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   Chapter 262 Contradict His Father

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"There is nothing to worry about. If we fail our mother's expectations, it will only make her more painful. You are a married child. You can live in your husband's house if you are happy, and you can go back to your mother's house if you like. But I don't want to hear your childish words again. If you are unhappy, mom will worry about you," Caspar said seriously.

Candice pursed her lips and said, "You said these seriously, but when you did something, you made mom worried, did you? I don't know who is more disobedient than you."

Caspar smiled bitterly. What he did before was just against his father. No matter what his father asked him to do, he would not do anything. He allowed Joyce to come to the Qiao family with a child just to slap his father in the face. Over the years, he had done a lot of things, which made Jason angry. Now he thought about it carefully. When he hurt his father, he also hurt his mother who loved him and her painstaking efforts. What was the use of doing this?

He said a few more words and said, "Clean it up and come downstairs for meal. I will talk to father about the matter of Tina and Elsa. You don't have to worry so much."

Candice said okay. After her brother went out, she reluctantly went to clean her things. Thinking of the letter, her heart suddenly beat violently, filled with a great sense of threat and uneasiness.

She put away her things and sat on the head of the bed, sulking. She thought that if it weren't for her father, she wouldn't have lived such a smooth life in the future. It was just an act of impulse to lose temper with her father. Back then, when Yassin had no talent but had no development, she was angry with Soren and her family. She followed the poor Yassin to America. Except for her mother and brother's monthly help, she could not live a luxurious life as she expected.

Later, she met Johnny. Johnny was a well-known reporter. When he knew about their situation, he not only recommended Yassin to the media, but also made a long speech and promotion for Yassin in the English version of his newspaper. Later, when Yassin participated in the show, Johnny would spare no effort to report it on the newspaper, pushing Yassin to a celebrity in that small place.

Although Yassin didn't become very famous in the United States, he seemed to be honored as soon as he came back from abroad. Finally, Yassin became famous in S Country. His rapid popularity in S Country pushed his performance in the United States. Only in this way could Yassin get what he wanted today.

But Candice knew very well that all this was because of her father. If her father wasn't Jason, Johnny wouldn't have given her a second look when he met her in the United States. It occurred to her that because of Johnny, Candice and Tina had met, but they didn't get along well with each other. She didn't expect that the woman was also an illegitimate daughter of her father.

Thinking of thi

at on his arm.

Then Joyce followed him.

Although they quarreled so fiercely and Tina was beaten badly, the next morning, Tina still appeared in the municipal government early in the morning. She wore a big sunglasses to cover the red and swollen marks at the corners of her eyes. When she saw Elsa, she greeted her as if nothing had happened. Elsa just responded lightly and turned around to walk in another direction. Tina said behind her, "Sister, it was for you that I got that beating yesterday!"

However, Elsa didn't answer. She strode out of her sight. She really didn't want to see Tina any more.

Jason had a hard time these days. He knew that Elsa was his biological daughter, but he couldn't get close to her. He couldn't comfort his family, nor could he explain to his boss. He was in a dilemma. However, it was the busiest time at work. The meetings were one after another, and he was exhausted.

One day, in the municipal government, a superior leader came to a meeting. The superior criticized, "Recently, some ladies in the municipal government have a very bad behavior. It not only affects the personal reputation, but also affects the entire official reputation. It makes the common people think that we are all like this. They lose trust in the rich and powerful families, and thus lose trust in the whole municipal government. It was not good for the government to lose their trust. We are from rich and powerful families. As leaders, we have the responsibility to set an example. I think it's not good for us to see such a situation recently."

After these words, everyone looked at Jason at the same time. He was in a cold sweat on his back. When the meeting was over, his clothes were already wet with sweat.

The news spread quickly, and Elsa heard it from a group of gossipers at the first time. When she got off work, she saw Jason from a distance and found that his face was covered with gray, and he was in a very bad mental state.

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