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   Chapter 261 Doll

Pull You Closer Into Me By Gu Xiwei Characters: 10073

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Elsa put the doll into the suitcase without even looking at it.

Soren nodded, saying, "Well, then leave her alone. By the way, Mr. Maurice said he would come to visit us. Let's meet him later."

The holiday of the Spring Festival was not long, and it passed unconsciously among the visitors.

When the holiday ended, as expected, Elsa met Tina as soon as she went to work. She nodded politely and said nothing else.

At noon, during the lunch break, Elsa sent something to her grandma. He had made an appointment with the old woman on this day to call her and ask about the situation. It was not convenient to walk to the town from the countryside, so they could only make an appointment on a fixed day. In fact, she didn't have much to say. There was nothing new about what the old woman told Elsa, but because Elsa had collected a lot of clothes that the kid at little Bun's age didn't wear, she specially wanted to tell the old woman that she could send them to the children.

Children nowadays grew faster, but their clothes that could not be wore were still brand-new. Thinking of these children, Elsa collected them when there was nothing to do during the Spring Festival.

The old lady thanked her over the phone for a long time.

When Elsa came back from the post office, she happened to meet Candice who was rushing towards the municipal government angrily.

She didn't pay much attention to it and went back to her office building.

Soon she heard the latest news of a colleague gossiping around. The older colleagues were surrounded by a group of people. Someone asked, "I heard that Mr. Jason had an accident in his office. What happened?"

The colleague who was surrounded in the middle immediately shouted excitedly, "I was about to send the materials when the hot line office was full of people. I rushed over and saw that it was Mr. Jason's daughter, Candice Qiao. She was beating the new staff of the hot line office and said 'You're the bitch of a mistress'. It seemed that Mr. Jason had an affair! Someone also said that that woman was Mr. Jason's mistress. I think she does look like a mistress. She is pretty."

"But it's can't be like that. Mr. Jason is an upright man. There has been no scandal for so many years, and the staff around him are all male," someone asked doubtfully.

"Who knows? Men are full of tricks. Where can we find a cat that doesn't cheat? I think it seems to be true. His daughter has come here. Would she have done such a thing if she had not had enough evidence?" another man said.

Then someone said, "Well, after hearing what you said, I remember that Mrs. Qiao also came here last time. But no one saw it with their own eyes. I just heard that Mr. Jason's office was very noisy. At that time, a female staff was in Mr. Jason's office. It could be said that Mrs. Qiao caught her right at the spot!"

"Yes, you are right. Both the mother and the daughter have joined hands. There must be something fishy about Mr. Jason. I think she should beat

Then she looked at it carefully with some depression. Her heart was filled with great fear. She couldn't believe that fact. She couldn't help but get angry. "Nonsense! It's all nonsense! Bitch is not a good person!"

"Candice? Candice?" Caspar said anxiously, "Open the door for me. It's brother."

Candice was so shocked that she didn't know what to do at once. She hurriedly hid the letter behind her back, picked it up in a hurry and hid it under the pillow. Then she hurriedly made up the bed, combed her hair, ran to open the door and stammered, "Brother... What's the matter?"

"I heard that you had a fight with dad, so I came to see you," Caspar said with concern. When he came in, he found that she had packed up all the commonly used things in the room. He asked, "Do you really plan not to come back again?"

Candice said angrily, "Why do I come back with such a family and a father?"

As she spoke, she took a resentful look outside, and her heart was full of anger.

Caspar walked over to open her suitcase and said, "You should care about our mother's feelings even if you don't care about him. What will mom think if you leave like this? Now the saddest person was mother. She was in a worse mood than anyone else. Who cared about her if we don't? I have made the decision. Take out all the things and don't leave!"

Then he went to pour out the things that Candice had packed. When he accidentally touched her pillow, Candice hurried sat down on the pillow. She said sadly, "If I were mom, I wouldn't have stayed in this house any more. What's the meaning of staying like this? She has been bullied like this..."

Caspar, who was packing up, stopped for a moment. He sat down next to his sister and said kindly, "It's exactly because she has to consider for us that she held back her anger. She wants to see us have a complete family and grow up well. If we live a good life, and our career and life are smooth, we won't fail mom's painstaking efforts for so many years, right?"

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