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   Chapter 269 I'm Sorry

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Elsa was not comforted. She couldn't relax. She felt sad for a while and looked up into Soren's eyes, which were full of tiredness. Thinking that he had been busy for this matter, she didn't have the heart to ask more.

All of a sudden, Soren said in a low voice, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry..."

"You have tried your best. Don't blame yourself," said Elsa in a low voice. She really hoped that what he said was right and that Janie was not hurt at all.

When Elsa entered the hospital, she saw the blood all over Jane's body. That kind of worry began to appear in her heart again.

But the doctor said that the impact on her head was a little serious and wanted to check if there were any injuries on her head and body.

All of a sudden, it occurred to Elsa that Ada was a gynecologist. She wanted to ask her for help to check if Jane was raped. Jane had to do this examination after she came back from the accident, but Elsa didn't want these cold male doctors to do it. After all, Ada was a woman, and even if something happened to Jane, then Ada was more experienced and capable to deal with it, so it was more convenient for them to talk about it.

Thinking of this, Jane immediately called Ada.

As soon as Ada received the phone call, she appeared in the hospital. It was already midnight. Obviously, she came in a hurry. Seeing that Elsa was fine, she breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Why are you in such a hurry? Is there anything private?"

Elsa quickly told her what had happened and said worriedly, "At present, there are all male doctors present. I'm afraid that the examination of other doctors will hurt my friend. I hope that a gentler doctor can treat my friend. By the way, please let us know if you have anything to tell us. I want to be mentally prepared as soon as possible."

Ron sat on the bench with his hands in his hair, waiting anxiously outside the operating room. Elsa took a look at him. She knew that Ron cared more about the personal safety of Jane. As long as she came back, everything would be fine.

Soren agreed with her. After a while, Ada was sent to the examination room.

When she came out, she breathed a sigh of relief and said to Elsa softly, "No, there is no sign of sexual assault. The bloodstains on Jane's body and mouth were exactly the same as the ear she bit. It should be that man who wanted to rape her, but his ear was bitten off. Fortunately, Ren and his men arrived, who saved her. If it were a little later..."

Since there was nothing important, Ada spoke loudly, and Ron was also listening. Although it was a bit of a relief to hear the news, how could he calm down after Jane being hurt so much?

Jane was diagnosed to have a concussion and needed to be hospitalized for observation. The rest were fine without any scars. What Ada had guessed was rig

by that man. She had no idea what had happened after that. As soon as she woke up, she thought of the last scene that she fainted. She couldn't help but scream out. She reached out her hand and held her painful head, making a mournful sound.

Ron threw down the cup in his hand and held her in his arms. "It's okay. It's okay. Janie, I'm here. I'm here. Don't move. You are still on a drip."

Hearing Ron's voice, Jane bit her lips tightly. Thinking of what happened last night, she kept crying. Ron hurriedly said, "It's all right, Janie. You are safe now. You are in the hospital and there is nothing wrong."

"I... I..." She wanted to ask him what happened after she fainted, but she couldn't ask. She felt sore all over her body. She didn't know if it was because of psychological effect or it really happened. She always felt that her body was painful and dirty.

But facing Ron, she couldn't ask him such a question. She forced a smile for a long time and asked absentmindedly, "Where is little Bun?"

"Mom sent little Bun to school. He is fine. Don't worry." Ron smoothed her hair and asked softly, "Do you want some water? Would you like something to eat? You haven't eaten anything for a long time."

Feeling great pain everywhere, Jane shook her head.

Ron gently held her hand and comforted her, "Janie, it's all in the past. It's all in the past. It won't happen again."

Jane mistook his words for his meaning. She thought that he wouldn't mind what had happened to her. She felt sad and thought that he could forgive her, but how could she face him in this way?

Her heart ached as if it had been dug by a knife. After a few drops of tears, Jane couldn't shed any more. Ron thought that she had been frightened for two days, so he said softly, "Lie down and have a rest. The police will come later to make a record. I won't let them delay too much time."

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