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   Chapter 267 Happiness and Belief

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Caspar smiled. "Even if Uncle Fred doesn't come today, I have to delete this post. You know, I do this not for protecting Elsa."

"I understand." Fred nodded. He knew that no matter how bad his relationship with his father was, he couldn't pull his father down at this critical moment. At this age, if Jason took a step forward, the glory of his family and the promotion of his position would be an irresistible temptation for people in the center of power.

"But I don't mean to protect my father either." Caspar curled his lips and smiled, which was very different from those who wore masks in the workplace.

Fred looked at him and asked, "Is it to protect Candice?"

"Uncle Fred, do you think it was my sister who did all these things on the Internet? You're good at guessing. Everyone knows that Candice went to the municipal government to hit Tina, but no matter how stupid Candice was, she won't go against my father at this time. At this time, any small matter will have a subtle impact." Caspar sighed, "There are still many people who want to go up. Maybe some people think more than others."

"Really?" asked Fred.

"Isn't it?" Caspar asked.

Fred didn't respond. After years of experiences, he knew what was more important. Perhaps his happiness and faith had already disappeared in that love affair. The enmity with his son and the peace with his son also made him feel more things. Perhaps Caspar was reminding him of something, but he didn't want to know anything.

Fred went out. Caspar checked the information of the posters. They were all ordinary people who had nothing to do with the politics. The person who posted the most was Cindy, an ex-employee of Linchuan Daily. In the past, Cindy had a fight with Elsa in the newspaper office. Caspar also knew something about that. At that time, he had a crush on Elsa. He had planned to play with her so he tried to know something about her.

The purpose of Cindy's posts was just to put the bad things she had done, such as hiring someone to write for her, and the different style of every article of her, on the account of Elsa. Later, there were also some people going to find more information of Elsa, such as her marriage with Soren, but there was nothing more to gossip. Occasionally there were some boring and ridiculous words.

These things had already been deleted by Caspar.

Thinking of this, Caspar smiled with self-mockery. He didn't like Elsa. Since he knew that she was a daughter of his father and another woman, he had been hating her, who might hurt his mother and sister greatly. Therefore, he had warned his father many times to keep away from Elsa. But his father always thought that he was making trouble out of nothing and didn't take his words seriously. Even if his father would be punished for this, he deserved it.

However, Caspar couldn't let these boring words spread. The impact of these thing

oren. It was not until then that Elsa saw the others working in front of the computer. Although she was anxious, she knew that there was no better way at the moment.

"Those people asked Ron to prepare four pieces of one million and sent them to four different directions. My people are a little scattered." Soren frowned slightly.

When Jane was kidnapped, she was dressed in other clothes and taken out of the alley. Both ends of the alley were blind spots of surveillance video, so her disappearance was not photographed by any surveillance video. Soren's men checked all the surveillance videos in the urban area of Linchuan City, but didn't find Jane. They knew that the person who took her away must have deliberately avoided the surveillance camera. The whole urban area of Linchuan city was monitored by the Skynet. People who could know which places were blind spots and avoid these places were definitely not ordinary people. They must have gone through a great plan and have special means, so Soren sent so many people to deal with this case seriously.

In addition, the method of asking for money was obviously premeditated. It seemed that they knew that Ron would use the power of Soren, so they deliberately scattered the people of Soren.

'Who is this person? What does he want to do?'

For Janie, Soren had used all his strength, and even some parts of it had already exceeded his principles. Elsa knew better than others how strict the army's discipline was.

But it had been almost two days. If Janie was really taken away, who would it be? The suspicion of Chloe had been excluded. In the past two days, she had been staying in the hospital all the time, suffering from illness, and with her ability, she could not do such a thing. Elsa kept thinking about Janie. "Don't think too much. It's useless to worry. When the result comes out, we can go to save Jane right away," said Soren, sitting next to her.

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