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   Chapter 268 Casual Clothes

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Elsa's mind was in a mess. Soren stood up with her, opened the curtain and looked out. The community downstairs was already full of off-road vehicles, and tall men were shuttling around. In order to avoid unnecessary impact, everyone was wearing casual clothes, and the cars were also with ordinary license plates, not a military license plates.

The power of the branch overseas was much greater than that of the police. It could be seen that for the sake of Ron and Jane, Soren had used a lot of power this time, even at the expense of using public strength to help them privately.

Thinking of this, Elsa sat down and waited for the result. But she didn't feel relieved at all.

Ron sat on the sofa in silence. He looked very haggard, as if he had lost his soul.

At this moment, there was a loud knock on the door, which shocked everyone. Elsa immediately went to open the door. Soren pulled her behind him and hid her. When he opened the door, a burly figure rushed in. Mr. Maurice ran out of breath and said, "West Mount, Jane is in the West Mount!"

Ron was the first to jump up and grabbed Mr. Maurice by the collar. His eyes turned red. "Where do you say that Jane is?!"

"West Mount!" Before Mr. Maurice could stop, he was taken out by Ron.

With a wave of Soren's hand, all the people around him followed him and got ready.

Elsa immediately said, "Ren, I want to go with you!"

Without hesitation, Soren said, "Then follow me and you can't leave at all!"

"Okay, I understand." Elsa promised immediately to keep up with them as soon as possible.

It was not until Elsa got on the car that she found, needless to say, those people had brought guns with them, since she had been in the company for a period of time.

Soren pulled Elsa to sit next to him. When they were about to arrive, he put her on a chair aside, pointed at the four people and said, "Don't let her hurt, not even slightly!"

"Ren..." Elsa wanted to follow him. "Stay in the car and wait for me to bring Jane back," said Soren, who pressed her back.

Then he closed the door and disappeared with the others. Elsa pulled her fingers and waited anxiously.

After Jane was taken away that day, her hands were tied behind her back and her eyes were covered. She didn't know where she was.

She stayed in the dark for a day and a night. Those people didn't give her anything to eat or drink. She was cold and hungry. At first, she was very afraid, but later she calmed down and kept thinking about what had happened. But she couldn't see it. She could only feel that it was a small room. She felt that there were people outside, but they were walking back and forth silently,

n be insulted!

But she suddenly felt so sad. She had little Bun, Ron and her mother. Was she going to die like this? But if not, how could she live if such a thing happen to her?

She bit the man hard and wouldn't let go. The man shouted like a pig, grabbed her head and slammed her against the wall.

Jane's mind went blank and she knew nothing.

When Elsa saw Jane brought back by Soren, she found that Jane was in blood. Ron held her in his arms, with an unreadable expression on his face, and entered the car behind Soren's car.

Worried and worried, Elsa held Soren's hand and asked, "Ren, what's wrong with Janie?"

"She just fainted. According to the preliminary judgment of the doctor, she had a slight concussion. Now she needs to be sent to the hospital for a detailed examination," said Soren.

"But... But why is there so much blood?" Biting her lips, Elsa looked at the car behind her. Soren had been there with his men for several hours, and she had been waiting anxiously here. Several times she wanted to rush out, she was stopped. Now that the situation of Jane was unknown, how could Elsa feel at ease? "What happened?"

"By the time we got there, those criminals had already got the news and ran away. There were traces of being raped." Soren explained and cursed, "Damn it!"

"What?" Elsa was stunned for a while. When she got back to her seat, the car had already started to run. The cold wind blew in, which made her feel uncomfortable and want to vomit.

Soren put his arm around her shoulder and comforted her, "She hasn't gone through the examination of the gynecologist, so it is not sure right now. But when we entered the room just now, Jane was disheveled and stained with blood. The military doctor just made a preliminary judgment."

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