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   Chapter 293 the focus

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She couldn't help smiling. When Ren came back, they would be able to choose the wedding dress. She hadn't taken wedding photos with Ren yet, so she felt a little regretful when she thought of it.

After standing there for a long time, the salesclerk came out and asked her to come in. Thinking that Ren was not here, she politely refused and walked forward briskly.

However, Candice had only been bailed out by Caspar for two days. A lot of things had happened in these two days. It was because Yassin had an important performance to attend, so Caspar paid a lot of money to bail Candice out and attend the activity that Yassin attended.

The event was very important and it was a live broadcast. Recently, Candice had been the focus of everyone's attention. She appeared in public so blatantly and attracted a lot of attention, which also had a very bad impact on Jason. This time, even Shirley was angry with her son and daughter's behavior. Caspar wanted to embarrass Jason. Regardless of his mother's anger, he forced Candice to go with them. He also wanted to announce to the public that Candice was innocent!

They didn't expect this to happen. After the performance, Yassin took Candice to the stage and gave her a passionate kiss.

They had been in love on the stage for a long time, but at the climax of the activity, there was something wrong with Candice's evening dress. The suspenders slipped down, and the whole dress fell down, only revealing her underwear!

All the media believed that Caspar had made such a big mistake in order to let more people know the attitude of Qiao family and the conclusion that Candice was innocent.

And the public also quietly believed that this case might be concluded in this way. Candice was indeed innocent, otherwise she wouldn't have appeared in public in such a big way. After all, no one had seen her switch back at that time. It was just a one-sided statement of Elsa.

This event also put a lot of pressure on Elsa, and for a moment, it did push her to the top of the tornado.

However, no matter what happened, Candice was in disgrace this time. The picture of her picking up clothes in a mess, with her ugly face, was published in various newspapers and magazines next day. This time, Caspar could not do anything to save her, and her ugly appearance was appearing in Linchuan City.

Due to the comprehensive effect of these things, Jason could not be promoted any more. The impact of these things was so bad that he had completely cut off the way to the top position.

Looking at the complacent smile on Susie's face, Heather smiled helplessly and said, "others think that the Qiao family did it on purpose, but they don't know you are so bad, and you are still so vengeful."

"Of course. Who let her bully Elsa? She bullied that Ren and Elsa were kind persons. they can't really do anything

e man also recognized her and greeted her politely, "Hello, sister-in-law."

"Excuse me, have you just come back from the military's overseas affairs?" Elsa asked directly without any nonsense. She was a little anxious. Since he had come back, it was time for Soren to come back, wasn't it?

"Yes, we are back." The man said frankly. He just arrived at Linchuan City this morning.

At this moment, Elsa completely lost her cool. She turned around and ran towards her home. She just wanted to see the safety of Soren as soon as possible, and didn't care about anything else. After running for a while, she found that she was tired and had a stomachache. She had to slow down and took a taxi to rush home. When she went home, she took out the key and shouted, "Ren? Ren? "

She pushed the door open, thinking that a strong embrace would hold her. But the room was empty. How did she place the things in the morning when she left? They were still the same as before, without any traces of being passive. She searched every room but didn't find Soren. She wondered if she was too anxious. If he wanted to come back, she had to make a phone call. She took out her phone, but there was no missed call. She called Soren, but his phone was still powered off. There was no message from him at all.

But, his friends have come back. Why is there still no news of him?

Elsa's mind was in a mess, jumping up and down. The feeling of stomach discomfort just now surged up again, and she found that the medicine she bought was left in the pharmacy. She didn't get it when she left, so she had to drink half a glass of water to suppress the feeling. After thinking for a while, she was still worried. She called Fred. Fred said in a serious voice, "Elsa? Why are you in such a hurry? What happened? "

"Dad, I saw the colleague of Ren who went with Ren has come back home, but I haven't got any news about Ren..."

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