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   Chapter 258 Don't Force Yourself If You Don't Want To See It

Pull You Closer Into Me By Gu Xiwei Characters: 10186

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Soren knew what she meant was when the fire broke out. He held her cold hand and said, "If you don't want to see it, don't force yourself."

"It's okay. Let me have a look." Elsa reached out her hand and opened the box. On the top of the box was the same set of dolls as the one Tina brought back from a remote village. But this one of Elsa was almost burned at that time, and there was a mark of fire on it. When the fire happened, the doll was pressed under Elsa's body, so it was not sucked into the sea of fire. At that time, Elsa didn't want to see this, so Blanche sealed it up without even washing it. It used to be placed in Blanche's room, and it was in recent years that she took it back to Elsa's closet.

When Elsa took out the doll, she didn't feel like vomiting as she always did. She put the doll together with Tina's. She didn't realize it in the past, but now she realized that it was not two exactly the same, but one set. The left hand of one doll and the right hand of the other doll could be pulled together, just making up a perfect match, hand in hand.

In addition, there were also some small things. Because they were taken down from Elsa when the fire happened, which were a necklace for child, a red scarf and other small articles, Elsa had not opened it for all these years. Although she could face it calmly now, she was still restless in her heart.

Taking out the doll, Elsa said, "Ren, I want to take it to Linchuan City as a souvenir of what happened in the past. That's... It's also a memory of my mother. Anyway, I still want to thank her for giving me two lives."

"Okay. Let's take them back," Soren replied and put it into his suitcase.

"The other one, since it's grandma's idea, I think we should take it to Tina," Elsa said after taking a look at it.

"Okay." Soren put the other one into his suitcase.

After packing up, he went out to get in the car. Zed and Mia still went back by plane, while Elsa and Soren drove their own cars. They had always liked the way of road travel, and planned to take two days to get home.

Blanche and Johnson had sent Elsa and Soren far away. It was not until they had to leave that Elsa withdrew her head from the window. Soren was not driving fast, and in the rearview mirror, Blanche and Johnson were watching them.

Rubbing the tip of her nose, Elsa withdrew her sight. The rearview mirror was so blurry that she couldn't see anything clearly.

It took them two days and one night to go back to Linchuan City smoothly. It was the coming leisure Spring Festival holiday for Elsa and Soren.

As soon as Elsa finished her work, Yates had already given her a holiday to pay her back for her hard work in the past few months. Soren still had something to deal with, so Elsa went to the company to accompany him. The two of them had a simple and comfortable time together.

Because both of Jane and Ron had something to deal with, Elsa volunteered to take little Bun with her. However, little Bun was very depressed. He didn't understand why Uncle Soren,

be strange if there is really something wrong."

Elsa nodded.

He smiled and said seriously, "I've attended it once before. I'm experienced and there's no problem at all."

Hearing what he said, Elsa had to put down her doubts. She wrapped her arms around his thin and strong waist and said with a strong nasal voice, "I believe you."

"Well, I've told you that it won't be a problem." Soren said softly, "Come and have a rest. I'll be with you for a while."

Elsa closed her eyes. She didn't know why she couldn't fall asleep. Afraid that he would worry about her, she closed her eyes for rest. Soren felt her movement in his arms and patted her gently. After a while, she fell asleep unconsciously.

When Elsa woke up, Soren was no longer in bed, and little Bun had already gone. She packed up and thought about the question just now. Was she really thinking too much? She shook her head with self-mockery.

The Spring Festival came in a twinkling of an eye, and every household was busy preparing. The relationship between the Wang family and the Qi family had been eased. They had spent the Spring Festival's Eve together. Everyone stayed in the big house of the Qi family to wait for the lunar new year.

It was the first time that Elsa visited the Qi family after Mia asked her to leave Soren. As soon as she entered the room, Mia came up to her and said, "Elsa, Ren, come and have a seat. Donna has cooked delicious food for you."

Elsa nodded with a smile and sat down. Mia looked at Elsa and wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. In the end, she didn't say anything because there were so many people around. A few days ago, when Zed went to YC County for treatment of waist pain, although Elsa didn't say much, she had been busy all the time, taking good care of the two old people, and whenever she had time, she would go to accompany the two old people. Johnson had been accompanying and taking care of them all the time, without any grudge against her because of the previous things.

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