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   Chapter 266 Solemn Atmosphere

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At this moment, he received a call from Soren, who said that he had confirmed the location of Jane's phone.

When Ron arrived at the place mentioned by Soren, he found that it was an alley behind little Bun's school. Soren and Elsa just got off the car. Several tall and strong men got off the car behind Soren in a solemn atmosphere. Although they were all dressed in casual clothes, they were obviously men who had exercised all year round.

Ron strode forward and asked, "Is there any latest information?"

"This is the last time where Jane used her cell phone. I've arranged someone to look for her." Without waiting for Soren's order, those people began to look for Jane. Soren shook his head and said to Ron, "This alley is very remote, just in the blind corner of the camera. After Jane entered this alley, the Skynet monitoring on the street lost her figure, and the other end of the alley is also a blind corner, which is a market. There are many people coming and going. I have arranged people to check all the surveillance video as soon as possible."

Ron listened carefully. As soon as he calmed down a little, he heard someone say, "Sir, we have found a mobile phone!"

"It's Jane's phone!" Elsa said first. She knew clearly about Jane's belongings.

Ron took it and nodded silently. The phone was on and there were many missed calls. Since the phone was here but Jane wasn't, everyone's heart sank. It meant that something really happened to Jane.

But where on earth was she? Who would have done something to hurt her?

Both Elsa and Ron were lost in thought. Chloe was in the hospital. When Ron came out, he specially found someone he knew to watch the video in the hospital. It was true that Chloe went to the hospital yesterday afternoon, accompanied by her mother to take medicine and infusion, and then she had been resting in his father's office. There were several nurses entering the room to change the medicine.

It seemed that it was impossible to be Chloe. Besides, Ron knew that with Chloe's ability, it was okay to do some small things, but it was really impossible to do something big.

However, in this way, they had no idea where to find Jane and became more anxious.

Although Soren had some good soldiers to help with this matter, he had no quick way to look for the specific location of Jane.

When night fell, there was still no result from Soren's investigation. Ron was so anxious that he punched the wall. Even little Bun sensed something wrong and kept asking where his mother was.

Realizing that she couldn't help much here, Elsa took little Bun to Mrs. Sophia's home. In the evening, she also stayed there. On the one hand, she could comfort little Bun, and on the other hand, she could console Mrs. Sophia.

After midnight, there was still no news about Jane. Little Bun finally fell asleep with the company of Elsa. While Elsa was still sitting there waiting for the news. However, there was no news for the whole night. In the early morning, E

on to what convenience Jason had given to Elsa with his power. More importantly, they doubted the smooth improvement and her taking over an important position in the Ministry of Culture.

It seemed that the public opinion was aimed at Elsa, not Jason.

Elsa shook her head and smiled bitterly. She had worked in the newspaper for so many years. How could she not know that with her awkward identity, she would just be the focus of public attention? In the face of such a thing, no matter how to deal with it, it was futile. What she could do was to do her own things steadily and wait for time to verify. As the saying goes, "It will cause more harm to stop the free flow of people's thoughts than to stop that of the rivers."

But by noon, the so-called gossip posts could no longer be found on the Internet. It seemed that even if Jason didn't show up, the municipal government wouldn't let it spread. Soon, these things only existed in people's hearts and could not be discussed in public forums.

However, this aroused more public interest. Wherever Elsa went, many people whispered about the affairs behind her.

But no one had expected that it was Caspar who deleted the post on the Internet. When Fred found him, he had arranged for someone to delete all the relevant posts, and he also strictly controlled the situation that such a thing wouldn't appear on the Internet again.

The website belonged Caspar's company was the biggest national portal so far. It was the Internet empire that he had spent a lot of efforts to build over the years. Dealing with this kind of thing was not a big deal for him.

"Now that you have deleted them, it's great." Fred stood up to show his gratitude.

He didn't intend to intervene in this matter. He believed that both Jason and Soren had a better way to protect Elsa from being hurt. It was Ada who asked him to come here. Thinking of what he owed her these years, he agreed to this request. He would only owe Caspar a favor for paying her back.

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