences presented by both sides were basically based on these two points.

The defending lawyer wanted to draw everyone's attention to the complicated and chaotic relationship between Elsa and the Qiao family. Fortunately, the prosecution lawyer was very capable and pulled back the topic again and again.

However, this kind of argue made everyone a little tired. The milk that Elsa drank in the morning had all been vomited up during the two intervals. Now she was sitting in the witness seat, with a pale face and a little listless.

She forced herself to cheer up and looked around. When she saw that Dillon was looking at her with a meaningful look, she was shocked. She couldn't let this matter hold back Ren, absolutely not! She couldn't help sitting up straight. When she faced the lawyer's inquiry, she said in a clear voice, "At that time, I did see the whole process that Candice and the person in the passenger seat exchanged seats. Although it was through the glass, it was completely clear."

The prosecution lawyer took out the glass that the defense lawyer used last time and said, "Then I'll show you again. I'm doing an action now. Can you see what I'm doing, Ms. Elsa?"

"Sorry, I can't see it clearly." Elsa said honestly.

"Well, I beg the judge to turn off the light behind Ms. Elsa, leaving only the light behind me." The prosecution lawyer asked sincerely.

The judge agreed. In an instant, the light behind Elsa dimmed, and the prosecution lawyer made another move behind the glass. Elsa immediately replied, "You are making a posture of victory."

The prosecution lawyer made several more gestures in a row, and Elsa answered clearly. The Qiao family was a little anxious, and the defending lawyer had also raised objection for several times. "The prosecution lawyer and the witness can rehearse in advance and make false testimony in the court. I object to such testimony against my party on purpose!"

Since the objection was ineffective, the prosecution lawyer said loudly, "That day, it was at dusk when the accident happened. Ms. Elsa's location was relatively dark, but the light in the car of the perpetrator was on, so Ms. Elsa could see clearly what happened, and tell the whole story clearly, and also tell the style and color of the necklace that Candice was wearing. Las time on trial, the lights were on everywhere, even behind Ms. Elsa, the lights were all on, so Ms. Elsa couldn't see the movements of the people behind the glass clearly. If the defense lawyer thinks that Ms. Elsa and I have rehearsed the testimony, you can try it by yourself to see if Ms. Elsa can see it clearly!"

Hearing this, the defense lawyer was speechless. Facing the evidence, they

t miss you so much." As Elsa spoke, she found that several female elders were paying attention to Soren. They all rushed over to listen to him. Elsa was a little embarrassed. She put the phone in the middle of the table and put it on speaker. She said softly, "Ren, Grandpas, Grandmas, Dad, Mom, Uncle and Aunt are all here."

Soren said gently, "Okay, don't worry. I'm fine. I'll be back soon."

"Okay, okay." The elders said with tears in their eyes. How could they rest assured? Only when they heard the voice did they really calm down.

After a few more words, they hung up the phone. Regardless of the presence of the elders, Elsa lost her calmness. Sometimes she went to the window to have a look, and sometimes she wanted to go downstairs to have a look. She didn't come back until she was persuaded by Susie. She had been in poor health for the past two days. The elders persuaded her, "Elsa, take a seat first. Since Ren said he would come back, he wouldn't go somewhere else halfway. Don't worry."

Elsa felt embarrassed, but she just couldn't sit still. After sitting for a while, she stood up again. When she suddenly heard the footsteps at the door, she ran to open the door. When she saw Soren standing at the door, she found that there was almost no change of him except that he was a little darker and thinner. She couldn't control her emotions anymore and threw herself into his arms at once. She was happy in her heart, but she couldn't help crying. All words were stuck in her mouth.

Soren also held her tightly and said softly, "I'm back. I'm back. It's all right, Zaza. It's all right."

"Ren, I was so worried. I was so worried about you." Finally, Elsa could open her mouth. Lying in his arms, she felt mixed feelings, happy and content. Because of his presence, all her emotions were released, and she could not stop crying for a long time.

The other elders also wiped the tears in their eyes. Seeing the two of them hugging each other, they all smiled knowingly.

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