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   Chapter 259 A Peaceful Scene

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When Mia saw Elsa, she regretted what she had done in the past. Elsa was grateful for her filial piety and kindness, so Mia didn't know what to say.

Susie smiled and said, "Ren and Elsa, come and sit with me. I have something to tell you."

Soren and Elsa walked over and sat down with them.

Everyone was chatting and laughing from time to time. Inside and outside the Qi family, it was a peaceful scene.

Jane would go to the Qin family's house to celebrate the Spring Festival. Worried that she might be worried about her mother, Ron proposed to pick up both of their mothers to celebrate the Spring Festival in the new home. Mrs. Sophia came happily early in the morning. As soon as she came to the kitchen, she was busy preparing the sacrificial offerings for her daughter and son-in-law and sticking the spring festival couplet. Jane smiled and said, "I was supposed to ask you to come here to celebrate the festival, but now it is like that I specially ask you to work here."

"My silly daughter. No matter where the festival we spend, it is always like this. Come on, take this Spring Festival's picture and post it on the wall. It's the first Spring Festival of your new house. It's so lively. Everything will be smooth in the future," said Mrs. Sophia with a smile.

Little Bun took the Spring Festival's picture from his grandmother's hand and excitedly ran over to paste it. However, he didn't expect that he was too short to do so. He wanted to move the chair here to paste the Spring Festival's picture, but his hands were full of things. He wanted his mother to help him, but Jane was busier that she was pasting the Spring Festival's couplets. Little Bun was worried about her feet, and Ron happened to come out. Without thinking, he put him on his shoulder and said with a smile, "Son, come on!"

Little Bun was very happy, but Ron was very tall, and he was too tall when Ron put him on his shoulder. He quickly said, "Dad, lower your head. It's too high!"

Ron bent down to accommodate his son to paste the Spring Festival's picture. It took little Bun a lot of effort to finish it. He was sweating all over. He clapped his hands on Ron's shoulder and smiled. However, he accidentally bumped his forehead against the door and grimaced in pain. Jane ran over and kneaded him, smiling, "Look at you two!"

When Mrs. Mallory appeared at the door and saw this scene, she paused slightly. The expression on her face could not tell her true emotions. Jane was playing with his husband and son. When she saw Mrs. Mallory, she felt awkward at once. But when she remembered what Janet said that day, she said that Mrs. Mallory was actually soft-hearted and needed to be smoothed down, she felt a little relieved.

She smiled, saying, "Mom is here? Come in and have a seat. I'll get you some tea. Little Bun, grandma is here."

Mrs. Mallory's face softened and said slowly, "Okay. Little Bun has grown taller. Do you have much homework? Are you tired?"

Holding his father's hand, little Bun stood in front of his grandmother and politely said, "Hello, grandma. I've already finished my homework. Dad said that my answer are all correct. As a

hey always use family ties to force their children to achieve their goals?

"Mom, you comes here happily. We welcome you. We have dinner with you happily. If you don't want to come, I won't force you. Little Bun has been looking forward to the Spring Festival for a long time. He even prepared a gift for you. If you don't feel well, you can go back and have a rest. I'll ask the driver to send you back." Ron was really pissed off. The more anger he was, the more polite he became. But the meaning in his words was getting more and more determined. He stood up and was about to call the driver to come over.

How could Mrs. Mallory not know her son's temper? Ron was usually gentle, but he was stubborn when he got angry. At this time, even if she was angry, she did not dare to lose her temper. She was not willing to, but she did not have the face to take back her words. Standing there, her face was blue and pale.

Jane had had enough of Mrs. Mallory just now. She knew that it was time for the mother and son to negotiate to solve the problem. If she intervened, Mrs. Mallory might have to do something next time. It was better to wait until they solve it. She decided to shut up and pretended not to hear anything.

As soon as Ron finished his words, he really made a phone call. The driver had promised to come here in a while. At this time, Mrs. Mallory had no idea at all. As a kind and softhearted person, Jane's mother couldn't help saying, "Since you are not feeling well, go to Ron and Janie's room to have a rest. If you run back and forth, won't you feeling more and more uncomfortable? Besides, it's the Spring Festival's eve. The driver should also celebrate it, shouldn't he? Do you have a stomachache or something else? Janie, get some medicine for her."

Jane then said, "Mom, don't leave. Go to my room and have a rest. Ron is going to set off firecrackers when it's time. You can't watch it if you leave."

Mrs. Mallory found the steps and nodded, "I have eaten a lot these two days. I do feel a little uncomfortable in my stomach. I will be fine after drinking some hot water."

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