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   Chapter 295 Proud of His Own Character

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"It's okay, auntie. It's okay." Elsa was very grateful to Ada for taking care of her. She had cooked so many dishes. How could she blame her for that. She struggled to stand up, but was supported by Ada.

Originally, Elsa didn't want to ask Ada to do anything for her, but Ada insisted to make some other food for her no matter what she said. Elsa couldn't resist her enthusiasm, so she had to let her do whatever she wanted. After a while, Ada made a bowl of delicious noodles with soy sauce, vinegar and some fresh vegetables. Even if Elsa had no appetite, she didn't want to disappoint her. After eating more than half of the bowl, she put down her chopsticks.

After dinner, Ada pushed her to the bed, took out a thermometer and let her put it in. After a while, Ada checked it and said, "There is no fever or any symptoms. Perhaps you are really tired. You will be fine after resting and drinking more hot water."

Thinking of what would have happened to Soren, although Elsa wanted to close her eyes and have a rest, she couldn't fall asleep. She tossed and turned on the bed, trying to call Soren, but he still didn't answer.

After thinking for a while, she dialed Ivy's number and wanted to ask if Maurice had come back. However, Ivy was as worried as her. She said, "Elsa, I heard that almost everyone else had come back. What are Maurice and Soren doing?"

The two of them couldn't figure out what was going on. They just worried about nothing and didn't get any useful information.

The anxiety lasted until the third day. Elsa couldn't stay at home or in the workplace, but there was no news about Soren anywhere. She felt as if she was being fried in the pan. She was not good at doing anything, either broking tea cups or dropping bowls and chopsticks.

However, she got a worse news that the case of Candice was going to be reopened in two days. It was hard to tell whether it was a coincidence or a deliberate timing. Elsa's physical and mental state were not in good condition, and Soren was not here, so it was a little difficult to deal with such a situation.

However, no matter what, Elsa still needed to deal with it. Therefore, she had to cheer up and prepare for such a challenge.

In order to relieve her psychological pressure, she went to the vegetable market and bought some vegetables and fruits. After wandering around aimlessly, she came back and heard an old voice calling her, "Ms. Elsa!"

Elsa turned around and saw an old man. He looked familiar, but she couldn't remember where she had met him before. The old man was hale and hearty. He introduced himself, "I'm from the Qiao family..."

"Mr. Dillon, right?" Elsa interrupted him.

Dillon nodded, looked at her and said, "Ms. Elsa, shall we have a talk?"

Noticing that the old man didn't mean to be kind, or intend to admit her as a member of his family because she was an outsider w

ot of real power in his hands. Elsa believed that he could get involved in many matters of the overseas army.

But what happened to Ron had already offended the Xu family to death. Soren and Ron were tied together, not only for interests, but also for friendship. In particular, although Soren and Ron didn't show up this time, Adam was a cunning man. How could he not know who did it to Chloe? Adam was the most protective of his children. He had been spoiling his two granddaughters like that. Now that such a thing happened, he must hate Soren and Ron in his heart. The Xu family had long been cut off from the path.

Thinking of this, Elsa couldn't help but look up at Dillon deeply. She was struggling in her heart. She knew that the matter of Soren must be serious this time, or it was impossible for him to have no chance to communicate with the outside world. She felt a little sad, but she also looked down upon the way the Qiao family worked. "Mr. Dillon, are you coming for the matter of Candice? The timing of Candice's case was right at time. The Qiao family is really a scheming family!"

Dillon's face turned red. He had been honest and upright all his life, and after retirement, he would play chess or raise flowers for fun. In the past, when anyone mentioned his moral quality, he would always get a thumbs up. He had always been proud of his own character. He could confidently pat his chest and say that he had never done anything guilty to the conscience in his life.

When he was questioned by Elsa, he was at a loss for words.

However, as he was old, there was no red color on his face and he immediately regained his composure.

It was also because he spoiled Candice too much when she was a child. Because of the affair between Jason and Jenna, he and his wife felt guilty to Shirley and Candice. So they always took Candice with them, spoiled her and allowed her to do whatever she wanted.

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