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   Chapter 265 Kiss Her

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But no matter what he said, Ivy kept sobbing.

He tried to figure out a way to deal with it quickly in his mind. He really had no way to deal with women. Mr. Maurice almost went crazy!

Suddenly, an idea occurred to him. When he couldn't make a girlfriend before, he asked Soren, "Sir, what should we do when girls are happy?"

"Kiss her!" Soren's answer was always brief and to the point.

He asked thoughtfully, "What about when they are angry?"

"Kiss her!" Soren rolled his eyes at him.

He thought for a long time and said awkwardly, "What if she doesn't allow me to kiss her?"

"Force a kiss on her!" said Soren.

He had never grasped the essence of this sentence! 'Anyway, let me try it first!' Mr. Maurice lowered his head and kissed Ivy's face. Oh God, she had so many tears. Mr. Maurice couldn't help but feel sorry for her. He kissed her and her tears gently.

He held her face in his hands and kissed her from her forehead to her lips, no matter what happened.

Ivy was crying so hard that she couldn't help but feel sad when she was suddenly treated gently. She pushed him away and cried, "Let go of me."

Mr. Maurice's face turned red. He scratched his head and said, "How? It is you who grabs me..."

Ivy's face turned redder and she didn't know what to say. At this moment, a passer-by passed by. Ivy buried her head in Mr. Maurice's arms and said in surprise and anger, "Look at what you have done. Everyone has seen it!"

"I'll take you back to the car." Mr. Maurice was so strong that he easily picked up Ivy. Ivy was hanging in the air. All of a sudden, she felt empty in her heart. She was not used to the feeling of uneasiness, but she couldn't imagine why.

After getting on the car, Ivy struggled to get up, but she couldn't because of the pain in her leg.

Ivy scolded in a sweet voice, "Maurice, don't move!"

Mr. Maurice suddenly stopped and looked at her with red eyes. Ivy wanted to say something, but she didn't know where to start. Mr. Maurice was so depressed that he said in a low voice, "Ivy, I'm your husband!"

"Do you like me?" Ivy asked angrily.

"Of course I do," Mr. Maurice said firmly.

Ivy felt itchy and her voice softened unconsciously. She said softly, "Okay."

Mr. Maurice felt relieved.

When Elsa got up in the morning, she went to knock on the door of the secondary bedroom. As soon as she knocked, the door opened. It was not until then that she saw that the quilt was messy inside, and Ivy had already disappeared.

"Where is Ivy?" Elsa asked curiously.

"She was taken away by the big bad wolf." Soren smiled and said, "Come and have breakfast."

Elsa asked, "Mr. Maurice? When did he learn to be considerate?"

Soren whispered in her ear mysteriously, "Ivy put the phone on our d

loe and asked, "Where is Jane? Where did you take Jane?"

Chloe said in anger, "Ron, what's wrong with you?"

"Where is Jane? What did you do to her?" Ron grabbed her collar and asked harshly. If Jane had offended someone, it must be Chloe. And only Chloe would do things regardless of the consequences.

Chloe was suffocated, angry and shy. "How can I know where she is? You two love each other all day long. Who knows where she has gone?"

"Will you tell me or not?" Ron raised his fist, his eyes bloodshot because of worry.

Chloe's face turned livid with anger. Seeing this, Kohl rushed over and asked, "Ron Qin, what are you doing?!"

When Ron saw Kohl, he loosened his grip and let go of Chloe. Chloe coughed again and again and threw herself into her father's arms, bursting into tears. Looking at Ron coldly, Kohl said angrily, "Ron, do you really thought that there are no men in our Xu family?! You hurt Coco's heart, and you even came to blame and question her again and again. You ungrateful thing, get out of here!"

Ron said anxiously, "Now that Jane is missing, who else can do it if it were not Chloe? Uncle Kohl, even if I'm sorry for Chloe, she can't do anything to hurt Jane!"

"Do you think my daughter is such a person? Look at Coco. She had a fever the whole night and had been on infusion in my office for observation. How could she do that? My daughter is not so cheap as to be unable to marry!" said Kohl. He helped his daughter remove the infusion bottle because Ron had caused her blood to flow back just now. He got a new needle.

Chloe bit her lips and lowered her head, feeling wronged.

Seeing this, Ron had no choice but to believe that it was true that Chloe hadn't done such a thing.

He walked out of the office, worried about where Jane had gone. He was so anxious that he couldn't do anything.

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