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   Chapter 287 I Have Another Evidence

Pull You Closer Into Me By Gu Xiwei Characters: 10231

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As soon as the defense lawyer said this, the audience could not help but look around. Sure enough, many people were holding hats and masks in their hands.

Elsa was a little anxious. "No, I have another evidence. I also saw Candice's eyes, I was sure that it was her and the necklace she was wearing..."

The lawyer suddenly raised the pile of documents in his hand seriously and interrupted loudly, "In this case, the plaintiff witness, Ms. Elsa, has a lot of relationship with my litigant. As you all know, my litigant, Miss Candice, is the daughter of Mr. Jason, and the plaintiff witness, Ms. Elsa, is indeed his another daughter because of his extramarital affair, the daughter of another woman. There have always been many misunderstandings between my litigant and her. She doesn't like my litigant to enjoy the normal family warmth and father love, and she has always been hostile to my litigant. There have been rumors about it before, and blood samples in the hospital can also prove this."

The prosecution lawyer couldn't help but stand out to refute, but was suppressed by the judge. "This matter is related to the case. Please continue to state."

With a smug smile, the defense lawyer continued, "and I have sufficient evidence to prove that my litigant's ex-boyfriend is the current husband of the witness. The various relationships and emotional connections between my litigant and the witness make me have the reason to believe that there is a connection between my litigant and her ex-boyfriend, which caused the witness to seize this opportunity to take revenge, providing the testimony that is disadvantageous to my litigant and frame her!"

The prosecution lawyer stood up and retorted, "I object. What the defense lawyer said is all conjectures, and there is no real evidence. It can't be used as testimony in court."

The judge said solemnly, "Please submit the real evidence."

Elsa was also a little anxious. After the defense lawyer had the upper hand, he led the topic to another direction, so that everyone would suspect the complicated relationship between her and Candice. She could not get in and provide effective evidence again.

The court trial went on fiercely. During the procedure there were two adjourns. Elsa's hands were wet of sweat. Because of the time, the court pronounced the judgment that decided to try it another day.

Soren held her hand and asked worriedly, "Are you tired?"

"I'm fine. But it's really difficult to deal with it. I'm worried that I might say something wrong. " Said Elsa worriedly.

Soren understood her feelings. He patted her hand and said, "The prosecution lawyer is just doing official business. For him, it doesn't make any difference if he does something wrong, so he doesn't pay much attention to the whole case. Apparently, the defense lawyer was paid with a lot of money by Caspar. He was polite in asking and collecting evidence. He worked step by step. I can see that the Qiao family has spent a lot of money to protect Candice."

Elsa said, "In other words, the chan

looked at each other and sighed.

When Yassin went to see Candice, his hands were bandaged. Knowing that he wanted to help her vent her anger, he went to look for Elsa and was injured by Soren, Candice cried loudly at Yassin. Even she herself couldn't tell the reason why she cried. Was it because she gave up Soren hastily at that time, or because of the sincerity of Yassin now.

Yassin waited for her to stop crying and then told her what he wanted to say. After telling her a lot of things, Candice began to feel a little embarrassed, but finally she agreed. She nodded and said, "Then let me sign it. But after signing it, you can't do anything to hurt me then."

"That's for sure. Now it's also the right time to make such a special plan. When you are released without charge, everything I have will be yours." Yassin wiped her tears gently and said.

Candice took out the document and thought for a long time before she finally signed her name on it.

In her tearful eyes, she didn't notice Yassin's chuckle. Instead, she placed all her hopes on him and Caspar.

Yassin didn't stay long after she signed her name. He told her to rest assured and left in a hurry.

Looking at the direction he left, Candice felt depressed. She really hoped that this matter could end as soon as possible, so that she could go out and enjoy her glory, wealth, her family and her father's love.

Before this matter was over, another two big things happened in Linchuan City. One was that the Qin Company was in danger all of a sudden. Back then, when the Qin Company was just listed in the United States, the value of each share was less than one dollar, which was regarded as a garbage stock that no one thought highly of. But in just two years, it suddenly rose to the price of forty dollars per share, which had increased dozens of times. Later, the Qin Company firmly consolidated its position. In the past few years, although there had not been any greater miracle, it had been slowly rising. The market value of the company was huge.

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