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   Chapter 263 How Can We Divorce

Pull You Closer Into Me By Gu Xiwei Characters: 10478

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Elsa didn't want to be seen by Jason, so she stopped and ran away.

Jason used to be the most popular person to be promoted to the provincial Party committee this year, and he was the most popular person in the whole municipal government. As a result, the trend of the municipal government changed one after another, which made people panic. Many people who wanted to stand in line in advance didn't know where to go.

Soren came to pick up Elsa. Since she had been transferred from the newspaper office to the Ministry of Culture and some handover needed to be handled by the newspaper office, she had made an appointment with the director on this day to wait for her to go through the formalities later.

When she and Soren arrived, director was waiting for them. It took her some time to finish everything. When she came out, she met Ivy who was still there. Ivy said in surprise, "Hi, Elsa."

"Hi, I'm here to handle the handover. It's all done. I'm about to leave."

"Elsa, are you really going to leave? What will I do if you leave? Hal and I have been waiting for you to come back." Ivy pouted.

Elsa smiled and said, "We are friends. Even if we don't go to work together, we can hang out together in the future. By the way, Ivy, how are you and Mr. Maurice doing recently?"

Elsa asked with concern. Since Ivy and Mr. Maurice got married, she had been busy without asking about the matter between the two of them. At this moment, she just happened to ask about the situation by the way. To tell the truth, Ivy was really grieved in this matter.

Seeing that Soren was also there, Ivy pulled Elsa aside and whispered, "He is so depressed that he doesn't talk to anyone except eating and sleeping. He doesn't look like a CEO at all."

Elsa asked, "Does he come back often?"

"He didn't say anything when he came back. I told him not to come back. Anyway, we just lived together for living. Wouldn't it be troublesome for him to go back and forth every day? I asked him not to come back. I feel more comfortable living alone," Ivy said indifferently.

Elsa was a little worried. For Mr. Maurice and Ivy, she couldn't help asking, "Can't you really communicate with each other? Then how can you live on in the future?"

"It doesn't matter, Elsa. Anyway, I used to think that I could find someone to deal with my parents. Every year, we go back to our own home to look for our own mother. We usually live in separate rooms and don't interfere with each other. That's good. Now I get what I want." After saying that, Ivy smiled and said, "How about we have meal together?"

Seeing her carefree look, Elsa smiled and said, "Why are you still so childish?"

"Let's go to have dinner." Ivy grinned happily. "After dinner, I invited Hal to sing and drink together."

Thinking of something, Elsa asked, "Do you like Hal?"

"Hal?" Ivy burst into laughter. "Hal and I are good friends. We have an appointment with his girlfriend tonight."

"If you really have any idea, you should tell me frankly whether it is about Mr. Maurice or this marriage. After all, marriage involves complicated problems. As a matter of

lush on her face, Elsa suddenly said, "Ren, it seems that I... I heard some noise outside..."

"Who else would make greater noise than us?" Looking at her shy face, Soren lowered his head and kissed her.

Elsa didn't say anything more and let him carry her back to the bed. She knew that it was not enough for him. She had to save her strength to deal with his endless mess at night.

Outside the room, Ivy was indeed listening to their sound. Just now, Mr. Maurice finally called. Perhaps it was on the phone, he spoke clearly. He asked Ivy where she was and what she was doing. He wanted to come to pick up Ivy. Ivy was angry and said she didn't need him to pick her up.

Mr. Maurice's biggest weakness was to deal with women. He became anxious and stubborn as soon as he heard it. Ivy happened to go to the bathroom, so she put the phone close to the door of Elsa and Soren and said, "I'm busy. Don't disturb me!"

Although Mr. Maurice was not familiar with that kind of things, how could he not know what they were doing when he heard the voice? He was so anxious and he couldn't get through to Ivy then. He was really worried about what she was doing with other men.

When the elders of the Li family were there, the two of them had lived in the same room, but they were like strangers. They didn't do anything out of line, and Mr. Maurice even slept on the floor every night.

After the elders left, Ivy moved into another room, leaving no chance for Mr. Maurice.

He had a problem with women. In the past, before he could talk to Elsa, he was forced by Soren to talk to her through photos. Later, when he was drunk, he could talk to Jane. However, the first method didn't work, and the last one couldn't be often tried. Every time he faced Ivy, he couldn't speak at all.

He really wanted to be responsible for Ivy. After all, Mr. Maurice was a traditional man. He knew what it meant to take a girl's virginity, but it was just that his mouth was not working. Every time there were ideal words in his heart, but it became another meaning when they came to his tongue.

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